Ron Paul Launches Institute for Peace and Prosperity

  • Russia today

  • What does RT stand for?

  • What does RT stand for?

  • WE must spread this message of Peace and prosperity! Large majority of us (Americans) have a veil cloaked the true for along time and its time to wake up. RAND PAUL 2016!!!!!!

  • For anyone with kids: Paul is launching a home school program. check it out.,

  • I love Ron Paul the way he talks is the reason why he won’t ever become president and its sad because he would actually lead this country back to the way it should be not the way foreigners want it to run and control are media, tv, internet and so on…. Ron Paul knows we need a revolution in this country and they are going to try to kill him

  • yes i mean it, i couldn’t believe it when my friend told me about this site. i know one thing for sure, i really got shocked when i got paid a check of $300 for reading emails and doing surveys. lol. i found it here:

  • Ok by your logic someone simply stating the obvious is suppose to change something? haha Ok my shirt is blue.. Now did it change the color of my shirt? nope. haha Guys like Paul are simply stating the obvious something that most real people understand .. Paul has been preaching the same message since the early 80s. The only difference between Ron Paul in the 80s and now is I laughed at Ron Paul in the 90s but now the joke is on me because him and Ross Perot were right all this time.

  • Nothing delusional about those darn Paul supporters. haha To be honest if the 80s America could see 2013 America they would more than likely kick our butts for being morons . haha Republicans aren’t republicans anymore Democrats sure as hell aren’t Democrats now. They have become nothing more than mindless slaves that you can pump false data and information into via American education system. The only thing Paul supporters did wrong is “think for yourselves” something most Americans can’t do.

  • In an actual libertarian society it’s pretty easy to sue people who damage your air or land by pollution in any demonstratable way.

    And given that there wouldn’t be 100 million pages of regulations only a firm of lawyers could ever understand, representation would be easy to afford and fairly quick.

    And no regulatory agencies or laws which first have to “allow” soemone to sue, theyby protecting the companies they are charged to police.

    Utopia is a foolish notion. Much better than now is not.

  • We love you, Ron Paul!


  • “Even today”..

  • Defend the Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic…

  • ronpaulnstitute(dot)com

  • Let’s hope 🙂

  • Lets hope that this gains more power and favour than the council of foreign relations. Prayers are with you Ron Paul.

  • Lets hope that this gains more power and favour than the council of foreign relations. Prayers are with you Ron Paul.

  • The Zionist Lobby is one of the problems in this twilight zone…. The amount of time and money they spend on anti-gun, and pro-gay agendas – is mind numbing. They surely do not support this in their country! So what the hell, ya bleeping hypocrite bastards! Get out of our business, before we pull out of yours, and leave ya drifting. I’m sure those countries over there will play nice with you afterwards 😉

  • he just want to make it clear that Muslim r not our enemy but Jewish R our biges enemy they’re war lover they’re the master of war creation manipulator he just want to say listen my fellow citizen we r controld and governed by the JEWISH so lets get rid of the JEWISH government. from white house and replace it with a good Christian citizen if al of u want peace

  • What’s their website? I can’t find it on google.