Ron Paul: US Government Will Be Similar to Detroit, Gold Price Will Explode

  • You scream about “OBAMA 2016!” and you think others are living in denial?!? That’s pretty funny, since Obama cannot run for a third term…

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  • Of course Dr Paul won’t win the presidency; he’s not going to run again. Of course he would just be defrauded by the GOP machine again if he tried. Finally, Dr Paul is not a Zionist, so he can never become US president for that reason alone. The so-called “Israeli lobby” controls the U.S. government.

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  • obama helped prevent a depression with the stimulus. you wont hear that the econony has improved dramtically under obama by listening to faux news.

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  • Love you Ron Paul!!!


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  • If Clinton gets elected we are all fucked. Democrat or Republican. Our country cannot handle the welfare and the legacy costs that we are incurring right now. Literally….Detroit is America on a small scale. In fuckin debt and legacy costs and spending going up at an incredible rate.

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  • Obama can’t run in 2016 dip shit. Nice job he is doing though. I am pretty sure he has fucked this country up more than any other president. thanks for voting.

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  • well get it through your head: Ron Paul will NEVER win.

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  • Undeniably, a major reason Paul didn’t end up on the Republican ticket was because of media blackouts on him, not to mention voter fraud. It’s not ‘living in denial’ to say he was denied a fair race by the establishment. It’s just elementary observation, even remarked on in the mainstream media.

    The ones living in denial are those who voted for Obama twice. They deny his entire campaign was a handjob on stupid people, and that he’s worse than even BUSH.
    We’re all living in a dictatorship.

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  • It was obvious when this all started that its just another scam to take up even more wealth.

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  • He didn’t get beat, he was ignored… by the media…

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  • Rand Paul 2016!

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  • flinstone

    Senator Lee Puts Wheels in Motion to Stop Anti-gun, Anti-freedom ObamaCare

    “[ObamaCare] should be a serious concern to gun owners.” — GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt,, March 21, 2013

    Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Thursday on behalf of 11 other Republican colleagues, stating that they will not support a continuing resolution that funds the implementation of the anti-gun ObamaCare law.

    “We view the Obama Administration’s recent decision to delay ObamaCare’s employer mandate and eligibility verification for the individual exchanges as further proof the law is a failure that will inevitably hurt businesses, American families, and the economy,” Lee’s letter states.

    To be sure, there are many reasons to dislike ObamaCare. And if you’re reading this alert, you are probably part of the majority in this country that wants to see this law overturned.

    But gun owners should be especially concerned.

    You may remember that because of the health care law that was enacted in 2010, the ATF will eventually be able to troll ObamaCare’s federal health database for people who could be stripped of their guns because of PTSD and other similar medical maladies.

    In fact, more than 150,000 military veterans — perhaps as many as 165,000 — have already lost their gun rights because of the “see a VA shrink, lose your gun rights” precedent from the Clinton-Bush era.

    But what started with veterans is now spreading to the private sector, such as in places like New York. According to gun rights reporter, Dan Roberts, firearms are now being confiscated from gun owners in the Empire State because of their mental health information. For example:

    [John Doe] received a letter from the Pistol Permit Department informing him that his license was immediately revoked upon information that he was seeing a therapist for anxiety and had been prescribed an anxiety drug. He was never suicidal, never violent, and has no criminal history.

    So now taking anxiety pills can result in one’s forfeiting their Second Amendment rights! This is happening pursuant to New York’s recent gun control law, but this is exactly the type of thing that gun owners can expect nationwide after ObamaCare is fully implemented.

    We don’t need to see this occurring at the national level!

    ACTION: Click here to contact your Senators and urge them to cosign Senator Lee’s letter, expressing opposition to funding the anti-gun ObamaCare law:

    SENATORS COSIGNING THE LEE LETTER: Rubio (R-FL), Grassley (R-IA), Risch (R-ID), Paul (R-KY), Vitter (R-LA), Fischer (R-NE), Chiesa (R-NJ), Inhofe (R-OK), Thune (R-SD), Cruz (R-TX) and Enzi (R-WY).

    SENATORS WHO HAVE PULLED THEIR NAMES OFF THE LETTER. Three Senators had originally told Lee they would cosign the letter, but then subsequently were pressured — perhaps by leadership — to withdraw their names. These three Senators need special attention.

    They are: Senators Mark Kirk (R-IL), Roger Wicker (R-MS) and John Cornyn (R-TX).

    A fourth Senator, Richard Burr (R-NC), told the Hill newspaper that the strategy to block a government funding bill over Obamacare is “the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.” Burr should definitely hear from those constituents who don’t think this is a “dumb” idea.

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  • Bernanke is the fed chairman and doesn’t understand gold? I bet he holds plenty of physical. China, Russia, India and Soros definitely understand. Im going to get some or something just as good.

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  • Ya, and everything he has been saying is or has come true. You have obviously not truly been listening. Or maybe you just don’t understand or care about freedom or anything this country is supposed to represent. Only a halfwit or anti-patriot could not like Ron Paul. witch one are you?

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  • Well, the corrupt system obviously is not going to let any true patriot or good change happen that might effect their power. I don’t care what “party” they represent. If your principals dictate freedom, civil war might be inevitable. Wars are only bad when their fought for the wrong and immoral reasons. Or when its not necessary. Like all the wars this country are involved in today are. I tried to vote the scoundrels out, but the election was rigged. It will be rigged next time also.

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  • Opinions, opinions, opinions, opinions smh ®™

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  • He probably won’t win, people are too ignorant. “In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.”

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  • a) say whatever the RNC wants; after all, it won’t actually affect anything.
    b) support your dad and tell the world how he was cheated by the RNC; it will come off as sour grapes and make you both look bad to the ignorant masses.
    If Rand had begun acting like a neocon, I’d be right there with you hating him, but one forced statement does NOT a neocon make. Come on, people.

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