Ron Paul Praises Rand Paul and Announces Truth Channel

Alex Jones: Absolutely. Congressman, I want to shift gears into your son, because it’s a big national issue. I’ve got to say that he just continues to impress everybody in the liberty movement, that he so deftly handles all these attacks. He has Joe Biden coming out against him in private meetings saying he’s got to be dealt with, he’s got Chris Christie coming out against him, he’s got the President coming out against him, Karl Rove coming out against him. When the entire establishment is lining up against somebody, you know they’re good, and the way he’s really trying to defund the foreign bribery, the foreign aid, the way he’s standing up against drones, what is your take on them all winding up to shoot down Rand Paul?

Ron Paul: It’s a pretty good indication that he’s probably on the right track when all the bad guys gang up on you. But it sorts itself all out, because there are a few Republicans who do it, too, and a lot of Democrats. But the leaderships of both parties can’t stand any of us, because they are about one party. They pretend there’s a great deal of difference, but if we reveal the truth, how many in the establishment, Republican or Democrat, would even consider anything we say about giving Bradley Manning a fair trial or Snowden a fair shake. They’re not going to do it, and I think people are beginning to realize this, because the information is getting out a little bit differently now than it used to get out. We used to get 100% of our news from the three major channels, that doesn’t happen anymore.

Alex Jones: I only got a few minutes left with you. Former Congressman Ron Paul joins us, and I want to talk about the big announcement you’re about to make here on the show a day early, we’re honored. But, first off, looking at the future here, as you said there’s new media, there’s alternative media, the numbers show in the aggregate, we’re bigger than the old media, the state run media,,, the constellation of sites that Ron Paul, who’s joining us, has. Overall, they’ve got metrics out there, we’re now bigger than they are, but they can still unify and regurgitate the same news, and sometimes we even get caught up in debating whatever talking point they’ve put out. But in the short-term, midterm and long term, what do you see in your historical crystal ball looking forward, how do you think this is going to go for the establishment because they are losing the people. Just last week the pentagon came out and admitted that they got to stop lying to the people and said they’re losing.

Ron Paul: Yes, and the papers are fading quickly. The Globe and the Washington Post are the old media, there’s no doubt about it. I have two thoughts on that: I brag about it and complement young people because they’re attracted to it and we were able to win very successful campaigns and organize a lot of people through the internet. And at the same time, we know technology is always advancing, and I think the question boils down to: will the technology advance so quickly that our government can neutralize us and know everything that we’re doing with the internet, and cancel us out when we make use of it? Or will we be able to get around them and be able to have our own protection about government invasion or some alternative that’s going to become international. I don’t know these techniques, but it’s going to be technological, because the government is not going to go away quietly, they will have to admit one of these days that the days of the three majors dictating everything to us are over, that the access to the internet and what we’re trying to do with our new programming is a real challenge to them, but under the conditions of today, that’s what we have, and we have to make the best of it.

Alex Jones: Incredibly said, and I’m not trying to sit here and gush over what you broke down, but that’s the battlefield. The establishment of cyber security admits this is a takeover, they’re saying the Pentagon and the CIA will be involved in domestic spyops, they’ve always been, but now they’re openly announcing it. And they want to use technology to crush the public and manipulate social networking, instead of the people using it to restore freedom and liberty. So there is a battle, a war going on. Do you agree that we’re entering the event-horizon, and it will be the individual out there right now becoming a citizen journalist and supporting independent media who will decide the future of this fight?

Ron Paul: Yes, it will be, and we have to come to the understanding that if you’re a reporter from the Washington post, then you have certain protections that we don’t have. Everybody has the same protection for freedom of speech and publication, and everybody is a reporter, so everybody should have those same protections built in. But there will be a lot of contest, and I’m optimistic that right now there is a galvanized youth movement that’s listening to our message and that’s where I get some encouragement from. So I’m hoping that I can get some people to dial in and look at my new website dealing with this channel. If they wanted to get caught up on exactly what’s happening and seeing what’s going to happen in the announcement tomorrow as well as when the first program is. I think I can let that go out too today, because it will come out tomorrow, and the first official program is going to be on August 12th. For people to know and to get more information on this, it’s very easy, go to

Alex Jones: Absolutely. This won’t be released till tomorrow, but you guys sent it to us early. We have your press release here, on August 12th, 2013 the show will be launched. And you’ve already got hundreds of thousands of people that are signing up to be part of the channel. And if people will support, and if people will support, and if people will support the true new independent media and journalism, we’ll be able to hire the reporters, you’ll be able to hire the reporters, you’ll be able to hire the film makers, the researchers. We did the math, Dr. Paul, and in my 18 years, the amount of money I’ve made and have put back in is 36 million dollars that I’ve put in on And it takes a lot of money to be able to do this, folks, you need to go and be part of Sir, before you go, in the next minute give us any tidbits about the channel and what’s going to be on it.

Ron Paul: Well, in the early part of the show, we’ll go over some very, very current events, sort of like what we do when I talk on your program. We’ll look at what’s the biggest event, we’ll quote something in the news and I’ll make my commentary on it. The big difference with this media is it’s not like me being interviewed on regular media, where if a talk for a minute and a half they cut me off, or like a debate. There’s no time limit, there’s no advertising.

Alex Jones: It’s unfiltered, we can have an online Ron Paul filibuster.

Ron Paul: And this makes me more comfortable, because I’m not worried about how to pack in everything I want to say in these 32 seconds, it makes me tend to want to speak quicker and this sort of thing. So it’s a much more relaxed environment, and we’re going to have guests on the shows and we’re going to try to pick out incidents where individuals are making successes. Last weekend, I was at the Young Americans for Liberty conference, it’s a very successful group, and it’s another group that’s joining us, and it’s only 5 years old. It was the outgrowth of one of our campaigns. So with those kind of things, we want to recognize people who have achieved things, and we’re going to be taking calls. Right now it’s probably going to be by email, the listeners will be able to send questions in and I want to have an interactive program.

Alex Jones: You have worked so hard as a congressman, sometimes 18 hours a day on record, and you’ve always been extremely articulate. But I know that feeling of having a hundred things you want to say and then speeding up. Now that you’ve been out of Congress for just a few months, when I get a chance to interview you, you sound so much more relaxed, even more focused and even more clarifying. Are you enjoying being out of Congress?

Ron Paul: Yes, there is a difference because when people ask me about that, I say, “At least I don’t have to get on an air plane at the direction of Boehner. He would say, “Get on an airplane, get up here and vote”. And the neat thing about my channel is that we have an office here in the Lake Jackson area where we put the studio. So I don’t have to drive to Houston, I don’t have to go anywhere, and that makes a big difference also. It is more relaxing and I have more time to read. Matter of fact, I thought I’d be so busy, but I’m actually having little bit more time to write as well. So, yes, I feel pretty good.

Alex Jones: Absolutely amazing. I’ll look forward to speaking to you soon once the channel launches, and I look forward to getting you back on about the economy. Just briefly, we’ve seen the Federal Reserve bonds in trouble, you’ve been warning about that for a long time. A brief comment on that?

Ron Paul: Yes, there was a statement out the other day on how many billions of dollars they lost because interest rates have crept up a little bit against their wishes. So that represents loses in the real value of those bonds. But it’s not going to be the Fed that loses, it’s the American people, because the tax payer stands behind that, and they can just print the money. They don’t care about it, they’re not a business, they and have a profit or loss. But, the value of their assets did go down, it just means that they can liquidate that through inflation and they just print more money. But it isn’t the Fed that loses the money, it’s the people. The only way to end that is to get rid of the central banking, we don’t need the Federal Reserve, we need strong sound money.

Alex Jones:, very exciting. Thank you for working so hard for freedom and liberty, thank you.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Alex Jones: Alright, there goes former Congressman Ron Paul, very exciting. He was telling me during the break that if I have time, he wants me to be on the show with him. So it will be very exciting to be on Ron Paul’s show instead of him being on my show, after 18 years of that guy coming on my show.