Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is celebrating his 78th birthday today!

Submit your birthday wishes as a comment to this post! Let’s have a show of support for Ron Paul that the establishment will never forget!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul! You are our hero, standing up for our freedoms and defending the Constitution with unwavering courage and perseverance, exposing the truth and underlying agenda of the Federal Reserve and those in politics who stand to benefit from the enslavement of the American people. Your message is resonating stronger than ever and together we WILL make a difference!

  • Terry B

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul and thank you for all that you do for the cause of liberty!

  • bob

    Wishing you a healthy and happy birthday and the rest of your life. Hope you and yours are having a wonderful time today. I wish you were still running, maybe now that all the NSA materials and others have come to light, the Sheeples would consider voting for a true patriot and you could turn this country around.

    Best Wishes

  • NobodysaysBOO


    Never forget, never forgive these traitors!


  • Happy Birthday, Dr Ron Paul! You are a true patriot, and an inspiration for all. God Bless You, and God Bless America!


  • John

    Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul.
    Please run for president again in 2016!

  • Keith Hendrix

    Happy Birthday to you Dr. Paul!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I pray we have a lot more people to stand for what is right as you have. Hope you have many more.

  • Happy birthday Dr., coming to you from Springfield, IL the Land of Lincoln.

  • Elizabeth Williams

    Happy Birthday Ron! We love you!

  • Michael Brischuk

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul !!!

  • Dr. Paul – You were the first person to touch my naked butt on my first birthday in the Dow Hospital in 1975 so I’m glad to get to wish you a Happy Birthday on yours!! There will be no butt touching this time around 🙂

    Happy Birthday to a Real American Patriot!!

  • Greg

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. God Bless You Sir.

  • Tim Yarbrough

    Happy birthday, Mr. Paul. What a joy it is to see the Lord using you to bring awareness to the issues of liberty. I never thought I would witness what I am seeing during my lifetime. Thank you.

  • Sherrie

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul, Thank you so much for waking so many of us up to the need to fight for our liberty. You are a most honorable man, earning respect not just in America but around the world. Have the happiest of birthdays and many more to follow.

  • Pat Gabriel

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul, a real patriot.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Helena

    Happy birthday to Dr. RON PAUL, from Portugal.

    We wish a great happy day to the greatest politition of America. Always in our prays, we wish you and all your wonderful family, all happiness, health and security YOU ALL deserve. That GOD bless your lives and keep you among us for many more years to come. Our world would be in a better state if the American PEOPLE have trusted in you the destiny of your great country…one day they will realise that fact. We love you all very much and wish you the best of the best.
    GREETINGS FROM PORTUGAL with many blessings. Helena

  • Lyn

    Imagine our nation today——-if you were our Leader !!!
    Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day!
    Health & Happiness Always

  • Laura

    Happy Happy Birthday to a true patriot.
    and… thanks for reminding us why this country was so great….we can only hope it’s not too damaged by the current administration.

  • To a patriot like Thomas Jefferson I salute you best wishes Happy birthday..

  • Best Wishes to Ron Paul, the best man who has run for the presidency since Goldwater! I was always happy to vote for Ron Paul, and would do so again!

  • Julie Neubauer

    Peace and blessing to you on your special day, Ron.