Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is celebrating his 78th birthday today!

Submit your birthday wishes as a comment to this post! Let’s have a show of support for Ron Paul that the establishment will never forget!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul! You are our hero, standing up for our freedoms and defending the Constitution with unwavering courage and perseverance, exposing the truth and underlying agenda of the Federal Reserve and those in politics who stand to benefit from the enslavement of the American people. Your message is resonating stronger than ever and together we WILL make a difference!

  • Shawn Huguet

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul, You are a true American Patriot! I have and will celebrate your birthday every year as “Dr. Ron Paul Day”, by flying my American Flag and by wearing my Ron Paul gear. Come on supporters, celebrate Dr. Ron Paul Day with me every year. Dr Paul deserves recognition, and he will never get it from the “mainstream” population.

  • ian

    Happy birthday from California! I had to write in your name on the ballot, 🙂 have a great birthday and ill hear you next on infowars!

  • Daniel Bennett

    Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for so many years of telling people the truth, no matter how hard the establishment came down on you!

  • jas

    Dear Dr. Paul,
    Warm heart filled wishes on a truly blessed day for the United States Of America.
    You not only exemplify what are Country should be but what Our Forefathers created it to be.
    Thank You For Your steadfast service and Discipline to uphold our Constitution without Wavering.
    Your values should be celebrated and supported for The Truth That Will Bring This Country Back To The Glory That GOD Created It To Be !
    July 4th means Nothing. You CAN Fix This !
    Remove The Fed. Reserve and implement the necessary changes = Restore AMERICA and bring Government back to The People by The People For The People.
    I Pray that THERE WILL BE……..
    A Ron & Rand PAUL PAUL Ticket in 2016.
    May this day (your birthday, be surrounded by Loved ones, friends and supporters) filled with great and continued health & safety, ever increasing strength and courage and wisdom; that will open blinded eyes and deaf ears.
    GODSPEED Dr. Paul……. Blessings, Peace & God Bless Yours and mine United States Of America. Happy Birthday!!!………….Amen.

  • Alton & Marilyn Anderson

    Thank’s so much Ron Paul for all you do. Please keep up the good work. We appreciate you so very much. We pray Gods blessings and safety up on you and yours.


  • Happy birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to pursue liberty and justice for all and for the example of virtue you have given us!

  • Reid Mauldin

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul

    Thank you for your service to our country, and especially, to our Constitution. You have been an inspiration to millions of Americans.

    When the RINOs robbed of any chance to be on the Republican ticket … I left the RINOs and joined the Constitution Party. And so did many of my Conservative friends. We voted for you anyway as a “write-in”. That election was between the NWO candidates, Obama and “Obama-Lite”. We couldn’t, in good conscience vote for either. Since my state, Utah, was going to vote for “Obama-Lite” … I was free to vote my conscience. Some of my friends from my home state of N.C. had to hold there nose and vote for “Obama-Lite”.

    I really wish you would join the Constitution Party and unite all Conservatives in that party. The Conservative movement has no home with the RINO Party.

    Again, thank you for your service, and your unflinching support of the Constitution.

    Reid Mauldin,

  • Rizah Robin

    The best wishes mr. Ron Paul from Holland, Dordrecht!!!!!
    Keep the movement going and please let someone take on your fight!

  • Susan Burnett

    Happy Birthday to a great patriot. If I don’t get to meet you in this life I hope to in the next. I have supported you for a long time. I know you will continue to fight the good fight. Have a great birthday.

  • Liz Wahl Andre

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. God bless you on your 78th (years young) birthday. I’m enjoying your Ron Paul Channel program very much. Keep fighting the good fight. 🙂

  • f l fagin

    Keep it up, Ron.

    You enjoy a moderate but strong success thru your messages. I support your ideals and patriotic “eyes wide open” philosophy in the larger part.

    Many fellow Americans have been lead to a quasi-comatose double-dumbed-down state thru the power of the Big Bucks Bastards who feel their money can “buy the World”. This – thru abuse of their power by psy-opping thier nation’s population.

    Let us all defend against this insidious and venomous self-aggrandizing rape.

    Thank you for your service, Ron. I am also a veteran – from 1956 through retirement in 1999. Enlisted and then officer. I know both sides of that coin.

    Stay safe, stay smart! Happy Birthday, young fellow!!

    Frederick L. Fagin
    US Army Retired
    Military Intelligence Branch
    Coopers Mills, Maine 04341-0247

  • Rubin

    Happy birthday!

  • Boris Artemenko

    Happy Birthday and I hope you continue your struggle to reinstate the constitutional rights and freedoms.


  • Joe Burleigh

    Happy day after your birthday. You are a true American hero.

  • Joyce Bruget

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. Thank you for giving your life to the cause for individual liberty.

  • Claire Ehrhardt

    Happy Happy Day Ron!

  • steven r divver

    Happy birthday.Hopefully there will be change.Obama works for the top 1% and uses feelings.

  • Tuomo Nurkkala

    Happy Birthday Ron Paul!
    I wish I could congratulate you in person!
    You should spread your word more in the world!
    Greetings from Finland!

  • Erik Swenson


    -From the Peace, Liberty and Freedom loving Hippies of our time, We the PEOPLE!

  • Anton T

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for your work!