Ron Paul: Why Won’t They Tell Us the Truth About NSA Spying?

by Ron Paul

In 2001, the Patriot Act opened the door to US government monitoring of Americans without a warrant. It was unconstitutional, but most in Congress over my strong objection were so determined to do something after the attacks of 9/11 that they did not seem to give it too much thought. Civil liberties groups were concerned, and some of us in Congress warned about giving up our liberties even in the post-9/11 panic. But at the time most Americans did not seem too worried about the intrusion.

This complacency has suddenly shifted given recent revelations of the extent of government spying on Americans. Politicians and bureaucrats are faced with serious backlash from Americans outraged that their most personal communications are intercepted and stored. They had been told that only the terrorists would be monitored. In response to this anger, defenders of the program have time and again resorted to spreading lies and distortions. But these untruths are now being exposed very quickly.

In a Senate hearing this March, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Senator Ron Wyden that the NSA did not collect phone records of millions of Americans. This was just three months before the revelations of an NSA leaker made it clear that Clapper was not telling the truth. Pressed on his false testimony before Congress, Clapper apologized for giving an “erroneous” answer but claimed it was just because he “simply didn’t think of Section 215 of the Patriot Act.” Wow.

As the story broke in June of the extent of warrantless NSA spying against Americans, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers assured us that the project was a strictly limited and not invasive. He described it as a “lockbox with only phone numbers, no names, no addresses in it, we’ve used it sparingly, it is absolutely overseen by the legislature, the judicial branch and the executive branch, has lots of protections built in…”

But we soon discovered that also was not true either. We learned in another Guardian newspaper article last week that the top secret “X-Keyscore” program allows even low-level analysts to “search with no prior authorization through vast databases containing emails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions of individuals.”

The keys to Rogers’ “lockbox” seem to have been handed out to everyone but the janitors! As Chairman of the Committee that is supposed to be most in the loop on these matters, it seems either the Intelligence Community misled him about their programs or he misled the rest of us. It sure would be nice to know which one it is.

Likewise, Rep. Rogers and many other defenders of the NSA spying program promised us that this dragnet scooping up the personal electronic communications of millions of Americans had already stopped “dozens” of terrorist plots against the United States. In June, NSA director General Keith Alexander claimed that the just-disclosed bulk collection of Americans’ phone and other electronic records had “foiled 50 terror plots.”

Opponents of the program were to be charged with being unconcerned with our security.

But none of it was true.

The Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday heard dramatic testimony from NSA deputy director John C. Inglis. According to the Guardian:

“The NSA has previously claimed that 54 terrorist plots had been disrupted ‘over the lifetime’ of the bulk phone records collection and the separate program collecting the internet habits and communications of people believed to be non-Americans. On Wednesday, Inglis said that at most one plot might have been disrupted by the bulk phone records collection alone.”

From dozens to “at most one”?

Supporters of these programs are now on the defensive, with several competing pieces of legislation in the House and Senate seeking to rein in an administration and intelligence apparatus that is clearly out of control. This is to be commended. What is even more important, though, is for more and more and more Americans to educate themselves about our precious liberties and to demand that their government abide by the Constitution. We do not have to accept being lied to – or spied on — by our government.


  • Jerry

    Clapper should be in the slammer. At the very least he should be fired for lying to Congress and the American people. This is totally unacceptable that he is not only out of jail but still on the payroll.

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  • John Taylor

    Why is Clapper still on the payroll?

  • John

    I would love to trust someone in politics but it is just a game and has historically been about the haves and the have nots. One day people will understand God’s words and the earth shall know peace. God’s son came to teach us how to live and how to love but the devil has kept people stuck in slavery. Serving selfish desires and destroying us all – and it is what “they” will encourage you to do – to continue pleasuring yourself. They divide and conquer you with God’s law – which is an abomination to God and will one day end, but when – is up to us. We must surrender to God’s will and He will conquer evil and rule with justice and peace.

  • Hello Friends, again!

    I am not going to delete my FB or Yahoooooooooo email accounts, but I am stopping opening them after this entry for an indefinite period of time. My email was being hacked through FB, and who knows what was used to get on FB in the first place. The computer was hacked, the internet service hacked, and ANY activity done on ANY computer.

    (So, you can see why I am such a fan of Snowden’s. With technology and the computers, the smart meters in your homes, vehicle gps’s, the postal system, etc., , it never ends.!) BUT, it’s one thing to talk about it, but another to live it.

    I had a systems check done, and beginning with June 23, 2013 – August 4, 2013, I had been hacked 1,830 times! (That’s interesting: 1) night of the Super Moon 2) night my little dog Zoey was hit with a car 3) day I left Sarah’s for Wellston, Ohio to interview for a job on the 24th. (Someone there was contacted; the principal did not attend the interview, sent a rep instead!) I pretended I didn’t notice; it went well. Good Superintendent.

    Anyway, I am okay. I REALLY need a job and am trying my BEST, but for 18 years, actually since 1988, I have been blocked in securing employment. I usually have managed to surf over, around, and through, and was lucky at random. But, this time, it almost seems fruitless, but I CANNOT give up, must be persistent.

    Oh, it’ll ALL work! It might take time, but I chose you 15 friends because you know me. You’ve been my support system, and remember, “All’s well that ends well!” Love you! D Frau aka Sharon

  • Surfisher

    NSA’s Criminal Activity — by Ben Swann — make this 8 minute VIRAL!

    • Surfisher

      ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC dumping on Lil’ Hussein — The Wannabe US Dictator!

      This guy does a no-holds-barred 9 minute video tirade on the White House Usurper — make it viral !!!

      You gonna love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Kim

    Andrew, read “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G Edward Griffin, and you will know who they are.

  • Kim

    Actually I wrote Ron Paul in. I really didn’t trust Romney to do anything about it. Yes, yes, and yes on all of this, but it didn’t surprise me at all. I got off of facebook quite some time ago, but even when I was on a different private e-mail account that they didn’t have, I would get advertisements based on some word that had been in the previous e-mail. So even the advertisers have access to our personal information, and not just what is posted on social media sites. I checked it out over a year ago, and it was very predictable.

  • are you all angry I just lift my hand in to the air you voted for this hilly paid clowns live with it or do something get them out but we need security what can I do with out big brother please help take my legal right go way and put me in chains or in the little wantanamos you made around the country thanks republicans and democrats just follow like lambs remember I AM THE LIGHT of what remember who is the biggest terrorist in this world and aint my grand mother open your eyes we are next no more war on commies no more war on drugs just say no ragan no more contras and what happen to terrorist too old we are next you pray for it you got it even the dead came to vote for this crap chew on it

  • Peter

    I don’t see that anything can be done without attacking our foreign policy. People will accept sacrifices in the name of fighting terrorism. The War on Terrorism bids to become an eternal feature of life in the US. Why not make peace with the terrorists? We did it in Vietnam (we used to call the Vietcong terrorists and say that it’s always a mistake to negotiate with terrorists.) The British did it with the IRA (Northern Irish group wanting Northern Ireland free of British control.) The French negotiated with the Algerians. Right now our policy is to prevent ‘Islamists’ from having political power anywhere around the globe. To this end we engage in a lot of disinformation and dirty pool, which refreshes their antagonism. Given the enormous amount of money we spend fighting terrorism (more than we spent fighting the Soviet Union!) it would be a huge savings to make peace and toss them some apology money. We’re in the habit of handing out free money but usually to corrupt or secularist dictators. As for the argument that the Islamists are out to behead everyone that’s a lot of nonsense. For centuries Islam treated religious minorities in its midst more gently than Christianity or atheistic Communism. Some will say it’s cowardly to be nice to the perpetrators of 9/11 but we can’t blame every Islamist for 9/11 any more than we can blame every Irish Republican for the attempt to kill Margaret Thatcher.

  • George Washington

    We all need to be aware of the Criminals that continue to be lawless and enemies of the Constitution. When the American People are labeled Terrorist by certain people and departments, we are at WAR! We cannot continue business as usual. The government is getting more Brazen than ever! This is a Threat to our Freedoms and Liberty. When you have an overseas newspaper reporting the criminal behavior and not our media not saying anything, this is also a RED FLAG. The Mannings and Snowdens are the Heroes and we need more of them. It is time in our Country’s History to march on DC and take back what belongs to us. Those that serve the Government by breaking the Constitutional law are the criminals whom need to be arrested. NOT IMPEACHED, But DETAINED and put on Trial like Nuremburg.

  • Dan

    I love it, and as usual, Ron Paul is right on the mark.

    The NSA is not spying on militant Muslims, nor is it spying on Al Queda…they are spying on American citizens.

    Monitoring mosques is not allowed, but monitoring us, and everything we do online, is somehow acceptable…I don’t think so!