Ron Paul: Whistleblowers Threaten The Empire’s Tyranny

Alex Jones: Former Congressman Ron Paul joins us here today. What do you make of the Head of National Intelligence, Clapper, saying to Congress, “We don’t gather data on Americans”, when it’s on the record that they do. And then General Alexander, the head of Cyber Security in the NSA makes the same statement, and then later admits that wasn’t true either. But then he went to the Black Hat conference last week and repeated the lie again. It seems like a new level of deception. I’m going to play a few of those clips in a moment, and I’m sure you saw those in the last few weeks. What do you make of this?

Ron Paul: I try to understand it first, and I don’t think it’s a moral issue for them. If it becomes a moral issue, they reverse things and say they are moral and responsible for taking care of you and me and to protect us. They don’t understand that their moral responsibility is to provide and protect our liberties. But they actually brainwash themselves into believing that they have an obligation to lie, the noble lie: “We’re smart, people are stupid, we have to take care of them”. The whole notion of welfarism is based on the fact that people won’t take care of themselves and they end up as the monster because all the corporations and the banks get the benefits. And they believe themselves that this is true, so they are lying. And the other reason why I think you can expect these lies, is because when you have tyranny, it’s based on lies. If you have truth-tellers, it challenges the empire, and that is why they come down very, very hard on the whistleblowers, they have to really make examples of them, even if what they have revealed has done no harm other than telling the American people. And then they turn around and they say, “We got to punish them because they turned this information over to our enemies”. Well, Snowden and Manning turned the information over to the American people, so I guess there are some people in our government who are thinking we’re the enemy and not some other country.

Alex Jones: Absolutely. People claim they are Americans, constitutionalist, and that they support our system that’s been proven to be the best one out there historically, hands down. Then you know that tyrants try to spy on you in the name of your security, but it always ends up turning into an oppressive tyranny. Generally, by design, they’re always regardless, even the good intentions go bad, and then they turn it around and say, “We’ve got to violate your rights, our responsibility is to take your freedoms away, and how dare you try to keep us from protecting you”. And then there’s an incredibly transparent, fake terror alert. Even Governor Ridge admitted in his book a few years ago that under Bush they would issue fake terror alerts. In case listeners didn’t hear this, here’s Clapper, and then his counterpart, Alexander, saying they don’t spy on the American people. Here it is.

Male Interviewer: Can you give me a yes or no answer to the question: does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?

Clapper: No, Sir, it does not.

Female Interviewer: Catherine here on Fox News Channel, thanks for taking my question. Will the Utah Data Center hold the data of American citizens?

Alexander: No.

Alex Jones: Alright, that’s enough. Going back to Ron Paul, Dr. Paul, this is ridiculous.

Ron Paul: Did you watch them on TV when they were saying that? You don’t have to be an expert psychiatrist to look at them and look at their faces and their eyes, you could tell they were lying through their teeth.

Alex Jones: It looks like one of my children. They don’t do it much, but I’ve caught them lying about stealing cookies, it looks exactly like when my daughters eat all the cookies and lie about it.

Ron Paul: Yes, I think that’s it, they do it darn well, and they’ve got away with it for so long. Just think of how many wars have been fought over lies, and how they maneuver us into war.

Alex Jones: WMDs and all of that.

Ron Paul: If they can do that and lose no sleep over it, then they’d probably consider telling a little lie here and there about how much spying they are doing as minor lies compared to what we’ve been told in the past.


  • After each war there is a little less democracy to save. (Brooke Atkinson)

  • The government of the USA has become a freak show of psycho pats for a long time.

  • Alex Jones, please go away.

  • I went to one of his campaign rallies.. it was infectious and mesmerizing in a great way!!!

    BUT why hasn’t he come out with the truth about Obamanation!!!

  • nowhere in any of my statements, did i aliken any of Mr. Paul’s attributes to that of Duke, so not sure why you even felt the need to mention that.

  • there is nothing ‘liberal’ about not holding the opinion of a white supremacist in any type of regard. its a moral issue, plain and simple. I support the libertarian/constitutionalist movement 110% and always have. However, just as Malcolm X was racist against whites and Hitler was a mass-murderer of Jews, David Duke’s history of Klan-ship and white activism is an ulterior motive; he only supports what improves his mission’s station. A person’s history is DIRECTLY relevant.