Ron Paul: Americans Are Forced to Pay for Interventionist Foreign Policy

  • Life lesson, just because someone is nice to you,doesn’t make them any kind of friend to you.

    Looking back as I grew up, from birth to now,As I started out,I had no idea and had a naive view of goodness in the world.

    Over time, you learned more and more about people existing who can be rather nasty and cruel, but it has only possibility sense my mid to late teens that I have discovered that people and things I never thought of as bad,are and just how much rotten shit there is in this world.

  • I like how he bashes the Federal Reserve. That’s a true patriot and a truly open mind. Most people think if the Fed isn’t printing our money, they will die.


  • =.= Ted Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs. He is literally sleeping with the big banks. Paul and Amash seem allright though..

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  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul nails it !!!

    Make this 8 minute video viral.

    Could there be any doubt left that our War Policy has nothing to do with OUR National Security, but ONLY with protecting a SINGLE Foreign Nation — Israel…!!!

    When will the American People wake up to the FACT that Israel’s influence on the US Government is BANKRUPTING US, and American lives are constantly lost, and will continue to be lost, in order to PROTECT Israel ONLY!

  • jhon

    The truth about the Syria genocide (video) Most people think the horrendous news we see on TV, read in the newspapers or hear on the radio is real. It is not. And this video demonstrates how our realities are given to us – watch this:

    • Surfisher

      jhon — hope you don’t mind that I expounded on your excellent post.

      We must attack Syria NOW — and a few other nations, since we can!

      Trust the Media — they are telling us the truth!

      DO NOT pay attention to this 7 minute video — looks like a conspiracy that negates what our trusted friends from CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS tell us it THE ONLY TRUTH!

      Obama will take us to this righteous path, since no longer is the US Constitution VALID under Obama Days — Congress is nowdays bypassed for the “good” of us All!

      After all, Syria is a direct threat to the USA — their Navy, Air Force and ground troops, could come any-day on American Soil and MILITARY ATTACK our country with all their might…LOL!!!

      Watch out America — these flea-bitten Muslims from thousands of miles away are building fleets of rowboats to invade our shores! Wait until they muster the construction of hang-gliders and paratroop a dozen or more crazy Muslims onto the shores of New Jersey — then, we are in for it!

      Obama will attack Syria in a few days or weeks (mark my words) — because we must save overseas Muslims from other Muslims (and its the only way to make a profit for the Military-Industrial Complex that is bankrupting the USA— after-all, if there are no CONSTANT Wars, what excuse to Tax the American People for the building of “defensive” weapons NON STOP against enemies that can’t fart their way to the USA…?!)

  • Surfisher

    NBC News August 22, 2013 “Booing Barrack’s speech in NY” (off topic, but NICE to share, since few are aware of it!).


    Has the USA ever had a president that speaks and acts like a street punk when things don’t go its way — watch this 1+ minute DISGRACE by the narcissist that occupies our White House!

    What kind of language is that coming out of the mouth of a supposed US President when BOOED (count the incredible stupidities Barrack utters, and watch its expression in disbelief that he is not the omnipotent King of USA he thinks he is, but gets put down by the people he thinks he rules — shocking treatment for this narcissistic buffoon!) — below are its street punk’s utterances by its own mouth:

    “I hear you, I got you…no, no it’s fine… wait, wait, wait, wait!…. We’re OK, we are OK….It’s OK, it’s OK…hold on a second, hold on, hold on!…. Hello everybody, Hello…. Hey, hey, hey!….Hold on, Hold on a Minute!….Now…you know….hold on a second….”

    Time to save the USA — Impeach Barrack Hussein NOW!

  • If only everyone was like Ron Paul… or at least trying…