Ron Paul: Neo-Con War Addiction Threatens Our Future

by Ron Paul

William Kristol knows what is wrong with the United States. As he wrote recently in the flagship magazine of the neo-conservatives, the Weekly Standard, the problem with the US is that we seem to have lost our appetite for war. According to Kristol, the troubles that have befallen us in the 20th century have all been the result of these periodic bouts of war-weariness, a kind of virus that we catch from time to time.

He claims because of the US “drawdown” in Europe after World War II, Stalin subjugated Eastern Europe. Because of war weariness the United States stopped bombing Southeast Asia in the 1970s, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. War weariness through the 1990s led to Rwanda, Milosevic, and the rise of the Taliban. It was our fault for not fighting on! According to Kristol, our failure to act as the policeman of the world is why we were attacked on September 11, 2001. Of the 1990s, he wrote, “[t]hat decade of not policing the world ended with 9/11.”

That revisionism is too much even for fellow neo-conservatives like Paul Wolfowitz to swallow. In a 2003 interview, Wolfowitz admitted that it was the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia that led to the growth of al-Qaeda:

“(W)e can now remove almost all of our forces from Saudi Arabia. Their presence there over the last 12 years has been a source of enormous difficulty for a friendly government. It’s been a huge recruiting device for al Qaeda. In fact if you look at bin Laden, one of his principle grievances was the presence of so-called crusader forces on the holy land, Mecca and Medina.”

But for Kristol and his allies there is never enough war. According to a new study by Brown University, the US invasion of Iraq cost some 190,000 lives, most of them non-combatants. It has cost more than $1.7 trillion, and when all is said and done including interest the cost may well be $6 trillion. Some $212 billion was spent on Iraqi reconstruction with nothing to show for it. Total deaths from US war on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have been at least 329, 000. None of this is enough for Kristol.

The neo-con ideology promotes endless war, but neo-cons fight their battles with the blood of others. From the comfortable, subsidized offices of magazines like the Weekly Standard, the neo-conservatives urge the United States to engage in endless war – to be fought by the victims of the “poverty draft” from states where there are few jobs. Ironically, these young people cannot find more productive work because the Federal Reserve’s endless money printing to keep the war machine turning has destroyed our economy. The six trillion dollars that will be spent on the Iraq war are merely pieces of printed paper that further erode the dollar’s purchasing power now and well into the future. It is the inflation tax, which is the most regressive and cruel of all.

Yes, Americans are war weary, concedes Kristol. But he does not blame the average American. The real problem is that the president has dropped the ball on terrifying Americans with the lies and imaginary threats that led to the invasion of Iraq. Writes Kristol: “One can’t, for example, be surprised at the ebbing support of the American public for the war in Afghanistan years after the president stopped trying to mobilize their support, stopped heralding the successes of the troops he’d sent there, and stopped explaining the importance of their mission.”

If only we had more war propaganda from the highest levels of government we could be cured of this war-weariness. Ten years ago the US invaded Iraq under the influence of neo-conservative lies. Those lies continued to promote US military action in places like Libya, and next on their agenda is Syria and then on to Iran. It is time for the American people to shout “enough!”


  • Douglas

    Debt leverage has been forced grown to maximize the profits of interest from private banks and profits from government bonds paid for through the federal taxation of Nationals.

    The taxation of currency bonds from Human labor is unconstitutional. The Military Industrial Complex enjoys a vast amount of Federal Tax Money. That what would seem necessary to defend economic contracts with foreign Nations.
    The same families that were slapped with anti-trust prosecution from the US Government over oil monopolization circumvented this by taking over US Monetary policy through the Federal Reserve. Thus, with the control over money distribution they could build their petroleum based economy and become super rich. However, this petro dollar gravy train did not evolve without consequences.

    It goes even deeper when the same families conspired to alter US History through the US Public Educational Systems to help protect their economic slavery system. It gets even most insane when we see how they monetized the hardware for WW1 and WW2. WW3 is like a ‘special sauce’ much more complex than ‘gravy’.

    Trying to slap an international taxation system upon the world is the shadow elite’s greats challenge. They cannot effectively implement a global digital system without first establishing an international taxation system. Ha they got their work cut out for them! Yea, it was not tea it was opium!

    Even so the beast has been created and now the world is struggling to keep it from breaking out into total chaos. Corralling the system is a great opportunity for the most brilliant minds that should be brought together to challenge the unconstitutional monetary system.

    Reverse engineering a force grown global economy is indeed a great challenge. One that would molten the lesson learned. My current observation is that the unconstitutional monetary freaks have force grown a global economy that is disproportional to natural needs the Human Family. Thus, the destruction of the Family Unit always becomes the subject of dictators and worse.

    The US is the New Jerusalem. The Free Masons did leave the old Jerusalem and reestablished this here through the US Constitution. However, like our public educational system the secret societies have been subsequently taken over and corrupted in order to smooth out the unconstitutional monetary policies. Everything that had socio-political influence has been compromised.

    At every angle the shadow elite have secured their wealth and power. However, they still need to maintain control. Without control who can sustain their lavish lifestyle? Thus is why they must have a global taxation system in place in order to enjoy the control over a global digital currency system they have ‘most likely’ promised to international bond investors like “possibly’ the Government of China for example?

  • Douglas

    Understanding your civilization requires understanding the consolidation of oil production and monetary policy. For you to understand would also require the amount of byproducts creates through the distillation of oil into fuel. For you to totally appreciate your ability to burn vast amounts of gas or diesel within the current socio political system would help you understand that which makes your civilization possible and why drastic measure must be taken to sustain that level of oil burning existence.

    I do not have a problem with the great amount of energy and resources generated by the petroleum industry. However, I do have a great problem with the monetary policy that perpetuates its existence. The truth is that from the unconstitutional issuance of mediums of exchange the balance of consumption verses actual need has been unjustly multiplied beyond the natural need of the basic Human Family.

  • ps:12

    Ok, so how and why did the Elite lose control of Hitler which cascaded into the axes? Why did Japan and Italy align with Hitler? Maybe they did not want to play the game that the money changers already achieved over the US and decided not to follow their plan which would have destroyed the US forever. Thus the bankers had to come up with a plan to stop the insurrection they lost control over.

    Many representatives in the US were still very pissed off that the Federal Reserve left the US in the depression while they built up the Nazi party. Thus is why it took so long for the US to get into WWII. Japan aligned with the Nazis when they saw the plan of the money changers. Thus Mussolini did the same. But who are these fools who think they can turn against the money changers power? Thus the US was pulled in to stop the insurrection. Then the shadow elite came up with a new plan to destroy US from within instead of using a built up outside forces.

    The US was saved by the fact that the money changers surrogates turned on them. God is almighty and all Gods prophesy are the future. No one can stop the power of Humans who love and respect the one true God power. I give you this with all argument defended PS:12.

  • Hmm…I’ve never thought of JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs as foreign, but I agree foreign bankers are just as much bloodsuckers too.

  • Hmm…I’ve never thought of JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs as foreign, but I agree foreign bankers are just as much bloodsuckers too.

  • I tried to read Bill Kristol’s essay in “The Weekly Standard”, but soon became disgusted and threw it in the trash. Kristol is losing it.

  • Troll. Blocked. Good-bye.

  • I tried to read William Kristol’s essay in “The Weekly Standard”, but soon became disgusted and threw the magazine in the trash. Kristol has lost his mind.

  • someone has a small dick…and a little brain let’s leave this guy alone he suffers enough

  • someone has a small dick…and a little brain let’s leave this guy alone he suffers enough

  • someone has a small dick…and a little brain let’s leave this guy alone he suffers enough

  • someone has a small dick…and a little brain let’s leave this guy alone he suffers enough

  • Yeah, let’s hear it for more proxy wars for the foreign bankers.

  • Give an example of why you think so, ass breath troll?

  • john


  • NoFraud

    War never equates Peace
    War cheapens Life
    War begets War

  • I thought Ron Paul got a JOB as President Obama’s limo driver?

    Obama 65,899,557 51.1%
    Romney 60,931,959 47.2%

  • I thought Ron Paul got a JOB as President Obama’s limo driver?

    Obama 65,899,557 51.1%
    Romney 60,931,959 47.2%

  • Kristol is a WAR CANCER

  • Uh oh, if we get war weary, the neo-cons will manufacture a new false flag. Keep your eye on the ball, folks.