Ron Paul: If You Like The Surveillance State, You’ll Love E-Verify

by Ron Paul

From massive NSA spying, to IRS targeting of the administration’s political opponents, to collection and sharing of our health care information as part of Obamacare, it seems every day we learn of another assault on our privacy. Sadly, this week the Senate took another significant, if little-noticed, step toward creating an authoritarian surveillance state. Buried in the immigration bill is a national identification system called mandatory E-Verify.

The Senate did not spend much time discussing E-Verify, and what little discussion took place was mostly bipartisan praise for its effectiveness as a tool for preventing illegal immigrants from obtaining employment. It is a tragedy that mandatory E-Verify is not receiving more attention, as it will impact nearly every American’s privacy and liberty.

The mandatory E-Verify system requires Americans to carry a “tamper-proof” social security card. Before they can legally begin a job, American citizens will have to show the card to their prospective employer, who will then have to verify their identity and eligibility to hold a job in the US by running the information through the newly-created federal E-Verify database. The database will contain photographs taken from passport files and state driver’s licenses. The law gives federal bureaucrats broad discretion in adding other “biometric” identifiers to the database. It also gives the bureaucracy broad authority to determine what features the “tamper proof” card should contain.

Regardless of one’s views on immigration, the idea that we should have to ask permission from the federal government before taking a job ought to be offensive to all Americans. Under this system, many Americans will be denied the opportunity for work. The E-Verify database will falsely identify thousands as “ineligible,” forcing many to lose job opportunities while challenging government computer inaccuracies. E-Verify will also impose additional compliance costs on American businesses, at a time when they are struggling with Obamacare implementation and other regulations.

According to David Bier of Competitive Enterprise Institute, there is nothing stopping the use of E-Verify for purposes unrelated to work verification, and these expanded uses could be authorized by agency rule-making or executive order. So it is not inconceivable that, should this bill pass, the day may come when you are not be able to board an airplane or exercise your second amendment rights without being run through the E-Verify database. It is not outside the realm of possibility that the personal health care information that will soon be collected by the IRS and shared with other federal agencies as part of Obamacare will also be linked to the E-Verify system.

Those who dismiss these concerns as paranoid should consider that the same charges were leveled at those who warned that the PATRIOT Act could lead to the government collecting our phone records and spying on our Internet usage. Just as the PATRIOT Act was only supposed to be used against terrorists but is now used to bypass constitutional protections in matters having noting to do with terrorism or national security, the national ID/mandatory E-Verify database will not only be used to prevent illegal immigrants from gaining employment. Instead, it will eventually be used as another tool to monitor and control the American people.

The recent revelations of the extent of National Security Agency (NSA) spying on Americans, plus recent stories of IRS targeting Tea Party and similar groups for special scrutiny, demonstrates the dangers of trusting government with this type of power. Creation of a federal database with photos and possibly other “biometric” information about American citizens is a great leap forward for the surveillance state. All Americans who still care about limited government and individual liberty should strongly oppose E-Verify.

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  • William Birmingham

    Ron Paul is the only real American

  • There is no forgiveness within monetary policy. It is the secret law that governs our economy. That which goes up must come down, that which goes forward must come back. It is a circle of exchange that represents our everyday efforts that exemplifies monetary policy.

    This issuance of currency is sacred. A trust much more than simple collateral. Without the labor of reconciliation all capital becomes mute. Those who take the gains and run only stifle the future of generations to come. So, how are we able to tap investments before they are mature?

    The only way to stabilize a true capitalistic system is through proper monetary policy. Without proper monetary policy human life becomes economic slavery. Hence, the proper representation of monetary issuance safe guards against copycat commercialism, shady production and outright bilateral monetary buyouts.

    The private ones who have monopolized international monetary policy have created a civilization of complete chaos. Desperately trying to maintain control they sit secretly within their shadow councils. Heavy is their burden to maintain control over this global economy.

    Like vultures they gather unto a dark demon to feed them with the next diabolical method of evil. What is it a medium or an oracle? Stupid fools they are who seek such things for council. Let them reconcile their issuance and face it like men! Let them face their creation and peril within its sustainability.
    He who seeks to save his life will lose it; he who gives his life will save it. Universal Laws that govern the known Universe cannot be forsaken. There is only one natural law that allows the universe to expand and there is no one who can alter this power.

    So we come now to the precipice of the forces of darkness and the forces of light. You can see now that those who choose to get their kicks off at the expense of others willing give up their souls. Like a plague that knows no bound the forces of darkness will take, use, abuse and destroy everything in their path to get their next power trip or diabolical pleasure. Knowing full well there is nothing left for them but the second death.

  • Despite widespread misconceptions to the contrary, there is no law requiring anyone to possess a SSN or to provide one to obtain employment. I recently was denied a job because the employer told me they “needed it for e-Verify.” How insulting. I am a white American of German descent whose family traces back to the Mayflower. Yet I was forced to “prove” I am not Mexican. Ironically, 30 million illegal Mexicans have no such trouble finding jobs!

  • William

    Good question, noidonotgofish. E-Verify is currently available; it would have saved me tens of thousands of $ lost to illegal competition if it had been used.

    And now, tens of millions more to compete with in the next decade? This tradesman may be pushed right out the door.

    • William

      Was it something I said? “This comment is awaiting moderation”, yet the gentleman posting on the Fourth moves to the head of the line? (Respectfully, have you a tax I.D. number, sir?) I’m just reporting factual experience over a period of several years and extrapolating from that experience. Nor do I support a biometric I.D. card. I hope I didn’t sound too dramatic.

      By the way, I served as a delegate for Ron Paul in the primary level from Minnesota if that’s any help, though it shouldn’t after all. I will admit that most of the losses I incurred were in the employ of unscrupulous Union contractors, approaching a quarter million $. Perhaps it would be better to if we were to actually enforce our current immigration laws? Costly, yes.

      I also admit to seeing the current Senate “amnesty” bill as a mere political ploy that will devastate the lowest wage earners in our country, one that is disingenuous by any means, political party, or by one’s surname.

      Thanks for hearing me out.

  • Don Jusko

    We need paper trail voting

  • Ann

    All the policies and begging of Ron Paul make sense when you read the following:

    What Will Follow the Death of the Petrodollar?

  • FACT: Barrack Obama could not pass a background check OR E-verify

    “‪1: Team Arpaio: Obama Birth Certificate An Original Forgery; Felony Possession‬”

    Obama Failed E-Verify: Linda Jordan Fined For Challenging Obama’s Identity Fraud


  • This will be used in regards to Revelation 13:17
    New International Version
    …so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark,
    which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

    • We already are tied to such a system off the ‘New Deal’. The ‘New Deal’ was comprises after the outright total horrifying coup of Hitler. In other words, sorry we stole your capital with the Federal Reserve through the Stock Market, but please help us stop this madman we put into power!

      Thus the plans for their effort to take over Germany’s independent recovery from WW1 failed and the focus became giving US a ‘New Deal’ as a ploy to save their financial powers. After words new threats were required to sustain the industrial military complex in place that represented all their issuances (debts).
      This is why the US Government has been forbidden from auditing the Federal Reserve. Hence they secured payment through IRS labor taxation to circle the debts needed to stop Hitler through the ‘New Deal’.

      Wolves live in a pack and when the pack gets to big….. Outcast. What you Elite think you are on top the food chain of chance mutation evolution! Ha what a jokes on you! Evolution and Creation are one in the same!

  • Michael Sheuer, Chuck Hagel and Ron Paul belong in the Whitehouse.

    …instead of the corporate, middle management, Israeli shills.

    Obama belongs at Pizza Hut.
    Cheney belongs in jail.

    THE OLD RULES ON POLITICAL FUNDING NEED TO BE REINSTATED; which will mean AIPAC won’t OWN the U.S Government, anymore!

  • Its all part of the NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY.

  • Its all part of the NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY.

  • america is doomed without a major armed revolution. time running out.

  • america is doomed without a major armed revolution. time running out.

  • america is doomed without a major armed revolution. time running out.

  • america is doomed without a major armed revolution. time running out.

  • obami: don’t worry of how i’m going to tell the People on the endorsement of our land…
    China: indeed, I start wondering if in a Democrat’s country is easier to control the population than in a Communist’s country…
    obami: the trick is the Hollywood’s style; 1st a movie about it, then when it’s real, people reaction is why bother? “it’s not new anyway!”

    Sometimes i wonder: if being a TRUTH PATRIOT means “no matter what a government does it’s OK… after all these FALSE FLAGS events!

  • Where is this in the legislation?

  • Where is this in the legislation?

  • Has long the ppl can eat,sh!t and sleep, everything will be dreamy.