Ron Paul: Big Government Doesn’t Want Us to Know the Truth

  • Ugh, Hillary. Despicable person.

  • nr 2? hell no .. Ron Paul is always NUMBER 1 !


  • potemkin_village_usa

    Have you heard about “The Paper Trail Rule?”
    If the NSA is snooping on you under the general warrant format and they find that you are doing something else illegal, they have a policy of turning that information over to law enforcement, with a caveat; don’t use us as a source of your information, create a fabricated paper trail. Law enforcement follows the mark until they violate some traffic law and stop them, or, law enforcement just happens to be where the so called infraction may occur and, by coincidence, witness the breaking of some law.

  • Thank you very much for posting these videos

  • Thank you very much for posting these videos

  • “You and I don’t agree on every issue”

    Um, and you are…?

  • I wish he would with voter “paper trail”…Election FRAUD is definitely going on…Ron Knows it and we know it. He would never comment on that? or would he in future?..he got screwed in …you all saw what happened

  • Ron Paul for President 2016!!

  • we, we, we, all the way home.

  • “we” from Dr. Paul, too.

  • Preferable to Hillary.

  • Greenwald is good, but I wish he wouldn’t “we”.

  • Imagine if two planets were colonized by only one gender of the human race. In reality, men and women need each other sexually if they want to continue the human race as any other mammalian species because only men fertilize and only women give birth. But if there was advancements in human cloning DNA that could discontinue the need for humans to reproduce, the male society would become a dictatorship and the female society would become a corrupt democracy.

  • Surfisher

    How to stop the insanity that is ObamaCare and NSA spying in American citizens — simple, IMPEACH Obama!

  • I love that Ron can really speak his mind now. Keep telling it like it is Dr. Paul!

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  • Ron Paul 2016!!!

  • 8:20 the golden rule was booed out of the bible belt line during the 2012 Republican debates.

  • I’m sorry internet: but is Ron Paul forever connected with 4chan–and vice versa? Again, gomen nasai.