Ron Paul: US Government Will Be Similar to Detroit, Gold Price Will Explode

  • You could not be more wrong. Detroit is what happnes when a government bails out, yes this is Obama and Bush’s fault, manufacturing unions and then those companies ship jobs overseas to China and down to Mexico. Then all of the social progams lose their tax base and can not be paid. THAT is the reason, Not because China is buying land. What does that have to do with Detroit spending to much money anyway?

  • P.S. Most people you know who are on the government dole and have nice things are either selling drugs or working under the table and lying about their income.

  • Those programs are only temporary, for the most part. People act like welfare recipients get life-time benefits. Some of them do, many don’t though. And it’s not a luxurious lifestyle by any means. The apartments are dirty, food stamps barely feed you, and you have no disposable income to spend on basic needs like toothpaste, razors, and shampoo.

    I work too, though I make decent money. I could care less what the tax rate is because I’d rather see it being spent on welfare than warfare.

  • Ron Paul is a MAN. Gold is MONEY.


  • Does anyone here trade futures?

  • He is referring to the people who pay taxes. I don’t want to pay taxes to keep 15 families going. I can barely afford my own.

    So I guess that you can say I am one of those people. However, I am not elite, I am not tea party, I am not libertarian.

    I am an American worker who thinks it sucks to pay 40 to 50 percent of my wages to have it squandered by the likes of Obama on programs that only promote laziness.

  • If the FED loses control of the interest rate and it goes over say 7%, then many cities will not be able to float new debt.

  • Detroit is what happens when “free market” Republicans allow foreigners to own manufacturing in our country. The main problem is in a Republican dominated House. In Missouri, lawmakers, primarily Republican, have made it possible to sell 1% of farm land to China. We don’t need to worry about an invasion, large land owners will sell it out from under us. Is that patriotic, does that protect America…or what?

  • When Ron Paul says “our money “, he is referring to the elite, the Tea Party, or Libertarians.

  • Going to the gold standard includes a plan for the rich to use their federal reserve notes to buy and hoard gold and then promote the dollar as a gold certificate leaving other federal notes with no value. The only real value of the economy is in the GDP which includes worked performed, production of goods, and the collection of taxes from consumption of those goods to maintain things like roads, bridges, schools, libraries, national security and social safety net programs.

  • The “free market” republicans allowed stocks to be over-capitalized so those in the know could drain IRA savings and create financial instruments to enrich themselves, crash the housing market, and give tax cuts to the rich. They say they will create jobs but hoard the money in bank accounts and campaign to eliminate the capital gains tax. Then blame Social Security, Medicare, the poor and disabled for the economic crisis. Seriously, Republicans need to take responsibility for the mess.

  • Search and watch, “Rand Paul says NO on fiscal cliff deal.” In the C-Span video, he says, “The problem is that YOUR grandparents had too many children.” Also watch “Jindal’s Candlelight Cavein “, and Romney in the 3rd Debate: “Russia is a geo-political foe, I would label China as a currency manipulator, We need to give Muslim countries more foreign aid, l will repeal Obamacare, the Ryan plan will cash in what people 55-60 paid into Medicare and issue a voucher”

  • He didn’t win cause the media was to focused on Obama,Romney,Gingrich and santorum the key guys that’s why he would hardly get any votes. I hate that I liked Ron he would’ve been a good president

  • Mine too!

    The rest of the country can live foolish but we can choose to listen to wisdom and live our lives that way. It does make a difference on a small scale.

  • doesnt have a damn thing to do with luck, truth resonates with most of the people.

  • fringe?

  • Rand Paul is in bed with the Koch brothers….evil conglomerate

  • Rand Paul is in bed with the Koch brothers….evil conglomerate

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