Ron Paul Launches Institute for Peace and Prosperity

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  • he would inspire nations of the world to fight for freedom with the libertarian way for sure.

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  • Peace and Prosperity are forbidden by his great Imperial Socialist War Hawk Master Taxer Obama. CISPA and NDAA are the only way.


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  • YOUWHOISFILLEDWITHCRAP speaks his equivalent of raw sewage – your mommy teach you to speak like that? You should not brag of being an ‘officer’ and then say crap like that – it’s unbecoming of an ‘officer’, but then, it seems like the US Army will take anything these days, no need for honor, integrity, decency, or anything good… Haters like you must make the best murderers for the US Army. Absolutely nothing to be proud of with ‘officers’ like you.

  • suppose you would know what raw sewage is – it’s about all that comes out of YOUWHOISFILLEDWITHCRAP.

  • suppose you would know what raw sewage is – it’s about all that comes out of YOUWHOISFILLEDWITHCRAP.

  • Ron Paul is a disgusting filthy sack o’ shit! Whenever a normal person says the kind of batshit crazy nonsense he spews, no one pays attention. wRONg Paul is NUTS! He needs to be straitjacketed and dumped in a rubber room ASAP!


  • So that mean Ron Paul is a GOOD GUY!

  • I like his speech, he told about that those scums won’t read the constitution, they just ignore it. IGNORE SUCKS. I bet Ron Paul talk about what happened last year on war (not election).

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  • Ron wouldn’t lead it back. The free market would.

  • Your opinion is very different from many other service members. He raised more money from active duty service members than any other Republican or Democrat during the 2008 or 2012 elections.

  • I’m a U.S. Army officer with 11years of service. Chuckleheads like you need to be shot in the face with an M2. Besides, wRONg Paul and his paultards are the human equivalent of raw sewage!

  • There is plenty money to be made in war, that’s why so many like an interventionist…

  • welcome back dr. Paul