Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is celebrating his 78th birthday today!

Submit your birthday wishes as a comment to this post! Let’s have a show of support for Ron Paul that the establishment will never forget!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul! You are our hero, standing up for our freedoms and defending the Constitution with unwavering courage and perseverance, exposing the truth and underlying agenda of the Federal Reserve and those in politics who stand to benefit from the enslavement of the American people. Your message is resonating stronger than ever and together we WILL make a difference!

  • You have the biggest group of Americans ever assembled, start a 3rd party called the Tea Party. Happy birthday.

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  • Derek

    Fighting City Hall … is not easy … keep up the fight! … you have many supporters across America … from FL …


  • mary

    belated happy birthday

  • Bill Smith

    Happy 78th ! , just got back in town from K.C. Mo. celebrating My Dad’s 95th!! Keep up Your great work!

  • ken locke

    Mr. Paul, My wife and I and our 4 children want to wish you a Happy Birthday!!
    We enjoyed rolling across the United States for you ,with the Ron Paul Riders, we enjoyed helping you in South Carolina, both by riding our bicycles across that state and helping. If you can and are allowed to,, if you are in Western North Carolina, stop and eat dinner with us. The Locke Family.


  • Frederico Pena

    Happy Birthday you crazy, lovable freaking free thinker you!!!

    May you have many, many more!!

  • Alan Inselberg, C.C.N.

    Happy Birthday to one of the grandest people on this Earth, Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Myrtle Moyce

    Happy belated birthday, Dr. Paul. Today is my son, Zachary’s 28th birthday. I hope he will be able to celebrate his 29th in freedom, but since they’re now filling the
    FEMA camps, who knows? I just want to take this opportunity to let you know how very hurt and dissappointed I still am that you dropped out of the running, just like *that* and left me high and dry. I felt like such a fool around all my friends and family who had made so much fun of me about this “Ron Paul fool, hahaha who is he anyway, just wait, you’ll see! BS”… So totally abandoned. I still cry over it. I hope you get to read this. I want you to0 know how it hurts. I will be eternally grateful to you for the hope you gave me, no matter how brief. Thank you for that. Love, Myrtle. May you have many more birthdays Dr. Paul. If you ever get to the east coast of Maine, look me up. We’ll have a lobster 🙂

  • Pavel Popela

    Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul. You are a kind and warm and gentle soul. You opened my eyes when they were closed and I will forever be in debt to you! Thank you for everything you have done! 🙂

  • Germanicus Fortunov

    WOW. At both amazing and a shame. Amazing that you are so healthy at your age and what a dystopic shame that ‘merica fails to honor you. I guess you are an unwitting testament to the animal\peasantry of the common man. Your beacon of simple truth and respectability is lost on the myopic millions who seek nothing more than to suckle at the teet of their enslavers. Here’s to a genocidal catastrophe; one can live in hope.

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for being an advocate for peace. I hope that you will consider extending this circle of compassion to include non-human persons.


  • J M Damon

    Congratulations and Best Wishes and Keep Up The Good Work!
    You and I are the same vintage — I am inspired by your dedication and stamina

  • Sally Shupe

    Dear Dr. Paul:

    I work for a large group of OB/Gyn docs. I looked you up years ago and have been a supporter since. I appreciate all you have tried to do and are doing.

    You have faith to move mountains. This mountain of complacency and ignorance is a big one, and maybe time for our Lord to take a stand. We have lost so many children to abortion in this country that I wonder if the Lord has turned his back on us. I am sure He is aware of all the goings on and will be back soon to get his faithful ones.

    God Bless and keep you and your family. How dare Eric Holder to sue Texas!!

    Let us know what else we can do…Happy Birthday…age is only a state of mind.

    Sincerely, Sally Shupe

  • Greg A.

    Happy birthday to one of the few principled persons in contemporary American politics. Long life to you.

  • Vincent

    Happy birthday Ron. It was one year ago that I met you at Whiskey Joe’s. Being a Delegate for you was one of the most meaningful things I have ever done. Thank you for all that you do for us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  • steve mack

    dear RP, you are a leader, a beacon in the storm. this greeting is just the 443 and coming from Arizona where we are applying the Constitution daily.
    looking fwd to seeing you “shine on”!

  • Donna Gallentine

    I am a few days late, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY RON PAUL!!! I hope you had a great day and that your family helped you to celebrate your life.

    I hope you run for President again, and I hope you win. You need to believe and state that you believe you will be president. That you can see yourself sitting in the chair behind the desk in the Oval Office. I know I can see you sitting there and so do a lot of my friends.

    I am pretty sure that you will pick your son for Vice President, but even if you don’t whoever you pick will be good.

    Thank you for defending the rights of the American people, for fighting for our constitution and for fighting againsthe the evil plans of the Federal Reserve, and also for fighting the whole group of liberal Democrats. I pray for you and all of our Congressmen and women, and for all of our Senators.

    I pray for God to open the eyes and ears of those who are thinking only of the money they can get into their pockets and who want complete control of all American citizens and control of everything they own including their money.

    God Bless you Mr Ron Paul,

    Donna Gallentine