Ron Paul: Americans Are Forced to Pay for Interventionist Foreign Policy

  • Ron Paul the only honest politician


  • I voted for this man but there are to many blind sheep in this country

  • Fuck America for not making this man our president

  • Once an America told me “We shouldn’t attack Iran, even though we could kick thier ass”.

    There seems to be a cultural need to feel big and powerful that I am not even sure Americans are aware of.

  • Don’t over generalize, not ALL Americans are that clueless. Yes, there are many idiots who don’t know the difference between the ‘isms’ — they don’t have the mental capacity to understand the difference between noninterventionism and isolationism.

  • Why do Americans think minding your own business is doing nothing? They don’t get to feell like Rambo?

  • Ron Paul was right then, still right now, go figure..
    I love this man!

  • I wish the world was more like Ron Paul. I love him from the bottom of my heart. He’s the voice of reason in an unreasonable world. And I mean this from an honest and innocent perspective. A living icon and legend 🙂

  • And that’s a booyah!

  • And that’s a booyah!

  • You are still thinking elections are the answer? You just woke up didn’t you??

  • Cavuto just reads the prompter, must take a long time for the editors to pack in all the lies.

  • Protectionism sucks, so does Cavuto!

  • Russia and China don’t even want to bother if USA government interfere. China, they don’t even bother , you die your problem

  • we need to elect anti globalists in mass…they can easily kill JFK or Lincoln but 300 patriot targets in congress is harder than one as executive..we need both at the same time.

  • trouble is we get 50 milliion illegal slaves to weed them OUT


  • What is a Cicero?

  • Its not really going to boil down to a leader, we need to fill up congress with real patriots in order to get anything done in the best interests of Americans.

  • He saved my life. Thank you Dr. Paul the real voice of the people.