Ron Paul Warns of Martial Law and Economic Collapse

  • ok whatever sweet sheeple

  • Paul trying to protect his son’s deal with with GOPe. Shameful!

  • The “big event” won’t happen until the asses of all the interests the lobbyists represent who have a say in government get covered. This does not mean some companies will not implode. It means certain chosen asses will come out smelling like roses, unscathed…the rest of us will have to fend for ourselves.

  • ok whatever sweet ignorance

  • I enjoyed the interview, I must say that the fact that these types of video’s are allowed is a testament that we still live in a free country, I can home school my children, and I can actually opt out of Obama care if I am a part of a church health care sharing program.


  • If you’re too lazy to look something up when you know you’re wrong, yet claim to not be, doesn’t that kind of make you insane?

  • hahaha, love the sarcasm lol 😉
    wait.. i think

  • In other words, you make big claims, but you force everyone else to prove it. AKA Sheeple mentality, to those who believe based on gossip.

    Again, burden is on those making extraordinary claims.

  • ok

  • No thanks, I won’t waste my time looking up nutty conspiracies.

  • Thanks for posting this video.

  • Detroit’s crime rate wont go down unless people there are allowed to defend themselves with guns. As long as they are disarmed and the criminals have a monopoly on force, they are fucked.

  • Im in Florida. I have an AR15. I will protect you, my English brother.

  • this is great

  • what I do is when I watch Alex Jones and he says some crazy stuff I look it up to see if it’s true. You can do the same. It seems to me you have a computer and this is going on a hunch you just might have internet.

  • hope it happens after my holiday to florida and go back to the safety of britan

  • California nullified NDAA?!? Hell has frozen over…

  • so nice when someone lets Ron Paul speak for long periods.

    he deserved a chance at presidency but he would probably end up in the same state s JFK if he tried curing too much of the corrupted parts of the government.

    Rand Paul, seems to be already bought by the corruption…

    Free Market, the only way, the only rule we ever would need to use is “no use of force!”.

  • Love these two guys…

  • rerun