Ron Paul: The U.S. Government Won’t Default

  • Ultimately what he’s saying is the day of reckoning is almost here and all the debt and malinvestment that has been created by government is coming to fruition. The economic/currency is collapsing because of inflation, debt, and waste. Then and only then when it collapses well people wake up & see the government can’t really afford the wars, government entitlements,and so forth. The US is paying the minimum balance of credit card debt by charging it on other credit cards.


  • No, it’s both parties that have done the damage. The Democratic Party is on a full on spending spree that is causing inflation and increasing the national debt. So was the Republican party prior to Obama. He’s addressing the fact that neither party is different and they both advocate the current debt monetary system that plagues the US and the world, and at the center is the fiat currency The FED literally controls. Until we address those issues the system is going to get worse.

  • As always, Ron Paul the only fellow I know in govt talking sensibly.

  • Is Ron saying that because in the past we just paid our way out of problems this republican tantrum that raises that price more by each day and at what point are those people who can’t go back to work no longer employees? So what’s the republican solution here, seriously I don’t understand, what do they want to happen? Ron is being very cavalier here, but it becomes worse not better with everyday of this nonsense. Republicans are literally putting people out of work right now not figuratively

  • Yeah, I’ll be voting Johnson again in 2016… provided we make it that long.

  • “It’s a crime that the Republicans scuttled Ron Paul’s nomination.”

    It was intentional. They wanted Obama over Paul. They didn’t care if Romney didn’t win, Obama is greasing all the important palms they need greased like they knew he would. It was a win win.

  • I would like to remind you all that Rand Paul endoursed Mitt Romney over his father. Rand is NOT Ron

  • It SHOULD default. Clean out the cancer and start over.

  • agreed. plus, he is far to honorable to be a us president

  • thanks obama

  • 1st to dislike

  • paul would have beat the hitler of our time!

  • the whole system is infiltrated by zionist pricks so it doesn’t matter if he became POTUS. I would not want Ron’s fate to be like that of JFK.

  • people only voted one star or 5 stars anyway

  • YouTube used to have a 1-5 star rating system a few years back, but it is easier to keep you inside your small box voting for one of the two parties with this current “Like” and “Dislike”rating system 🙁

  • Why do they won’t to hear Ron’s opinion now ?

  • It’s a crime that the Republicans scuttled Ron Paul’s nomination. They have nobody to blame but themselves. You know he really won most of the primary’s, right?

  • Likes at 60 to zero…
    Where the heck is the LOV3 button?

  • Ron Paul, please run independent in 2016!!!

  • President Paul would have cut spending by
    $1,000,000,000,000.00 in YEAR ONE!
    The first cut would have been his own salary.
    Dr Paul was wanting to DO the job for approx. $40,000.00 a year.
    Now there’s a PAULITICIAN FOR YOU!
    We are paying BO 10X that to NOT do the job.
    In BO’s first year 53 fatal drone strikes in Pakistan alone.
    How many drone strikes would the Doctor approve?