Ron Paul: Liberty is the Answer

  • Well for starter investment bankers get paid through inflation. Just as any product, you’re wanting to sell it more that you got it for, but inflation drives the value of labor down through raising the cost of goods We are being robbed by some rich dude kicking back and letting a computer systematically rob us for using the bank while we labor away for their good life. This is, but one Financial devices used against us. These are formulas for slavery not economics. You can still tax gold.


  • Nick, can you please explain why our “monetary system” cannot work that way? I understand it doesn’t work that way; such is the basis of economic issues but does not limit the ability to be or not to be. I don’t think you understand monetary systems or fiat currency/models given that statement, as well as the following two statements.

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  • the government is a public organization that aquire its leadership from votes by the public( even though its corrupt atm ) lol

    the fed res. is a private organization that should not be involved with government in any way shape or form at all period. The fed makes money off the interest it makes by the money it loans the gov that taxpayers pay for.( basically making us work for the fed res)

  • Did you vote for Obama and the federal government? What about the FRS? Is it the public organisation or a private entity?

  • A private entity has absolutely no place handling the money of the american public in any way period.

    The only people who ever have the right to touch one cent of the american tax payer money are the individuals we elect to handle it.


  • You always can use your gold to buy anything from other communities. If you do not trust your community and local currencies you better move to another. Find good people to live with. Private banks may exist for money transactions between the communities and countries. I see no problem with it. Also, internationally accepted money such as Bit Coin can exist in parallel to gold and local currencies.

  • well that would split the country into 50 smaller countries sort of speak.. one thing we do agree on at least is putting public funds in the control of a private organization is wrong and evil( much less making us pay interest on our own money as we do now as well)

  • Why government? A local community can print money as an exchange means at local market, e.g. nominated in hours of public service. Pls, google: Local currency. Impose inflation on the fiat money and avoid usury. It was used in many countries in past.

  • Well us paying interest on our own money is definately not the answer . that is evil and thievery.the gov should print the money not the banks for sure. The same system just without bank involvement

  • poor guy is getting old i hope his son takes up his cause and doesnt give up

  • You will always know a real person and truthful person by what comes out of thier mouth citizens. Listen to people like Ron Paul rand Paul.. even Alan greyson and then the others and see the substance of thier words and messege become far superior then the rest . Look them up and see for yourself.. don’t take my word for it !!

  • What a refreshing speech. Practical. Informative. Liberating but he’s planting seeds of liberty and setting fires of liberty aflame inside those who can carry them on to start more fires of Liberty Revolution. “No standing armies can stop an idea whose time has come.”..Victor Hugo

    Inflation comes from investment banking. When you take the fruits of your labor and put them in the bank.
    The bank then takes that money to the market.
    (Inflation) To pay the investment banker the price of goods is raised.
    It’s not Mexicans or Paper Money bringing the system down. It’s these greedy banker which have developed a system designed to inslave the majority of the population while allowing the massive gains and doing nothing.

  • If we take the opportunity to learn from Dr Paul he is still standing strong for our liberty. We should as well.

  • This Man is the answer, not obama

  • Correct. So, the money based on precious metals cannot be lent with usury. There would be no inflation without usury. The money for basic needs of humans have to be based on pr. metals. Meanwhile, for a purpose of economic growth can be additional money that are not convertible to gold directly but with an inflation index. It can be municipal fiat money (not from a bank) or anything else. Bit-coins, whatever. Educate yourself on it. Ron Paul is for liberties also in money systems.

  • Not the RonPaul dot com not run by ronpaul but by a south american pirate?

  • THE GOLD STANDARD WILL NOT WORK. Listen we don’t need gold we need interest free money and for our banks to stop devaluing the fruit of our labor through investment banking.

    When you put your money in corporate banks it is devaluing your pay check by raising the price of goods to pay the investment banker.

    If we switch to gold the system will collapse the system and the only ones holding the gold will be the super wealthy. They have been trying this since WWII. Don’t trust any politician.

  • People have no idea how paper money works and they keep looking for something physical to back it up, this can not happen.Paper money is based on fractional reserve banking in other words when you get a? loan they give you only 10% and expect you to pay back 110% with interest using the fruits of your labor. Then the banks take your money and invest it which drives up inflation & drives down the value of labor. This is a system designed to enslave the majority of the population as it progresses