Ron Paul’s Revolution Gets Its Own News Channel

  • deanna

    Thank you, Dr. Ron Paul! You’ve inspired an American spirit in me that compels me to fight for the kind of country that I have yet to live in; a country with values and pride so ingrained in our very roots that we stand strong to practice our unity with our differences being our glory.

    I thank you for being the bump in a road that wakes a sleeping driver. I thank you for not giving up when your peers laughed and your constituents napped. We’re waking up now and we’ve got your back!!

    Keep on making ‘doing the right thing’ seem so easy….


  • YAY!

  • Thank you for all you do. The idea of you becomeing a media mogill is great. After all those 5 guys are the power in this world I think.The bad news is all of them are weirdows with deeply dark ideas as proven in the last ten years. Yes treat them to a more even playing feild. Truly Docktor they cant carry your shoes in a real debate. If they lose the T.V. moderator as a side man ; they even know they are toast. God Bless you and yours KPM