Ron Paul: Rand Paul and I Are about 99% the Same


Geraldo Rivera: I’m very delighted to welcome back to the program the former Congressman from Texas, the former candidate for president of the United States, the father of someone who is talked about as a future candidate for president of the United States. The son is Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican, the father is Ron Paul. How are you doing, Congressman, how’s life?

Ron Paul: Geraldo, I’m doing well, thank you.

Geraldo Rivera: I’ve read, with great interest, a couple of hours ago, that you have endorsed the candidacy of Mark Sanford, the former Governor of South Carolina, who is embattled in his race for the congressional seat in Charleston, South Carolina. What’s up?

Ron Paul: Well, he’s a good friend, I’ve known him for years, he was a good voter, and I thought he was the best candidate, so I decided to help him out while everybody else is piling on him.

Geraldo Rivera: So do you think he’s personal transgressions are irrelevant?

Ron Paul: No, I think they’re very relevant, I think some people will vote against him for that, and that’s okay. But if we always look for perfection in our candidates, we’d have a tough time finding them. I think he’s obviously the best candidate, and he certainly has his shortcomings, but I imagine all of us have some shortcomings somewhere along the way.

Geraldo Rivera: Well, everyone in this radio broadcast facility can say, “Yes, that’s true”. But it seems to me that you have set yourself up in some ways to be the anti-GOP Establishment. They forsake and cut off Mark Sanford after he got caught walking in his ex-wife’s backyard or something, and then you embrace him. Are you doing that to tweak the Karl Roves of the world?

Ron Paul: Not really, because I actually sent him the endorsement before that last story broke. And, technically speaking, I would have had to reverse it and take it away, but I decided not to, especially after having made a commitment. I think the only thing that we did was we delayed it one week so it wouldn’t be lost in all the other news. But, no, I don’t think I’m taking on anybody as much as it seems like the party takes on us who want to be a little bit determined about limiting the government and cutting spending and having a different attitude towards civil liberties, and maybe having a foreign policy more like Robert Taft. So I think they take us on as much as we take them on, I think they’re on the wrong side of many of these issues.

Geraldo Rivera: You established the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, to kind of continue your philosophy, your public advocacy, of a non-interventionist foreign policy. A lot of people you know are saying that this was the worst thing that could have happened for your son’s potential national aspirations. They’re throwing the usual mud at you, that the people involved are or were anti-Semitic and all the rest of that. Do you take that with a grain of salt, do you worry that it might affect your son’s possibilities?

Ron Paul: I can’t worry about it because I can’t care too much about it and I can’t change my ways, and I’m not going to all of a sudden quit doing what I’ve been doing for 30 years because I have opportunities now to actually continue. I can get on the radio once in a while, I have an influence on you and others. So I would say no, I’ll keep doing it, but I’m aware of it. But, in a way, I don’t think it hurts him. We do have some differences and the approaches will be different, but that makes him his own person. Why should it be said that he’s a clone and he has to do everything and think exactly as I have. I think it’s an opportunity for him to show that he’s an independent minded, and he has different opinions.

Geraldo Rivera: You don’t want him to forsake his dad, do you? I would hate that if my son did that, if he went out in public and said, “My dad is one thing, I’m totally different”. Do you want the same thing?

Ron Paul: No, I don’t think he will, because we’re about 99% same.

Geraldo Rivera: Yes, that’s the way is strikes me, I like you both.

Ron Paul: I think there are people who want to drive wedges through that, that’s one reason why, if somebody calls up … if you would have called today and said, “Ron, all we’re going to talk about today is where you and Rand disagree on”, I would say, “I’m not interested in that subject so much”. Because it’s other people who want to do that, they want to dwell on the differences, and I don’t think that’s that important.

Geraldo Rivera: I’m almost out of time, and I hate that I put you in this shorter segment.

Ron Paul: I know you didn’t do that on purpose.

Geraldo Rivera: I know, you know we care deeply for you. But I’m just thinking, have we recovered from the Boston bombing, are we doing enough to investigate the origins?

Ron Paul: Well, probably not, but I don’t have the information on what they exactly have done. I think investigations, whether you’re investigating assassinations or whatever, most of the time cover up blames. It’s not so much that somebody conspired to do these things, but I think so often what they do is make sure nobody gets blamed. If somebody goofed up, then you won’t hear about it. So investigations are fine if they’re revealing the truth.

Geraldo Rivera: We got to leave you, Congressman, so sorry. I hear you.

  • I have personally met Senator Rand Paul as my photo is proof and having spoken to him more than once Im confident that he is the man that this nation must get behind in 2016, that is if they want a chance to turn things around, to change the status quo.

  • Im throughly convinced that those who Bash Rand Paul are either Liberals playing as Libertarians or just those who always have been and always will be on the fringe of politics who simply hates the fact that Ron Paul lost and hates that Rand Paul kept his promise and endorsed the GOP nominee that just happened to have been Romney. Even as Ron Paul says that him and Rand Paul are 99 percent similar, the fringe will convienently ignore this statement as they pursue their puritanical politics.

  • You are welcome. May I ask, have you ever seen or spoken to Rand Paul? Do you know him? His Facebook always posts links to videos on your channel.

  • Thanks for the kind words!

  • What the hell guys, are you kidding me, RAND PAUL AND RON PAUL ARE EXACTLY THE SAME, just Rand Paul is better at actually getting support from the republican base, since he pertends like a regular republican, but Votes 99% like his father. RAND PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!


  • Eduardo89rp, THANKS FOR POSTING LIBERTY VIDEOS, DON’T LISTEN TO THE HATER TROLLS. YOU KNOW ON RAND PAUL’S FACEBOOK, he’s linked videos on your channel. You are great. Thanks.

  • Ron and Rand are also against lying and support respecting private property. If you’re not welcome here, quit posting and spamming my video comments section.

  • I won’t delete any comment, as long as you’re not intentionally spreading lies and trying to cause infighting and division within the liberty movement. Debate is good and I encourage it, as long as all sides are respectful and intellectually honest.

    I draw the line at continually spreading lies, spamming, and personally attacking me.

  • No, I’ve deleted your comments and banned you 5 other accounts for saying Rand supports extrajudicial killings over and over again. I wasn’t going to block you, just delete your idiotic and divisive falsehoods until you started personally insulting me.

  • I’m talking about realist as in the school of thought in the study of international relations.

  • I KNOW the difference and don’t worry……if my comments get deleted…so be it. This won’t be the crowd to hang with.

  • Realistic in that our foreign policies create more terrorism…as Ron predicted and as CIA counter terrorist experts have affirmed.

  • Dunno About realist. Foreign policy is a tricky business because you have many many different cultures and countries and political groups and varying alliances within the countries, each with their own little political changes within. Certain approaches work better in certain scenarios and others not so well. Rand has said several times he liked Regans ‘peace through strength’ approach. Ron follows christs ‘peace by example’ but with strong defence.

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  • ‘When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser’ Socrates

  • Rand is playing the game that has to be played in politics. Ron does not play the game and sticks to his morals. Rand may get more done however. Ron tried to do it the honorable way and lost because they cheated. Rand has a real shot of making it 2016.

  • u must be a retard. rand is trying to win that is why hes different

  • Love Dr Paul

  • What I don’t understand is why Rand and Ron are constantly interchanged. They are NOT identical and I don’t care one bit being a huge Ron Paul fan myself. No Rand ain’t Ron , sorry. He has way more neocon vieuws. Its a fact. But it makes no difference to me.

  • I’m happy to ear Ron, in his own words, stand by his son.