Ron Paul: We Don’t Have to Sacrifice our Liberties for Security

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul condemned reports that the Obama Administration is secretly collecting data from the phone calls of millions of Americans:

“I wish I could say I was shocked at the reports the NSA is secretly spying on the private phone calls of millions of Verizon customers. However, this is a predictable result of a government that continues to erode our liberties while promising some glimmering hope of security.

“The Fourth Amendment is clear; it says we should be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects, and that all warrants must have probable cause.

“I opposed and continue to oppose the Patriot Act because I believe it throws the Fourth Amendment right out the window. It is certainly not patriotic to support warrantless wiretaps, blanket ‘metadata’ collection, and spying on innocent American citizens.

“Unfortunately, what is worse than the reports, is knowing that politicians of both parties will continue to defend this practice as necessary to supposedly keep us ‘safe’. We do not have to sacrifice our liberties for security. At times like this, the question must be asked, ‘if we are willing to change our way of life and our very definition of freedom while tolerating the invasive searches at our airports and now of our phone calls, have the terrorists already won?’”


  • Jon

    I wish you were born in the UK. We don’t get to vote for candidates over here so the genuine heroes don’t even get noticed. You are that though and history will see you right. It saddens me that you haven’t seen the support you deserve – I would have loved to see America with you at the helm – even from afar.

  • just sally

    What I am most afriad of is—— my great grandparents fled Germany for all of this– For the younger adults they do not know of this.
    But is happened very slowly– in the guise of just security–

    If we do heed history — we are surely to repeat it. Be very careful– big brother is watching us.
    /ery scarey.

  • G.S.

    Dear Ron Paul,

    As America obviously doesn’t realize you are the best thing it has produced in politics for the last 20-30 years, please feel free to come over Europe and fix us. We would listen.

    Thank you,

    A person who wants liberty

  • Dr Ron Paul is my hero… 🙂

  • John Hicks

    We say that there are never any good candidates out there, but the American people virtually ignored one of the best candidates we have had in a long time and that was Ron Paul. I voted for Bush twice and very reluctently voted for Obama in the last election. I consider Bush and Obama two of the worst Presidents this country has ever had. The NSA gave Obama what he wanted with it’s full blessings. Bush created the evil Patriot Act and Obama who had said in the best we must eliminate such Govt. acts has instead increased the Patriot act many times over. The Patriot Act is simply a cover to allow the corrupt US Govt. to spy on innocent citizens all in the name of protecting us from terrorists. Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, “Those that would give away liberties in order to possibly gain more protection deserve neither” How I wish Ron Paul was at the helm right now instead of Obama who continues his lies one after the other to the American people.

  • sue helton

    What can people do to stop whats going on. or who to write or call .im fed up with these worthless bunch . in the white house and in congress.