Ron Paul: The U.S. Government Won’t Default

  • I honestly wish Ron Paul to stay healthy for another 20 years. Maybe then the country will finally come to its senses.


  • makes me sad think about how different this world would be if ron paul would have been president 20+ years ago

  • Goverment shutdown rofl.
    Military still running strong, money still going to the scumbags who earn from war.

  • I wish this were all one bad nightmare and I would wake up to Ron Paul as our President.

  • What are you talking about

  • I get it, too many greedy people spending up big, and no bill payers. At least in our country’s 2 party excuse for democrazy, one party, liberals, opts to pay the debt when they get in.

    This is a message for people to pull all their investments from US industry, there is no profit left and the “pie is too small”.

  • If this dept is largely based on re selling blocks of dept then it is a farse. The fed is not our government they are not the 4th branch. They are a corruting private org that has filled the grain house of america with pure rats I think that Ron Paul is not one in the way they pushed him out of the prosses.But remember Ralf Natter as he was removed from a convention by force? America was great the question is how much will the new man take before he Knows he is under attack.F.D.I.C. rip off

  • On point

  • Fox news is a septic tank. The new ringer is ” fair and honest ” these folks are the worst school yard bullys on earth. They were in charge of destroying the real picture of the last election cycle. And that makes them an enemy of the voter. I will always wonder just how Dr Paul can suffer these hoars.

  • He’s not running. lol.

  • Ron Paul is like John the Baptist….a lone voice, crying in the wilderness.

  • What exactly, pray tell, is going on in the video clips underneath Ron Paul? I look down and there’s some dude licking some chick’s feet….

  • yes it is rigged i seen all the corruption in people when he was running, seen how the media totally ignored him even when he was at the top. this is part of the corruption in this country. but i doubt there would have been many dark years. people would have had to work for a living once again. we would have had to be real americans and stand on our own two feet for a change and not depend on government. i personally would have been fine and it would have made no change to me except more liberty

  • So speaks the fake.. Ron Paul (IMF)

  • No, I’m not simplifying anything. The inflation numbers are much higher than what the federal CPI indicates because of faulty accounting like hedonics. But even by the metrics you’ve just given, inflation has occurred because you posted a positive inflation number. If goods and services were growing faster than the expansion of money, deflation would be occurring. Why do you think the federal debt is always growing? The fact that prices are always increasing is inflation.

  • ron paul awesome,,,,fox fake news

  • Ok, you’re simplifying this, it’s not just how much money is printed versus how much we produce, because we produce way more now, the last data available which is 2011 says we had a 6.7% growth in goods and services, now compare that to inflation which the highest its been in the last 10 years was 4.1%. However, you can’t just compare the two numbers, that’s not the only thing that matters, there is nothing basic about it, there are many factors there is not enough room here to go into them all.

  • What’s with that advertisement when Ron’s talking.

  • Ron Paul for a Gold Age

  • He would’ve kicked Obama’s ass. Why the F did Romney win the Primary.