Ron Paul: A Small, Secret Group Can’t Know What’s Best for the Economy

  • Keep up the fight Ron Paul. Everyone follow the link on Ron’s website to audit the Federal Reserve.


  • Keep up the fight Ron Paul. Everyone follow the link on Ron’s website to audit the Federal Reserve.

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  • The issue at hand IS the jew. Until you get that, you’re spinning your wheels in mud.

  • HGWT5763. 06/08/23/2013 A.D. LETS JUST STICK TO THE MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES, who cares whether they are hebrews or not?

  • “In many ways it is a thankless job” … I can’t believe she said that at the end

  • Dr Paul is talking about the jew. And he’s right, that small group can’t know what’s best. They need evicted from this country. If they don’t leave peacefully, it’s time for a pogrom.

  • this chick doesn’t belong in the news. she looked so bored with the interview. obviously she got hired for her looks and not her talent

  • Nothing wrong with not voting either. Too many people vote for the sake of voting and not because they’re making well informed decisions. My aunt voted for Clinton because she thought he was cute. A girl at my school voted for Obama for the same reason. My church pastor voted for Bush cause he thought Bush was a Christian. However the constitution was never considered in their votes but people vote like this today and so we technically deserve what we have for our bad choices.

  • You keep dancing around the fact that the “massage” is out, the fact that I am here because of that message, the fact that I & millions of recently awaking Americans continue to spread the message of..

    “American Liberty as Defined in OUR CONSTITUTION!” < -- message heard. I couldn't vote Ron Paul in 2012, but I didn't vote TweedleDee or TweedleDum either. I became active in our local gov. &, along with others, help seat, not 1, but 2 Libertarians on city council. Oh WTF indeed 😉

  • “The media made him look like a crazy old man”. Yeah, and it makes you feel as if YOU discovered HIM, and that he is genuine, and that the media is to blame for not getting his message out. He is a gem they know some people are looking for. They left him there ( 21 years ) for you to find. I’ve listened closely to his gently nuanced speeches, where his words don’t match his audience. Knowing that Hannity or Limbaugh people are listening RP alters his message, but NOT to attract them. WTF

  • I am sure a good chunk of the media now wants to cozy up to the truth of Ron Paul after they have blackballed him in the elections, when he is no longer a REAL threat to those in power as before and just to look like they are spreading some truth now and after they have already created the divide and preconceptions, where people either tune him off at the sound of his voice or name or actually enjoy him, blind-fully or analytically.

    Outside of election time, truth is more profitable- go figure.

  • They tried a peaceful revolution in the 60’s, and got COINTELPRO. That controlled opposition extends to RP “the space filler” in congress. I had him figured out in the late 70’s when I was a teenager.

  • The joke is on them. Even if that were true, it has become the biggest benefit to the liberty movement. O_o

    For example, take me. I come from a multi-generation Republican family. I was sick of what the GOP had become on the mainstream level. I even fell for the whole “hope & change”, End the war, and public OPTION, health care was appealing. The media made Paul look like a crazy old man. That is until I actually listened to him.

    Our Peaceful R3volution has only started.
    LIBERTY 2016

  • You could be close to the truth than the most. USA’s constitution is sacred document, more than any religious holy book, as it ended class system and oligarchy.

    I think, USA is ready for another revolution in few years.