Ron Paul: US Government Will Be Similar to Detroit, Gold Price Will Explode

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    Would all you Rand-haters PLEASE think about this reasonably for a second:
    You’re Rand Paul. It’s fall 2012. Your dad has been screwed out of his shot at the Republican nomination by the RNC. It’s OVER. Nothing you say or do will change that. NOTHING. For now, hope for change is dead, at least in the White House. But you still have hope for the future. Do you:


  • Ron Paul the truth!

  • The US national protection act provides for US nationals questning and taking the currancy from foriegn and dual nationals even at gunpoint this is why the un are bringing in troops to protect un nationals from us nationals nevermind that these people should not be here anyway

  • I am with you. I can’t get over his support of Romney, a crook and a great Obama lover. I say Jesse Ventura/Judge Napolitano 2016!!!

  • I stand with Rand!

  • Seems like you’re the tyrant, not the US government.

  • Move, asshole!

  • The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. by Thomas Jefferson

  • Let’s not compromise good republic values only for one man. He is a great, man that is well deserving of such a position. Your speech, however, makes us libertarians look no better than fascists and communist rebels. Come on, we are better than this. We are supposed to be peaceful, and this issue with bad government can be solved in diplomatic fashion. You would insult the Ron Paul legend by not following the revolution of love and peace.

  • Very well put. 🙂

  • I’d go for Rand simply because he could move us in the right direction, follow that up with Gary Johnson, Takes time.

  • Believe it or not, RP was promoting Gary Johnson over his son Rand for 2016, he said it, in public, and there’s video of it though he could change his mind but I don’t see why he would. You just don’t say stuff like that unless you’ve really thought it over. I know Ron loves his son, but when it comes to politics they are quite a bit different in opinion.

  • I always get so fucking angry that this man was not president I hate what our nation has become and when you know how things should be you end up hating everyone around me

  • 2016 Ron Paul

  • Ron Paul the real peoples president, to protect our freedoms and bring justice to those who are successfully enslaving us through debt

  • You have to have hope for him. IF you just put him off, Clinton will be elected, and we will be fucked.

  • That sounds reasonable 🙂

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  • Rand doesn’t have a hootn chance in hell of getting elected POTUS, because he is fringe, but he would bring up the topics that are left unsaid during the false right/left wwf type debates

  • 2016 Rand Paul w/ Ted Cruz as vp