Ron Paul to Liberals: If You Really Care about People You Must Protect Liberty


Alex Jones: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Friday, I’m in “Big D” on a short family get-together. I just happen to be in the same building as Dick Cheney right now, I’ll tell you that story briefly later. We’ve got 5 presidents here in town now. Speaking of who I wish would be our President right now, Ron Paul is scheduled to be calling in any minute now and spend half-an-hour with us today, and I’m going to bring up a cornucopia of issues. And I have the guys come in and co-host even when I’m there, because I enjoy their ideas and banter and it’s thought-provoking, but Jakari Jackson and David Knight are riding shotgun out there also, in case we have any technical difficulties, as we are coming to you via the internet right now. The wonders of the internet. And we do have Congressman Ron Paul joining us today again. I’m on the road, so I have a couple of my infowars nightly news reporters riding shotgun with us over the next 30 minutes, so in case anything cuts out, they’ll be able to ask the former Congressman questions. It’s great to have you on with us today, sir.

Ron Paul: Thank you, it’s good to be with you.

Alex Jones: So much is happening, I want to get into your home-schooling curriculum, I hope to actually promote it later when you start that affiliate program, I think everybody should get involved in that. But, before we go there, what do you make of Boston and that whole martial law spectacle that we saw?

Ron Paul: Well, it’s rather scary. You know me, I always try to look on the positive side of things and think things can’t be quite as bad, but those pictures really concern me. That is such a visual image when you see these thousands and thousands of troops, and they weren’t your local friendly policemen that were involved. And it was accepted too easily. Can you imagine all these people being locked, they became prisoners. And the military police were allowed to march into any house at any time without a search warrant. It was martial law, so I think it was very, very scary. Let’s just hope it wakes up some people, but, unfortunately, we still hear comments like, “Well, the government has to do something to make us safe”. And I think that’s where the big disconnect is: about what is the purpose of government. Is it to give us perfect safety and perfect economic security, or is it there to allow us to run our own lives and protect our liberties?

Alex Jones: I want to expand on that, because we’re going into a break here in a moment. This is our short segment again, former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul joins us, and he’s very active in the defense of liberty. I want to expand into the next segment on the Boston issue, because some stations Judge Andrew Napolitano us then, and I want to get your full take on that. But clearly, any excuse that the power structure has to grab power, they do it, and it seems like that appetite is getting more and more intense. Why do you think that’s happening?

Ron Paul: Well, the problems are getting bigger. They say that the Congress isn’t doing the job because it’s broke, but it’s the whole system that’s broke, we’re financially broke. But those individuals in Washington, their mentality is different than so many people outside of Washington, because they’ve told me personally that they need to take care of people, and they need to regulate people’s lives, because they can’t trust it to themselves because they may hurt themselves or they may not take care of themselves. And I’ve asked them, “Why is that the case?” and they said, “Well, they’re too stupid”, and inferring, “We (the politicians) know what is best”. That is a mental status that they have and they cling to, and then they don’t do it like, “I’m Hitler, and I’m going to take over, and I’m going to take away liberty”. They feel, “I’m doing the Lord’s work, I care about people”. You’ve heard the liberals say that they care about people, and we don’t. But, of course, if you really care about people, you’ll protect liberty and there’ll be more production and more people taken care of, than the special interests taking over control of our government and the wrong people benefiting. But, anyway, that’s the mess that we have that’s continuing. So every time there’s an opportunity, they think, “If I enhance my power, I can do more good for the world”. Although there’re sinister reasons for us to be going about around the world, most of the people are complacent and they just go along to get along. And they think, “Well, we got to go and help those people, we got to get rid of the terrorists”.

Alex Jones: Absolutely, Congressman. Ron Paul is our guest, and I want to expand and flex that out when we come back, because that is so central. Please stay with us, Ron Paul is our guest.

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Alex Jones: I’m coming to you on the road up here in Dallas, Texas, visiting family. And Congressman Ron Paul joins us as well from Texas via the phone, and we have our reporters riding shotgun with us. And the former Congressman is just popping in with a news and analysis update here with us today, and he’s going to talk about the home-school curriculum he’s got coming out in September. It is truly a revolutionary idea that I’m fully behind. But first off, sir, seeing the images of the lockdown, saying it’s a prison, overriding the bill of rights, that is martial law by definition. Now they’re saying this is the new way in America, and we’ve got to have drones now domestically, and that basically America is a battlefield. We’ve known this centralization was coming along with economic collapse, what can you say about what Americans can do to reverse this, and what’s your take on what you saw in Boston?

Ron Paul: I think what Boston told me is it is a bigger issue and is more difficult to reverse than I might have hoped. I’m always hopeful, I always want to be positive, I get a lot of people who understand, but to overcome the power of the Department of Homeland Security, it looks like they’re going to have all the guns, at least they want to have all the guns. They’re buying up all the ammunition, and, of course, they said they would never use it against American citizens. And then when you witness what went on in Boston, if this is not martial law, I don’t know what martial law is going to look like. But the constitution has been trampled, the American people have to stand up any way they know how to do it, by spreading messages, reading, studying, getting involved in politics. Ultimately, though, it’s education and people have to understand why liberty provides the answers for us. But we’ve been conditioned probably for 30 or 40 years, and you hear it all the time from President: their job is to make us safe. The liberals say, “We want to make you economically safe and secure so nobody falls through the crack and we’re going to take care of everybody”. But then others say, “We want to make you physically safe”. And governments aren’t supposed to do that, governments are supposed to protect our liberties. Once they decide they’re going to make us safe economically and physically, they can only do this by taking away our liberties. And that’s where we are, we seek safety rather than liberty. We were warned about it, and I think we need to re-warn the American people that they have to know what the goals are in order to establish their priorities.

Alex Jones: Again, Dr. Ron Paul joins us. You’re talking about the bullets, we broke that story, forced it into the mainstream media, and they said, “We’re not buying bullets”, and then they said, “Okay, we bought a billion”, and now it’s 2 billion. And then they come out and say, “It’s a hoax that we’re buying bullets, but we did buy bullets”. So their lies and their denials have gotten schizophrenic, where you’re reading a headline and they testify, “This is a hoax, but we did buy the bullets”. And now ‘big sis’ said before Congress today, “The DHS denies ammo-purchases aimed at civilians”, when the targets are of woman and children on record, and the army manuals say they’re training to take on domestic groups. That first document we got 4 years ago said Ron Paul, veterans, gun owners, libertarians, conservatives, Aaron Russo, film owners … it’s just bizarre. And now all that is mainline. So what do you say about the intensified lying, or do you disagree that they are not intensifying their lies?

Ron Paul: They have the major medias on their side, so they paint us as paranoid. And this is our job, whether it’s talk shows like yours or our internet programs or whatever we’re doing, we have to reverse this whole idea that we’re paranoid and just imagining these things. When she gives us an inch and says, “Oh yes, we did purchase them”, they have to pound here and figure out what are you going to do with them, what is the intent, how much money was spent? You think Congress should have more of a backbone to stand up and demand this, that’s their responsibility. But the Congress goes along with it, they give up their prerogatives to the executive branch so easily. And if we don’t do it, the people eventually have to do it. Members of Congress go along to get along, they’ve been doing that for years, and we only have a dozen or two up there that are trying. What we need to do is wake up more and more people to hound their congressman and say, “Find out why, and what are they up to”. Because it’s only information that they have that can wake the people up. If they don’t get the information, they’re going to be too complacent and then it will be too late. After Boston, I worry more on where we are. But, then again, when I go to the college campuses, I get good responses. All the young people are saying, “We know what you’re talking about, and we don’t like it. We’re going to be stuck with a big bill and we don’t have a job”. So there’s a receptive ear out there, so it’s a battle, it’s a battle for the hearts and minds of people to decide which they think is correct: are they going to go along with the status quo and the Federal Reserve and the income tax system and the government taking care of us and making us safe and secure, or are we going to say, “It’s time we defended our position, we want our freedoms back and just get the government out of the way”.

Alex Jones: As you said earlier, the government claims it’s here to help us, but everywhere government gets involved, it creates dependencies and a wrecked society. We’ve sent our reporters out not just in Texas, but also in California, and most people signed petitions to confiscate all the guns, to not just ban carbon dioxide, but hydrogen monoxide or water. And it seems like we’ve got two things happening, either people are getting more awake, or they’re getting even more dumbed down, and they’re saying, “Hey, we’re a democracy, if 51% vote to make the other 49% slaves, we’re going to do it”. In a republic, that actually works, but the federal government is moving forward like it’s a democracy and they can do whatever they want. Do you see a collision, a clash of civilizations, of informed, high-IQ productive, good people who haven’t succumbed to cultural collectivism and Marxism and globalism, versus the zombie hoards? This is getting bad, that’s my point.

Ron Paul: I think there will be this collision, mainly because our country is bankrupt, but also because there are more and more people waking up, which I think is very good and beneficial. But one thing is, though, individuals like myself who want to look on the positive side of things, shouldn’t ever get so naïve as to think that we’re up against an enemy that’s a rather soft enemy. The worse things get, the harder they’ll work and the more they’ll do to cling to power under the pretence, of course, of always helping people. They’ve been powerful because they’ve always been able to get to the moral high ground, saying, “We’re doing good. When we go over to these countries, we only get rid of the bad dictators. Yes, we have deficits, but we take care of poor people”. But now they’re running out of money and they can’t do it and they make these false promises, so the only thing left for them, since their promises aren’t believed anymore, is they’re going to use power. And that’s why you see the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI invoking martial laws in a major city. So I think it’s going to get worse, I’ve always said it’s going to get worse before it gets better, because we haven’t even had the pre-economic crisis that I think is coming, and then you wonder how complacent the American people will be. So the more people we can alert to being prepared for this so they can handle some of the emergencies to get by, the better off we’ll be. We want everybody to be protected, as many as possible, so they don’t have to depend on the government. But when the government is broke, they have very little to promise except our might to try to restore order.

Alex Jones: Absolutely. So it’s a sign of their weakness that they’re trying to flex their muscles and using any excuse to try and take over and plant the flag of authoritarianism on our once great republic, b ecause they understand and they’re scared and they know they’ve mismanaged things. Now, shifting gears to a subject that so many callers in the last few days wanted me to ask you when they heard you were coming on. Just as a layman here, and talking about a gold and silver company like Midas Resources, they’re having trouble getting the gold that’s being bought so quick. Places are sold out everywhere, the Mint can’t even make enough, but they’re using paper money to drive down the price, while elites are buying it as fast as they can. What do you make of what’s happening with the war on gold?

Ron Paul: I think there is, and governments always have a war on gold, because they want their paper to last as long as possible. How much gold do you think we dumped in the 1950s and 1960s at $35/ounce trying to prove that point? Markets, though, eventually win out, though I think that they very well could be involved in all this dumping of gold. That one day the gold prices went down so much, there were 53,000 contracts sold by one individual. I’m just wondering how close the treasury department was to that. But the market number that best tells you about this disconnect, is the premium on the coin. You and I might hear, “Oh yes, gold prices are crashing, maybe we ought to buy some more”, so we go out to buy gold. Evidently there were more than just a couple of us doing that, quite a few people went out to buy gold, so the premium goes up, which is natural because that’s the way the market works. The prices are not supposed to be going up, because the prices are ‘fixed’ by these traders in the paper market. But the premium is part of the price, and I don’t know what the premium has done in the last day or two, but I know when the price of gold was going down rapidly, the premiums went up.

Alex Jones: Sure, but isn’t that like Nixonian price fixing, where you’re sure you can fix the price, but then you can’t find the things they fix the price on. What I’m saying is, I’m getting reports from everywhere that the people, the shops, can’t get the gold, that there’s a major shortage at this lower price. So doesn’t that right there prove that the market is saying that gold is really worth a lot more? And, as you said, they can’t suppress it forever. Shifting gears, what about bitcoin? I’ve been [weary] since day one, because if this wasn’t something globalists were involved in, they would have destroyed it. Now they’re not all-powerful, but I just have a bad feeling.

Ron Paul: I don’t know exactly what’s going on there, I have deep reservations about it, because my understanding of money is a little bit different than something that comes out of a computer. And I don’t understand how it’s calculated, and I don’t think anybody else does, either. But, if we have a truly free society, and the people are doing this and they’re not committing fraud and it actually becomes a means of exchange and people can transfer and measure things in a bitcoin, then I’m not going to object to that. But I don’t think that is the answer, I think money has to be something that has been established in the marketplace. And there’s been a pretty good test on gold and silver for thousands of years, so I’m very reluctant to get involved. Even with the bitcoin, when you make a sale or a purchase with the bitcoin, you have to do the mathematical changes and figure out how many dollars you’re getting. But, I hope it’s a method where they’re challenging, because that’s been one of my position: that if we would just have a legal competition with the Federal Reserve in place, that would be helpful. But I’m thinking more along the lines of somebody who’s out there using gold and silver as legal tender as advocated under the constitution. But you know what happens to people who do that, you can go to prison for that and you’re called a counterfeiter. But the Federal Reserve should be the one to be held responsible for counterfeiting.

Alex Jones: Alright, I want to get into home-schooling, and then let you get out of here, but the last question before we get to that. I want to bring up Boston again, because the government locked down the city and then couldn’t find the guy, and then as soon as they lifted the lockdown, which was totally illegal, then a citizen smoking a cigarette at the back of his house saw the guy was in a boat. Not only did this not protect us, it’s totally unconstitutional, but it’s just all a giant fraud. What would you do, now that you live in South Texas on the coast, if they said, “Don’t come out of your house today, or we’ll arrest you”? What would you do if you drove up and they had your family with their hands up? This is a big deal, they need to get in trouble. Do you have any ideas, as a constitutionalist and a pretty smart guy, how we can take action against this precedent-setting garbage?

Ron Paul: That’s a tough one, because they’re the ones who are using violence illegally against the people. And if you resist it, of course, that’s armed conflict, and it’s about how much of a stomach you have for the confrontation. But, what we have to do is intellectually argue against and expose those people who have these lockdowns and have martial law declared. Three people were killed, which was tragic, but I think every day there are about 48 murders, sometimes in a weekend there will be 10 murders in one city. They never lockdown a city. This is unprecedented, it’s very, very dangerous, and we have to expose them at every chance we get.

Alex Jones: Sure, they’ve had a lone gunman out all the time, you don’t lock down a whole city, and they said, “Hey, please stay in your homes in this block, we think he’s in one of your houses”. That would be a probable cause or something of reasonable suspicion. But if you’re all locked in your house and now they’re going to aim guns at you, they aimed guns at little kids in yards. I can’t wait to get you on in September, because this is a revolutionary idea to get after the government training camps. Spend a few minutes, sir, in the time we’ve got left here, telling us the best websites to visit, where we should go to find out about this, hopefully you’ll get your site back soon. But what are the best sites to visit, and why have you launched this home-schooling initiative?

Ron Paul: Of course, home-schooling is something I’ve been very sympathetic with for many, many years, more so over this year, because I think the public educational system is deteriorating. I’ve talked about it before, but in Congress you can’t really do a whole lot. Even 20, 30 years ago I often thought to myself, “It would be neat to have a school when I’m out of Congress”, but I always thought about a brick-and-motor school. But technology has changed, and all of a sudden, there’s a much bigger opportunity to have more students at a much cheaper price, have good education, have it where it’s not very expensive. So I’ve had some help with this, Don Woods and Gary North have been working with me on this, and they are great at teaching, and we’re going to have math and science and history and English courses. And, also, the first 6 grades are going to be free, you can go in and get on there after September and get education up to the 6th grade for free. And for the later grades, there will but tuition charges. But one other unique thing that we’ve come up with on this … there are a lot of other home-schooling programs and a lot of them are very decent, but ours will be somewhat unique. But there’s going to be a lot of interplay between students and self-teaching, and also it means that the cost will go down because we’re not going to have people buying books. They can if they want, but [inaudible]. So if we have a course on the constitution, it’s going to be done by reading the constitution and the paper, and then having a teacher giving a lecture, and the students writing. So it would be a little bit different approach. We think we can give everybody a better education at a much better price than anything that’s out there right now.

Alex Jones: Again, what are the best sits, other than, for people to visit right now to find out everything about Ron Paul?

Ron Paul: One in particular is and there’s a preliminary course you can sign up for $25 to help you get into preparing for high school. But the curriculum really gets started in September. But there is a webpage now that gives you some information, and it will keep you up-to-date. There is a question-and-answer section there where people call in and ask their questions.

Alex Jones: It’s excellent. Let me just say this, and then I’ll let you get out of here as you got to go. When I first talked to you before you went live on air, we were talking about promoting it and how important it is, and you were talking about how it’s free for the first 6 grades, and then almost apologizing for selling it. Listen, we have gotten the liberty movement to fund each other and to vote with our dollars, and we’ll take the economy back, as you know, through markets. It’s time. The media and the establishment, that lives off our tax money and corporate welfare, attacks us, that if you sell a book or I sell a film. Ladies or gentlemen, you either spend your money with websites like by clicking on the sponsors, Ron Paul’s sites, my sites. You spread the word about us, or we’re done. Okay, this is war bonds, Ron Paul lives in a modest house and can set off in the sunset, he’s 76 years old, fighting everyday because he has a passion for liberty against the authoritarians. And this is a revolutionary act of taking our kids back from these scums. So, sir, I’m going to get behind your curriculum, and I salute you. When it comes out in September, everybody should buy it and give it to their family members if they won’t buy it. Everybody should support this 110%, Congressman.

Ron Paul: Wonderful, and it’s good being with you today.

Alex Jones: Thank you so much, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Alex Jones: Alright, there is goes, ladies and gentlemen. Bottom line, I’m ready to die for freedom, I’m in the globalist’ faces saying, “I want you going down 110%”. I’ll tell you why I like the oblivion so much, because that’s what it’s all about, that archetype of giving your life up for liberty. And I don’t want to die, because I love liberty so much, I’m not afraid of them, even though I know how horrible they are and I know the things they can do. Every time I look at my children, I know they can come after them, and they threaten my family. I just look at them and I commit. I’m a slob on air half the time, I’m burned out, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot unplug. I dream about this stuff, I can’t play or go fishing with my kids. All I’m thinking about is the news and the new world order, and then I do so much research, I get on air and I can’t even talk about it all, because I just know too much. It’s like the Gnarles Barkley song, I want to come back and have a break with our guests: I’m not crazy because I know enough, it is because I know too much. And I was just talking to Ron Paul during the break and he was like, “Yes, we’re selling it because we have to pay for it and everything”. And I said, “Man, don’t apologize because you’re selling it”. The globalists have taken over the control and issuance of currency and credit, we’re doing this because we love liberty and we want to be free. And then they create this idea like he said that they have the moral authority, like they can sell stuff, they can make us give them our money, to then use it against us, and that’s moral. I had the Austin police chief in, and he said, “Oh, Alex Jones is selling stuff, Alex Jones has got a 50 caliber riffle”. Yea, and I’ll sell my house, and a little bit of real estate I’ve got and all my guns if I ever have to, to keep going. I will live in a rat-infested trailer before I ever stop spending my money on fighting the New World Order. But yes, I like nice things, I like being comfortable, but that’s not my God. My God is God, is liberty, is life, and is freedom. That’s why I take the money you give us by buying the great products we promote, and hire more reporters and get better equipment and build studios. I have dream to bring these people down. I’m a builder, I want to build things, I want to construct things, I want to build an architecture of freedom, I want to lead the way out of this, with you right beside me and in front of me and behind me. I have a dream of liberty, I have a dream of freedom, I have a dream of my children not being slaves. And I am sick of the globalist having the moral high ground, while they use our tax money against us that we’re not allowed to sell stuff. I skipped this network commercial, you know how much money that costs the network? There’s nothing they can do, because I just won’t be on the network if they try to stop me, and it’s bad that I do it. I don’t even plug products on here like I should by saying, “Buy everything at, buy the water filters, buy the seeds, buy that t-shirts, buy the videos. It’s all about warfare against evil, warfare against death. We’re about life, period! That’s what we stand for. I have a dream: life, enlightenment, liberty, freedom.


  • No, your missing my point. Fluorine being present naturally means he is not adding it, it just ‘comes with the territory.’

    Many foods contain low doses of arsenic

    When those ingredients occur naturally from where the ingredients are harvested, it is very difficult to rid of them.

  • Alex Jones kicks some serious Globalist ass, and so does Ron Paul!

  • Martial law.. no search warrants… thousands of troops.. forced entry. Why would ever want to resist such a noble cause as an anti terrorist man hunt? They are sneaky.

  • But fluorine is fluorine- it doesn’t matter if it occurs naturally or is added, it’s the same chemical.
    It’s not just fluorine though, it contains some pretty nasty heavy metals. They essentially put semi-fossilised plant matter from a mine into the product.
    It contains Aluminium hydroxide (which caused Alzheimer’s in many people), trace amounts of Arsenic, lead, and mercury.
    About as good for you as a vacation to Fukushima.

  • Good point, but fluorine is found naturally in the vitamins and minerals included in the product. There is no added fluorine in Tangy Tangerine, just the naturally occurring heavy metals present in many foods.

    There are much cheaper products then Tangy Tangerine in the supplements market, but nonetheless I would not say it is a bad product, just a little pricey, as most small supplement companies are typically more expensive then the bigger brands.

  • I don’t, he’s controversial and I reflected that in my video description. That’s not to say I dislike him or disagree with everything he says.
    As a side note, Tangy Tangerine if full of Fluorine and heavy metals.

  • I still don’t understand why you hate jones so much.