Ron Paul: US Government Will Be Similar to Detroit, Gold Price Will Explode

  • RP for president and Peter Schiff for Treasury Secretary would have been incredible.

  • RON PAUL!…Hey!…Where are you?!…



  • He did speak on it every time he was in Congress, everytime when he was campaigning you must have not been listening

  • Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul

  • that is only up to 26 weeks the rest is borrowed

  • hate to break it to the gold bugs everywhere but gold is the false solution as it gives more power to the banks (they wanted it 100 + years ago and still want it) and the said banks have already cornered the market on gold and remember this phase “those with the gold make the rules” so by doing this creating an even bigger PLUTOCRACY in Washington. In fact even if the US government had all the gold reserves in the world it still would not be big enough to pay of the 16 trillion dollar debt

  • Does Ron Paul understand that people are paying into a public insurance program while they are employed that provides their unemployment income?
    Ron Paul never speaks to the destruction of a government of, for and by the people by private global corporate governments.

  • Ron paul FOREVER!!!!!

  • he cured my apathy in 2007. long live liberty.

  • refreshing! very true!!!!!

  • I fully concur!

  • I fully concur!

  • It’s CNBC who tells a reporter how to behave, not up to a reporter himself / herself. If we’d turn back time for one year and Ron Paul was in the Presidential Race, then also this reporter would’ve behaved like a bitch.

  • Seeing a news reporter treat this man with respect makes me happy. It doesnt hurt that she is quite attractive either.

  • He was clearing his throat before she asked him that question.

  • Dr. Paul, thank you so much. great end to the clip, and said well 🙂

  • Why was there a cough when she mentioned Rand 2016? Maybe I’m just too conspiratorial……

  • Till 2016!

  • Until the people wake up and rise up and become proactive to get gold and silver operating again as money (at the state level) the people are going to be skrewed into oblivion. They know and I know it. It’s time you should, too.

    Good luck.

  • Ron Paul is MY President!