Ron Paul: Liberty is the Answer

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    Save America — start Impeachment proceedings against Barrack Hussein Obama NOW! Or at least get Congress to immediately start an investigation of his Forged Birth Certificate posted online — WHY WON’T HE SHOW THE ORIGINAL..if he has nothing to hide?!

    Does anyone with a functioning brain think that Obama’s goal from day one has been anything but the destruction of our Free Republic, by eliminating the US Constitution as the ONLY TRUE AND INDISPENSABLE framework on which our Nation MUST be based?!

    Barrack Hussein has done much damage to the Constitution already — his NADA signature (which he lied that he’ll NEVER sign) into law allowing any US Citizen to be whisked away, without due process or representation, to some secret Military Base on MERE suspicion (not actual proof) of being a “terrorist”!

    Barrack Hussein also wanted armed drones to fly all over America (but Rand Paul’s heroic stand finally elicited a response from the White House — not Barrack Hussein directly– that such drones wont kill Americans on American soil)!

    Barrack Hussein has started more “treason trials” on whistle blowers than all other presidents combined in US history!

    Barrack Hussein has finalized the NSA Spying on All Americans at the Utah Center — that is up and running already, AND collecting all possible DATA on ALL Americans!

    Barrack Hussein and wife Michelle Obama have publicly stated that they have attended US Flag burnings, because: “We feel that the US Constitution was written in Colonial Times and no longer applies to today’s world, being an archaic document …therefore, we do not think the US Flag represents what America should be today”! Meaning they want the US Constitution abolished!

    These are just a few of the horrendous examples Obama has perpetrated against the American people — but they are very narrow, few will suffer from them today.

    Here is THE BIG ONE — Obama’s Coup d’état of our Republic!

    “Obamacare” affects EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, our Entire Nation — and as SUCH is nothing else, but the ultimate illegal weapon that ENDS the US Constitution, and thereby our Nation as Free People!

    The US Constitution PROHIBITS the mandate of anyone (whether private or public entities) from FORCING their goods or services on the Free American People upon the threat of penalty! (Example: If Verizon tells you: “You must subscribe to our service, or be penalized”. If Verizon tries to force that upon you, any Court of Law would find them guilty of EXTORTION, and give them jail time)!

    Thus, why would Obama’s “Obamacare” be treated differently, and not as the illegal EXTORTION that it is?!

    What can you do to save our Nation — simple, get your reps to Save America by STARTING an IMPEACHMENT PROCESS of Obama NOW!

    With Obama’s DISAPPROVAL rating climbing through the roof — now is the perfect storm to go after all of Barrack Hussein’s perfidies full throttle!

    Let’s get this anti-American Usurper of our White House impeached, and hopefully send to jail for a long, long time.

    This will be a good start:

    Contact Texas congressman Steve Stockman and urge him to start an immediate investigation of Barrack Hussein’s failure to provide naught but a forged Birth Certificate online!

    Texas congressman Steve Stockman:

    326 Cannon House Office Building
    Independence Avenue
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: 202-225-1555
    Fax: 202-226-0396
    Hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

    420 Green Avenue
    Orange, TX 77630
    Phone: 409-883-8075
    Fax: 409-886-9918
    Hours: M-F 8-4:00pm

    he also has a website — look it up
    Make this short video viral — Obama’s Birth Certificate shown 100% fraudulent:

  • When he coming to Jersey mane?

  • are you for fucking real???!!! they played Ron, ‘they’ didn’t want him in! you really are a fucking dumbfuck aren’t you? You think if he could be President he wouldn’t be? Keep drinking that fluoride sheep.

  • Ron Paul and Ventura for president……….


  • Good speech, the only problem was that he appeared almost apologetic for the football criticism. But people are in a daze, the whole of modern society is, and it is even difficult for those who are aware to be above it, sports–not just football (and not sports as an activity) but sports as an entertainment can be an obsessive distraction just like watching too much TV, movies, music, Youtubing, etc. We are bombarded with multiple distractions and it is fun to sit back and forget the nightmare!

  • Your name is entirely appropriate.

  • Ron Paul isn’t flawless, but you’re still attacking the wrong people, and there’s only so much one person can do. He didn’t roll over for Romney, it was the establishment GOP that rolled over Ron Paul and ideas about liberty.

  • That’s only if we understand what liberty is. I’m glad the public is now more receptive in this matter. A lot of people in the past that have doubted me for years, are now starting to realize things are almost beyond repair. The awaking is here and we need to ride this wave hard into Washington. We can kill the FED with the House. WE must KILL funding or else I fear things will turn violent. THINGS MUST CHANGE NOW NOT TOMORROW! USE OUR TOOLS AGAINST THEM. EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE!!!

  • More trustworthy and honest than Rand, I reckon.

  • I imagine it will be pretty bad before it rips your eyes open.

  • NIH, scientific research is already suffering… none of that matters to you, I bet, said the guy on the internet with GPS on his phone. What does the government have to do with things like that? People can’t get visas, passports… who cares, you were not going anywhere… what possible import could international travel be to the worlds one superpower… who needs it?!

    The crisis is all around you, your eyes are shut.

  • Well, the judiciary is about to stop working, social security will have to stop going out… but as far as already… well, the 100,000s that work for the government are in a bit of a crisis. What sort of a boss are you? You don’t think they have to feed their kids? This is not how you downsize. The CDC was shut down and had to reopen because someone realized we actually need to watch for the spread of disease.

  • just talk no action…this guy is a disgrace! I used to love him and I thought he will be president!..he rolled over for Mitt..fuck him! Politicians scunbags!

  • Which crisis are you referring to? I know I’ve missed out on a camping trip, but that wasn’t because of the shutdown. That was because the federal government violated the lease agreements of the people who manage the campgrounds, or in some cases, built into the lease agreements the ability to shut them down at will, without notice. Crisis? Where?

  • Sensible Paul is more like it.

  • Revolution baby wwwoooww

  • Me likey. 🙂

  • Liberty Arises as a Blessing from God , God will only bestow Liberty to those of Understanding and wisdom , the beginning of Wisdom comes from the fear of God and Understanding is one of the fruits of wisdom , so without God we have become an empire with a finite destiny , to Restore the Republic we must first restore God to his rightful place , (A Nation without Faith is a Nation without Destiny )

  • Yeah! Do you see the ripped panel on the left? How gauche!

  • President Ron Paul.