Ron Paul Blasts NSA Defenders: “You’re Justifying Dictatorship!”


Piers Morgan: Ron Paul, if you had been President – which you could have been, you ran for office this time, and you could have won – are you in all seriousness telling me that you would have stopped all of this tracking of data in the way that the NSA has been doing it?

Ron Paul: An awful lot of it, but it wouldn’t be stopped, you would still have your intelligence gathering, but it would be done under the law. You would have probable cause, and you would have courts. This idea that you can go to the FISC court and get a warrant is ridiculous. The monitoring by the President, saying, “We are going to pick and chose who we’re going to assassinate, whether they’re an American citizen or not. But we have monitors, we’re going to study this”, is the rule of law? What he’s doing is repealing the Magna Carta. You can’t just do these kinds of things, and this one is not only repealing the principles of liberty, but it’s destroying the constitution. So, my question should be to all of you who defend this nonsense: why should the penalty be for the people who destroy the constitution? They’re always worried about how they’re going to destroy the American citizens who tell the truth to let us know what’s going on, but we ask the question, “What is the penalty for the people who deliberately destroy the constitution and rationalize and say, ‘Oh, we have to do it for security'”. Well, you know what Franklin said about that, you end up losing your security and your freedoms, too. So I think we’ve embarked on a very, very dangerous course, the American people are with us on this, it’s totally out of control. And I would say, if you’re confused about what we should do, just read the constitution, what’s wrong with that? Get people to repeal it and change the constitution, but not just to deny it. We go to war without a declaration, we totally ignore the constitution. That is what our problem is today, we have no rule of law, and people say, “Just let secret courts do this, and the government has to know everything, and the American people have to have no privacy”. That reflects an intimidation, people are insecure and think that we need more authoritarianism. You’re justifying dictatorship, that’s what you’re doing.

Piers Morgan: Okay, Ron Paul, I have to leave you there, in full flow.


  • so what you going to do be a bitch

  • go ron paul the one who should be president

  • Its illegal to break the laws of the constitution, people should be really upset there government not following the law

  • Who’s the lowlife thug that flagged this as spam? Ridiculuous.

  • Ron is the fuckin man. When he’s on, he’s ON. And I don’t care what anybody says, I’d much rather have had that man running our country for these last 5 years and next 3…. Sad part is we’ll never see another president anywhere NEAR his caliber w/HALF his spirit… RIP JFK… The last of a DEAD BREED

  • Of course the arse host had to cut him off. How does that slimeball PM get his own tv show?

  • Should have been president.

  • What are the secrets that Edward Snowden reveled. The US spies on everyone. That’s like James Rosen publishing the story that if sanctions are imposed on North Korea they will launch long range nuclear missile tests. The real terrorist are in high level positions in our government. We should be listening on their private phone calls and e-mails. Run all the politicians who voted for the patriot act out of office.

  • i think serving the military is a diservice to this country, not your fault, but your higher ups are making you guys fight wars for profit that kill innocent people

  • piers morgan is a smug asshole

  • You elected politicians better get off your ass start going after the criminals. I can see in the future a peaceful March like no one has ever seen. You think it maybe time for a peaceful picket on Washington? Get it done! That whistle is a hero!!!

  • If this is really about safety and security and fighting terrorism, why are they storing every single call every American citizen makes in data centers? These centers have been built over the US, for crying out loud!.
    America, land of liberty and freedom?? No. This, along with all the legislation pushed through, plus mandates and executive orders written over decades, along with government collusion with big corporations is fascism.

  • Ron Paul knew this would happen, 29 years ago! /watch?v=cAWmKpBeEz0

  • or maybe there are all kinds of patriots who just see things differently than you do. Non of this “oh I’m in the Military so you have to see eye to eye with me or you don’t care about the sacrifice we make”.. Come on now.

  • Goddamn right.

  • Ron Paul turned up the heat!

  • long ago i heard of data storage centers within the NSA and i understood what they were doing. It was obvious they want to be able to type your name into a search and know everything about you…literally. Regardless there is one simple fact you must know about these people in charge. That is they care less about you than you can possibly imagine. They want revolution to be an impossibility.

  • Ron Paul was the last chance for lasting change in the USA. He was exactly what the country needed, but the sheeple were lied to by the mass media spin machine. The 2 party system is not serving the country. Just look at the results the status quo have produced. Now you idiot Americans no longer have your privacy. What do you do about it? NOTHING! You’re all so ignorant to think “they” know what they’re doing. You are being robbed but you’re not smart enough to see it. Fools.

  • It’s a matter of principle. If the people fear the government there is tyranny. If the government fears the people there is freedom. Let the government get away with this, and it will lead down the slippery slope of continued loss of freedom.

  • Piers should call him “Dr Paul”. That is very rude to just call him “Ron Paul”. I thought the British had good manners.