Ron Paul Warns of Martial Law and Economic Collapse

  • They will be seen as savors from a crisis that seemingly came out of no were.

    Educate the people and when they destroy themselves, we will be smart enough to know not to save them.

  • Economy crashes.

    Major disruption of day to day activities.

    All the inflation and dept causes an implosion of wealth in an attempt to fill the dept.

    The dept holders only have one good real asset, there own people.

    With inflation out of control,food,water,electricity,transportation interupted, people get desperate, chaos issues.

    Government declares your rights invalid and attempts martial law.

    If American people finally see the problem, the declaration will end them. If not….

  • Not really, the deficit is largely due to debt and war, not healthcare. And government healthcare services like Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid take up more money than ever.

  • Fuck Obama…

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  • It will be intentional and false, Ron Paul knows this, he’s a fear monger er part of the scheme.


  • So TEABAGGERS where trying to prove they were right about economic collapse by forcing a default, thus causing a economic collapse? Wow what a bunch of lunatics!!!

  • Okay there was a confederacy but it wasn’t the first the one you say it would turn into would be the confederacy of the southern states of America a new confederacy wouldn’t have to be like the last one we had.

  • Quick what is the date? Wait October 21st of 1984 guess time travel is possible.

  • Surfisher

    You’d appreciate this 17 minute video by Ron Paul.

    Concisely describes our current state as a nation, and what will inescapably follow.

    Make it viral — America needs to wake up, to comprehend the EVIL that is the Obama Administration. And Obama’s probable endgame to declare Martial Law, and thus suspend elections and finally achieve his goal since childhood to become King (look up video 3 at minute 5:45 — he writes on his school steps “King Obama” as a child)!

    The below is a MUST SEE — “Who exactly is Barrack Hussein Obama?”

    part one:

    part two:

    part three: