Ron Paul: Why Egyptians from All Walks of Life Are Irritated with the U.S.

by Ron Paul

Looking at the banners in the massive Egyptian protests last week, we saw many anti-American slogans. Likewise, the Muslim Brotherhood-led government that was deposed by the military last week was very critical of what it saw as US support for the coup. Why is it that all sides in this Egyptian civil war seem so angry with the United States? Because the United States has at one point or another supported each side, which means also that at some point the US has also opposed each side. It is the constant meddling in Egyptian affairs that has turned Egyptians against us, as we would resent foreign intervention in our own affairs.

For more than 30 years, since the US-brokered Camp David Accord between Israel and Egypt, the US supported Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Over that period the US sent more than $60 billion to prop up Mubarak and, importantly, to train and seek control over the Egyptian military. Those who opposed Mubarak’s unelected reign became more and more resentful of the US, which they rightly saw as aiding and abetting a dictator and denying them their political aspirations.

Then the US began providing assistance to groups seeking to overthrow Mubarak, which they did in 2011. The US continued funding the Egyptian military at that time, arguing that US aid was more critical than ever if we are to maintain influence. The US Administration demanded an election in Egypt after Mubarak’s overthrow and an election was held. Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood won a narrow victory. The US supported Morsi but kept funding the Egyptian military.

After a year of Morsi’s rule, Egyptians who did not approve of his government took to the streets to demand his removal from power. The US signaled to the Egyptian military that it would not oppose the removal of Morsi from power, and he was removed on July 3rd. With the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood-led government came the arrest of many politicians and the closure of many media outlets sympathetic to them. Then the US government warned the same Egyptian military that undermined democracy that it needed to restore democracy! Is it any wonder why Egyptians from all walks of life are united in their irritation with the United States?

Despite the Egyptian government being overthrown by a military coup, the Obama Administration will not utter the word “coup” because acknowledging reality would mean an end to US assistance to the Egyptian government and military. That cannot be allowed.

Instead, we see the same Obama administration that is on a worldwide manhunt for pro-transparency whistle-blower Edward Snowden demand that the Egyptian military exercise “political transparency” in its dealings with the ousted Muslim Brotherhood-led government.

So, successive US administrations over the decades have supported all sides in Egypt, from dictator to demonstrator to military. There is only one side that the US government has never supported: our side. The American side. It has never supported the side of the US taxpayers who resent being forced to fund a foreign dictatorship, a foreign military, and foreign protestors. It has never supported the side of the majority of Americans who do not wish to get involved in the confusing internal affairs of countries thousands of miles away. It has never supported the side of those of us concerned about blowback, which is the real threat to our national security. Unfortunately, US administrations continue to follow the same old failed policies and Obama is no different. More intervention, more foreign aid, more bullying, more empire.


  • DeWayne

    I would rather say that the US-Gov does not support both sides, this may be what American Corp-Gov media tell us, but it is obvious and only logical, supporting dictator Mubarak for 30-years would hardly indicate they were interested in his opposition.
    This is much like the dictator Shah of Iran that the US-Gov overthrew in 1953 to put this puppet Shah in power, along with SAVAK Secret Police to insure he stayed. The Iranian had time to purge the SAVAK-police and military of dictator supporters, allowing election of a government they have to this day.
    Unfortunately, as puppets such as Mubarak, the US-Gov was right in there after Mubarak was ousted, not with Muslim Brotherhood (considering Egypt is 94% Muslim population), the aid quite apparently went to the military and SS dictator supporters within Egypt. Next of course, emboldened, the dictator supporters although a very few in upper hierarchy overthrew the elected government/President of Egypt.
    Americans need very strongly to ‘demand’ all aid to this Egypt military/SS dictatorship be ended. We need also look into similar conditions in Syria.

  • The Oil and Natural Gas of Egypt
    The newly discovered oilfields in the Mediterranean seabed have opened up fresh opportunities for reviving the country’s oil export business. The 3.7 million barrel reserve that Egypt previously possessed, now have more than doubled the reserve figures. The markets of Turkey and Israel are the chief targets of Egypt.

  • ”the US signalled that it would not oppose the removal of morsi from power”
    where the hell are you getting this from??
    the US have been supporting morsi all this time as he served only the interest of the US and Israel. If the US really cared about democracy it would have adviced morsi to govern democratically when he was in office rather than attacking the Egyptian military for siding with the people and calling it a coup like you are! Politicians are all the same RP is no different…

  • Ron Paul is corrupted. Look at his crooked smile. Evil grin. F n grinch

  • Julian

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  • Ron Paul would be greatest President of all time!

  • retirement is creating space for greater eloquence. Thank you for saying something that brings a summary to matters.

  • Well Said …. Well Said ….
    God bless you
    am an Arab American & I approve this message.

  • There is still hope…Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

  • Thank you Dr. Paul for telling the truth, you are the last one

  • Coup not a coup, what ever. People in America support the mass of people wanting true freedom in Egypt! Most of us do not think paying other country’s to play with us is in the best interest of any of the peoples. Prayer and hope for peace and power to the people, but we should stay out of it…for once!

  • that is the stupidest video >>> a new twist on the same lie
    does the largest number of protectors in history coming out demanding that their army ousts and controls terrorist attacks of #Morsi and the #Muslim_Brotherhood #terrorist group to avoid civil war and blood shed define a coup … there are thousands of videos and civil organizations broadcasting the truth about the situation in Egypt but Ron Paul still denies the truth like an idiot … FYI Egyptian people reject your blood_smeared_Aid

  • End the foreign aid to all of ’em.