The Ron Paul Revolution WILL Be Televised!

  • Donald Boyd

    For my past years I have not seen any improvement in my country until now. Dr.Ron Paul has given us hope and answered prayers for our nation and has opened the eyes of the generations of the past to the point of survival. I believe in Ron Paul and am ready to stand in line hand to hand with all that are ready to DEFEND. Leave no enemies standing and reverse this nation back to the words of the Constitution. We have no President. We have a dictator.
    Bring him down NOW
    If the people in the House and Senate are too weak to answer to the people then fire them all. We Do Not like Lamers

  • Surfisher

    Are there no two honest men left in the US Congress and Senate — to start the NEEDED Impeachment Process of Obama, the creature that is hell bent on destroying our Constitution, our freedoms, our privacy, our prosperity, our way-of-life and our nation as a whole ?!

    Are all Congressmen and Senators so concerned for what’s best for them — to get reelected or run for some office — that NONE care to risk their positions to do what’s right to save our Nation from this Obamination?!

    Start calling them all — and ask them why they are complacent to this criminal act perpetrated against the American people!

    A sad day in today’s America — if no two honest people can be found in office!



  • Surfisher


    Reasons to IMPEACH OBAMA — the abomination that has usurped OUR White House!

    Make this 15 minute video VIRAL

    Reasons to IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

    1) Lil’ Hussein PERJURED itself when taking the Oath of Office — to defend the US Constitution. It has done nothing else, but trying to DESTROY the US Constitution instead, since day one! And keeps on ticking in this zeal!

    2) Lil’ Hussein said it would veto NADA — if Congress wanted the power to whisk away any American citizen/s to secret military locations without DUE PROCESS and LEGAL REPRESENTATION only on the POSSIBLE (not verified) suspicion they may be connected to “some possible” terrorist activities.

    NOT ONLY DID Lil’ Hussein LIE, but SIGN IT INTO LAW — AND after a lawsuit was WON in a Federal Court by journalists that deemed it UNCONSTITUTIONAL, it — Lil’ Hussein — sicked its lawyers to have that Federal Judge’s ruling stayed! So, till this day — ANY AND ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS CAN DISAPPEAR, on mere suspicion (never to be heard of again) courtesy of Constitutional Breaker… Lil’ Hussein Barack Obama!

    3) Lil’ Hussein PLEDGED transparency in Government, and NO Spying on US Citizens — guess what, it LIED! Breaking a Verbal Contact — one’s word given to the American people — is the same as CHEATING UNDER OATH! And that’s all Lil’ Hussein DID, HAS AND KEEPS ON DOING!
    Now that PRISM and all the NSA Spying on ALL US Citizens has been exposed — what does it do? NOTHING, but lie again, and have its shills like Eric Holden and NSA’s anti-American General LIE on its behalf to cover its tracks!

    4) Lil’ Hussein: Can anyone tell us what is its real name: Barry Sotero, Slick MacCheat, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Destructor of USA — since no-one seems to know where it was born, and what is it exact REAL NAME. It had a FAKE Birth Certificate posted on line — and afterwards total secrecy!

    SHOW US YOUR REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE — Lil’ Hussein — AFTER ALL, we all need to show ours to get a drivers license, let alone run for President….!!!!

    5) Lil’ Hussein — why are your scholastic records sealed in whatever University you claim to have attended (I have to disclose mine to get a job, WHAT MAKES YOU EXEMPT NOT TO DISCLOSE YOURS — what are you hiding from us… ashamed to show us your grades and the ACTUAL courses you’ve supposedly taken)?!

    6) Lil’ Hussein — if your were born in Hawaii, how come you have a Connecticut Social Security Number (when you’ve never been a resident there, ever)!?

    7) Lil’ Hussein — why won’t you disclose your Actual US Passport, showing where you were born, and you’ve been since acquiring one (I have to show mine every time I travel abroad, but you seem to be ABOVE THE LAW, and have never allowed anyone to show your world travels EVER — what are you hiding)!


    Time to IMPEACH this wannabe Dictator — Lil’ Hussein.

    It’s our Nation to lose if we don’t act to impeach this anti-American NOW!


  • Sounds good to me!!!
    Go for it Ron!

  • Dont thread on me-

  • Surfisher

    IMPEACH Barack Hussein Obama — it stumbles-and-bumbles AND STUTTERS (which is usual for this political creature to try and come up with an answer it is not prepared for) while trying to decide what it is: A DICTATOR or NOT…!


    Time to IMPEACH — make this SUPERB 15 minute video viral.

    If any of you here are true Americans — contact your Reps and DEMAND they start Impeachment Proceedings NOW!

    It’s our nation to lose, folks, if we do nothing!

  • 9.95 a month seems pretty good. It’s like an online learning experience.

  • No kidding, they should have like a month free trial before charging right off the bat.

  • Ron will beat Hilary in 2016 easy.

  • Too bad it cost $9.95 monthly subscription. Only the people that knew him will tune in, the ignorant fucks won’t be able to “discover” him.

  • I wish the show was called “Cause of Liberty!”

  • Yes!!!!!