Ron Paul Discusses the Ron Paul Channel and the NSA Spying Program


Alan Colmes: Once again, thanks for talking to us.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Allan, and it’s nice to be with you.

Alan Colmes: Tell me about your new network. I think it’s very exciting if you’re using the digital media in a way that very few people have, so tell me what’s coming up?

Ron Paul: Yes, I did have some spontaneous success with digital media and the internet while doing those campaigns, it was usually even ahead of what I was doing and understanding. But since I’ve been out, there have been several people who approached me about doing some type of programming on the internet and have an internet channel, which gives you a lot of flexibility. So I’m going with a group that set this up, and we’ll have our first program on Monday, and that’s on

Alan Colmes: Yes, Are you going to be hosting the show?

Ron Paul: Yes, I will be, and we’ve been working hard at it, even though the internet is wonderful, there are still complicated things to work out with a little studio here in my home town as well as the other half of it being out in California.

Alan Colmes: You’re going to do it from home I guess, right?

Ron Paul: Well, from my hometown, yes, and that makes it nice. The other thing, and this should make you envious, is I don’t have to worry about timing.

Alan Colmes: Well, you know, there are all kinds of different rules on the internet, but yes, you don’t have to run by the clock.

Ron Paul: Yes, we estimate 30 minutes, and I asked, “What if I have an interesting guest?” and they said, “You can go on for 40 minutes whenever you want”. Of course, there will be charges for it, which means I don’t have to go and get any advertisers.

Alan Colmes: And do you have a big staff programming it, how are you putting this whole thing together?

Ron Paul: I think the company that’s doing it have some. I keep seeing the number of people that they have doing promotions and the technicians and all that. My guess is they must have 20 people.

Alan Colmes: What’s the company that’s doing it?

Ron Paul: It’s called SPN, and it’s a young group, and I think young people understand this better.

Alan Colmes: Actually, it’s the younger people who really know coding and the in and out of the internet much better than the older generation, right?

Ron Paul: And it should appeal to young people, too. Most people are going to be reading and listening over a handheld device, which is one of the waves of the future. And if you see some of the changes, it looks like our newspapers are in big trouble.

Alan Colmes: We just heard the Washington Post just got sold to Jeff Bezos, who thought that would happen. Is this a libertarian outfit that’s doing it?

Ron Paul: No, not actually, they didn’t quiz me and I didn’t quiz them. It was sort of a judgment call on whether I could work with them and whether they’re capable people. And I found out that is the case. If I had checked them out to find out if they were all libertarians, I probably would have had more trouble getting started.

Alan Colmes: Did you approach them or they approached you?

Ron Paul: Matter of fact, I had a choice, there were two or three at least that approached me, and I did decide on this group.

Alan Colmes: I think it’s a great way to go, regardless of ideology, it’s very smart of you to be doing this. Without your assistance, it seems, when you ran in 2008, and again in 2012, there was a great surge of interest on the internet about you. What do you think accounts for that?

Ron Paul: I really don’t know, because the first time I discovered it, I was so surprised and I was glad about it. When I asked the people who would join us and be spontaneous supporters, sometimes they would say, “You’re the only one telling the truth”, when they looked at all the other Republican candidates. And I think they were looking for straightforward answers, I think young people, in particular, are a little bit concerned about their future. A lot of them have debt, and they like to hear a different answer. Actually, Allen, I think it’s one of these things where you and I can talk on some of these issues, and this whole approach to war and civil liberties and all, that makes the young people think, “Well, he’s reasonable, he can talk to people”. Instead of me selling out in order to compromise our view, I was talking to people without selling out and without making fun of those people who disagree with me.

Alan Colmes: The younger generation of people who may be fiscally conservative and socially more liberal, really don’t have a political party to go to.

Ron Paul: No, and right now the system doesn’t allow it to happen very well. If you happen to belong to a Green Party or a libertarian party – you knew about me making that effort – and it’s very difficult, you don’t get in the debates and you don’t get the credibility. But you do get the credibility on the internet where they’re more independent-minded than that. Of course, that led to a lot of frustration because we had a lot of spontaneous support, but it wasn’t necessarily translated into getting into all the debates and things like that.

Alan Colmes: I think of myself as a ‘liberaltarian’, but I don’t know if that means anything. Did you happen to see the President’s news conference today?

Ron Paul: I saw a part of it, matter of fact, I just happened to be walking through and tried catch up on it since then. But I was walking through when he brought up the subject of the appointment of the Federal Reserve Board.

Alan Colmes: Right, and you’d like to see the whole board go away, and the Federal Reserve go away.

Ron Paul: And they asked, “Who are you going to vote for?” and I said, “I’m going to vote for none of the above”.

Alan Colmes: But he also talked about a surveillance policy, overhauling the FISA Court, the government being more transparent as relates to national security, ratcheting up the debate over the balance between the spy programs and our privacy. I would think that might have perked up your ears a little bit.

Ron Paul: Yes, that sounds well intended, but he hasn’t convinced me yet, you’ll have to help me get to the end. But he said, “It’s working fine without reforms, that’s not the problem, we’re not spying on people”, he’s still taking that position. He said, “How can I make the American people feel more comfortable?” Well, I think there’s more to it than making the people feel comfortable than he can assure us. We’re collecting stuff on it, but we’re never going to use it. But this whole mess hasn’t started with Obama, you remember J. Edgar Hoover, he collected a lot of files too back before he even had a computer.

Alan Colmes: How about Richard Nixon?

Ron Paul: Yes, Nixon did it, too, it’s the nature of big government. One of the reasons I don’t like big governments is they want to know everything about everybody else, and they feel very threatened if you expose them. They have to work in secrecy, whether it’s the Fed or the foreign policy or whatever, it has to be in secret, because they feel very, very threatened. Some of this stuff that has been released really hasn’t damaged us. But they don’t like to be embarrassed, they don’t want our allies to know that we’re listening to them as well, that’s sort of embarrassing to them.

Alan Colmes: One of the things the President said today was that he doesn’t think Edward Snowden is a patriot. I’m guessing you would disagree with that.

Ron Paul: Yes, I do. I think he knew exactly what he was doing, and I think he knew the risk, and I don’t think he made any money of it. I don’t think he did it to give it to our enemies. The President said, “He’s treasonous because he got this and he’s given it to the enemy”. Well, he gave it to us, and I just think there are some people in Washington who think that we might be the enemy if we know everything that the government is doing. But I really believe in true transparency, and I believe in privacy for the individual and I think it’s turned on its head. I think the government is so secret and we have lost our privacy, but I think the American people have reached a point of frustration and they think they’ve gone too far.

Alan Colmes: Do you think our relationship with Russia is compromised because of what’s happened with Snowden, and should it be compromised?

Ron Paul: No, it shouldn’t be. Allen, not too many years ago, when I was in the military in the 1960s, our presidents talked to other presidents. Just think of how Kennedy talked to Khrushchev, just think of even through World War II we allied ourselves with Stalin, and they had all these weapons and all these threats. And yet, today, we’re not going to talk to them over this. What one has to do is compare how we would have responded if somebody asked us to extradite a person. If we are really tough and Obama is really tough, he does not allow these people to be extradited, at the same time, they’re making a big deal of this. I’m for openness, I want to talk to people. I think one of the lasting benefits of Nixon, as bad as he was, was him talking to China.

Alan Colmes: Right, who else could have done It. We only have about 30 seconds left, your son, Rand Paul, is going to be here in our studio in New York on Tuesday. Is there anything you’d like to say to him, or want me to ask him?

Ron Paul: Oh no, I’ll call him up if I have anything to say to him. I’ll call him up and tell him to check out the studio, maybe it was that studio I was in with you back in 1990.

Alan Colmes: No, it was different, that was Rockefeller Center, right across the street from me. Dr. Paul, thank you so much, I appreciate talking to you.


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