Ron Paul Blasts NSA Defenders: “You’re Justifying Dictatorship!”


Piers Morgan: Ron Paul, if you had been President – which you could have been, you ran for office this time, and you could have won – are you in all seriousness telling me that you would have stopped all of this tracking of data in the way that the NSA has been doing it?

Ron Paul: An awful lot of it, but it wouldn’t be stopped, you would still have your intelligence gathering, but it would be done under the law. You would have probable cause, and you would have courts. This idea that you can go to the FISC court and get a warrant is ridiculous. The monitoring by the President, saying, “We are going to pick and chose who we’re going to assassinate, whether they’re an American citizen or not. But we have monitors, we’re going to study this”, is the rule of law? What he’s doing is repealing the Magna Carta. You can’t just do these kinds of things, and this one is not only repealing the principles of liberty, but it’s destroying the constitution. So, my question should be to all of you who defend this nonsense: why should the penalty be for the people who destroy the constitution? They’re always worried about how they’re going to destroy the American citizens who tell the truth to let us know what’s going on, but we ask the question, “What is the penalty for the people who deliberately destroy the constitution and rationalize and say, ‘Oh, we have to do it for security'”. Well, you know what Franklin said about that, you end up losing your security and your freedoms, too. So I think we’ve embarked on a very, very dangerous course, the American people are with us on this, it’s totally out of control. And I would say, if you’re confused about what we should do, just read the constitution, what’s wrong with that? Get people to repeal it and change the constitution, but not just to deny it. We go to war without a declaration, we totally ignore the constitution. That is what our problem is today, we have no rule of law, and people say, “Just let secret courts do this, and the government has to know everything, and the American people have to have no privacy”. That reflects an intimidation, people are insecure and think that we need more authoritarianism. You’re justifying dictatorship, that’s what you’re doing.

Piers Morgan: Okay, Ron Paul, I have to leave you there, in full flow.


  • “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” ― Ron Paul, The Revolution: A Manifesto

  • Piers Morgan: “Please explain why you need RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, or a

  • I LOVE you Dr Ron Paul!

  • I LOVE you Dr Ron Paul!

  • Piers that slimy stupid fuck. The first words that came out of his mouth were bullshit, just as usual. “You could have been president.” Yeah, ok dumbass. Explain to me how Ron Paul filled auditoriums everywhere he went, was overwhelmingly and embarrassingly ignored by the media, and votes were counted in private by a wall street owned company, and with all that said, actually had a chance of winning the fraudulent election?

  • How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency /watch?v=o_WBo4sfmi4


  • fuck security obama is the devil man and the elites wipe them please

  • I totally agree.

  • Right. but guess what. This is old news. We had 2 chances and couldn’t succeed. This means nothing to them. The stupid inbreds had 6 years to figure it out and couldn’t. If they haven’t by now I would say they are hopeless and I’d would jump out of my pants if they ever did.

  • Dear friends, Most humans are pieces of shits, we are in a global farm. even in Mexico the great majority of mexicans are mind controlled by telenovelas, inanities and absurdities, this world is fucked up. DON’T HAVE TOO MUCH HOPE FOR THIS DUMB WORLD. VOTING IN THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD BE BANNED, WE ARE GONNA NEED TO INVENT A BRAND POLITICAL SYSTEM WITHOUT VOTING. BECAUSE HUMANS ARE MENTALLY DISABLED TO VOTE FOR HONEST LEADERS !!

  • I think he sensed that we didn’t care if he left, so he’s staying so he can try and tantalize us with his presence.

  • Good job! That the way to shut these fuckers!

  • it drives me crazy that so many people I know dont care about this… or not even informed about whats going on!

  • Imagine what could-have been

  • Ron Paul said it right!

  • Ron PAUL 2016 !

  • I thought piers morgan said he would leave the U.S if gun laws did not pass.

  • Ron Paul 2016!This man is my hero and my recommendation for Mt.rushmore,A true patriot.

  • Mr.Morgan- if Ron Paul was President , a bunch of shit would of changed in DC , not just the tracking of phone calls .