Ron Paul Channel: Behind the Scenes with Ron Paul

  • This channel should cost money…

    Ron Paul blew up because of the FREE internet, not because of SUBSCRIPTION based internet


  • He doesn’t energize me/you want me to pay ….. Now what?

  • fuck I want him to lead america so much.

  • Love ya Ron!

  • S S

    I would compare Ron to a more favorable founding father like Jefferson than to Adams who signed the Constitution-defiling Alien and Sedition Act that arrested many Americans critical of the government under charge of sedition, effectively silencing free speech. Jefferson and Madison fiercely opposed the legislation, and several noteworthy figures were arrested as a result, like Benjamin Franklin Bache (Franklin’s grandson) a writer and newspaperman critical of Adams who died before sentencing.

  • S S

    You’re one of very many, Vampirella. She doesn’t mind at all.

  • Wearing jeans with a suit LIKE A BOSS!!!!!


  • Bastiat wrote The Law

  • RON PAUL , Pretending you have a choice for 30 years. He’s your puppet and you love it.

  • thank you dr. paul for standing up for freedom, you are an inspiration.

  • He should take down the Reagan picture. He was a disgrace!


  • You should be president. I’m sorry they cheated you.

  • powerful

  • Hayek wrote “Law, Legislation and Liberty”

  • Can you get you tube user painscourt youtube/painscourt on your show? Id like to be on lol on skype.

  • Wow check out you and not even an RT studio. Way to go Mr Paul.

  • I love you Ron Paul!



  • Probably just a mental slip, as I’m more than sure Dr. Paul is well-versed in Bastiat