Ron Paul: The Leadership of Both Parties Have Lined Up to Attack Syria

  • That’s right, don’t forget it! Your govt allows it cuase they have no power in the world at all…Lol

  • Baa baa Sheep take it easy. All you dumb americunts can come up with is Nazis. Well subhuman sheep, think about history. THE winning side ALWAYS writes the history no matter how the HUGE THE LIES are. I bet if they told you fuckers in school Germans where EVIL ALIENS you would call me now EVIL ALIEN. You will feel the German KARMA later believe me.

    AND We haven’t had freedom since 45. 99 % Of Germans know this, but who dares when Parasite US has 100 000 + troops in our COUNTRY!!

  • F#ckin Nazi cunt!

  • Same thing your Nazi’s did but on a global scale.

  • Your govt is involved in the New World Order too idiot…your the fool.

  • We aren’t fooled clown…you just think we are! Fool!

  • Eventually we will fight, watch! And our govt knows it, hence the revitalization of FEMA camps being resurrected as we speak.

  • US media what a disgusting parasite power to fool the idiotic dumb sheeps (US citizen)

  • He went to Congress cause 95% of Americans and the world are against him on this.

  • The best answer in the whole interview: “No” 10:40
    Pure class.

  • Who will send these lying criminals when shit hit the fan? I mean, US will collapse, but these media liars and powerful familiars that enslave and stole so much of US. What will americunts do? Sit there and eat their own pop? 🙂

    I wish Dr Ron Paul was born German and was our leader!!


  • Wesley Clark says this was planned(to attack Syria and other countrys) 10 years ago…ya stupid reporter, they are looking for any reason! She is so snowed!

  • What show was this interview on anyway?

  • This idiot reporter is so pro Obama it’s sickening! F#ck this puppet reporter.

  • This woman is such media trash…that’s how they play into this garbage…they argue about the shit that doesn’t matter when he’s trying to cover the real issues. This is mainstream…

  • When in doubt and losing an argument; play the racist card.
    I am as tired of this as Ron Paul.

  • Interruption: “but Dr. Paul, don’t you think…. Blah, blah, blah?” Like uneducated fingernails on a chalkboard.

  • Bee-otch. She isn’t qualified to smell Ron Paul’s shoes. She is another typical 90/10 talking head. 90% appearance 10% ability.

  • Go RON!!