Ron Paul: Benghazi was an Arms Deal to Al Qaeda

Alex Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, we are joined live by former Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, who’s really the grandfather of the modern liberty movement here in the United States and worldwide across the planet, from Asia to Europe, from Africa to Latin America, to here in North America. People look to Ron Paul as the answer to the collectivist board. And they are letting us announce something big today about the new TV channel they’re going to be launching. I’m told that this was supposed to launch tomorrow, but we’re actually going to be announcing it today. We’ve got him for about 15 – 20 minutes, the Congressman joins us to get into foreign policy, the melt down of the Middle East, the funding of Al-Qaida openly. And I’m also going to get into the Federal Reserve and what’s happening with the bonds right now, billions of dollars are being lost each day. And we’re also going to look at the things that Ron Paul, myself, and others have talked about for decades, and that we were ridiculed for, and why it’s all mainstream news now. Do we get any credit for it, no, we get attacked even more. Dr. Paul, thanks for coming on with us.

Ron Paul: It’s good to be with you again.

Alex Jones: So much is happening. First and foremost, you told them so again on foreign policy, what’s happening there?

Ron Paul: Well, same old things, but only worse. The whole idea that we continue to finance our enemies and our friends, and then our friends become our enemy and nobody knows whose side they’re on. That’s why the argument for a non-interventionist foreign policy is so good, because there’s always this flip-flopping. We support dictators for years and years and spend billions of dollars, and then, when we get tired of them or they turn on us, we look for a new dictator. This craziness in Egypt, we demand that they have an election, and they elect someone that we don’t like, so then we have to send the weapons to the military and then they have a military coup. So it goes on and on, and right now one of the big issues is whether or not we’ll get to the bottom of the truth on Benghazi. But it shouldn’t take too much intelligence to figure out that our CIA is just about in every place in the world, and they were very much involved. But if we have the direct evidence that they were in Benghazi, and one of the reasons our ambassador was there was because he was sending weapons directly to a group of people that we wanted to throw over Assad in Syria. But the foolishness is that we sent it to Al-Qaida. At one time they were our arch enemy and they wanted to kill us, but then we turn around. And we’ve done that in Afghanistan, we’ve sent money to the Taliban and sort of bribed them to give us protection and then we get our weapons through and then they go and fight and kill each other. So I think it’s ongoing, it’s very foolish, and it’s really a big issue for the way our country has become bankrupt, too.

Alex Jones: It’s almost like a snake eating its tail, because Janet Napolitano, the outgoing head of homeland Security, said 4 years ago, “The new threat is gun-owners, libertarians, conservatives, anti-war people”. Basically anybody with a political view who’s outside of the Washington orthodoxy is the new threat. And then they say Al-Qaida is not the threat, they’re helping us in Libya and Syria, and then they say we got to shut down all the embassies. And even the New York Times today admits that basically they put out these terror alerts to distract from the NSA news. That is simply amazing. How long can this disjointed helter-skelter narrative continue to work, or is it not working now?

Ron Paul: Well, it’s not amazing that this is the truth, but I think it’s amazing that the New York Times would admit it. But I think when most of us saw that the NSA was on the defense and they were closing these embassies and they were saying, “There were 50 attacks planned, we just saved the country from it”, to prove that all this snooping and spying on Americans does some good. But they claim successes that are all built on lies. And you heard the story where the testimony was that there were 54 saves that they prevented from happening, and then when they talked to the assistant NSA official, he said, “Oh no, maybe one, but I even doubt that”. So it’s all based on lies, and I think this is probably a benefit to us because most Americans now are becoming very, very leery of what our government tells us. And it’s a terrible thing to have to go through, because who wants to give up on their country. We don’t want to give up on our country, but I think it’s high time we gave up on a lot of our politicians and the way our government is being run.

  • Alex Jones is a tard but I struggled through to hear Dr Paul.

  • Follow the money to the bank of england.

  • TruthSeeker

    It is very important that we reveal and disclose the real forces working behind this government corruption every time we speak of one. For the average citizen, it is shocking and dispiriting to realize that the very ones who are supposed to protect us from the foreign and domestic enemy are the very ones who are exposing us to danger, wasting our resources, and hindering our progress among the nations. Our government has transformed from the government of the people, by the people, for the people to the government of the 1% elite. It is their interest and ventures that only matters. Wars, tension, crisis, privatization, prisons, immigration phobia, police state, guns and anti-gun control or simply as Naomi Klein calls it: disaster capitalism means more and more lucrative business for the military-industrial-security-financial-media complex. In this highly contaminated atmosphere of greed and insecurity, the economy must transform as well from productivity and prosperity, from fairly regulated free market to mere transformation of wealth where the 99% continue to feed in the 1%. Middle class prosperity is becoming more of a fairy tale to fantasize over while more new billionaires are born every year. After all something must make sense. Why would a government work against the interest of the majority of its citizens? Is it hard to believe? Yes, but only until you know the real answer. In a true and pure productive capitalism, two hostile forces continue to fight for possession and control: the owners of the capital and the working class that ears wages and salaries. The main job of the government is to regulate the inherent greed of capitalism in favor of the middle class and the working class. Any naive who believes that capitalism in its own right and without regulation can bring about peace and prosperity for the majority of the citizens is mistaken and knows nothing about capitalism. Oh by the way, communism is the other side of capitalism. Both were invented by the financial elite only to flame the tension and hence draw more profit. If you do not believe me, look up the pure and formal definition of capitalism according to the masters of both sides: Keynes and Friedman on capitalism. They both agree that capitalism is the least harmful regulated greed, which both admits that capitalism by nature and creed is no more than greed. The question is, how far greed can be allowed to operate in a civil society before society is no longer civil? The Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, and the many other proxies working for them, not to mention Al-Qaeda, are servants of corporate America. The global and domestic financier sit on the top of the pyramid and they are the primary beneficiary of all the trouble going on in this nation and around the world. Of course Israel is the second beneficiary in dividing the Middle East region into warring little Bantustans. Simple old school of divide and conquer.