Ron Paul Warns of Martial Law and Economic Collapse

  • JOHN

    PLEASE SEE for some answers.

  • I doubt technology has come that far. I suspect the boogieman lives under your bed doesn’t he? lol

  • First thing you need to do when learning to “handle a gun”, learn to orally retort the 10 Commandments of Safe gun practice. These safety sessions, educational meetings are available in at least one place in each county of each state. Usually offered by police. If you’re not going to learn safe gun practice, you do not need a gun. Plain and simple.

  • So what evidence do you have for “might be more violence”? Historically, this is just not true. I agree on your latter point of crime dropping like a stone.

  • Yes, because your computer is a tool that can be used for much more than playing childish video games and watching porn.

  • Remember the “October Surprise” from last year?? 🙂

  • He was cheated, I don’t consider that losing.

  • Good men always finish last sadly but really Ron Paul did win in a way, he woke up alot of people in America to whats really going on.


  • Government Controled Britian is more like it.

  • There is Gary Johnson to vote for in 2016

  • There are gun clubs everywhere, just find a local club and train. You could also get a hunting licence.

  • a country that did not respect God’s blessings, now is standing down the “Goodness”

  • Well…if the world around me is going to crash i better print out important primary sources on mathematics and history. Oh and where can I learn to handle a gun?

  • Never let a crisis go to waste – is definitely in obama’s mind right now

  • I would not be surprised about that. Anyone who gets elected to Presidency who is against expanding the status quo would be assassinated, or at least an attempt would be made to do so. If they could keep him alive, in that case there might of actually been a chance.

    Yet we couldn’t even get him elected to begin with. How sad is that.

  • Mhmm, exactly. Initially if everyone was given a gun and told they could use them in personal defense without any legal consequence, there might be more violence, but in the moderate and long-term, crime would drop like a stone.

  • Let it all fall apart then get busy rebuilding it

  • My computer is crap? It boots in under 10 seconds, and I can play games like Skyrim, black ops II, and GTA IV on maximum settings. I guess you would consider that crap?

  • Well I suppose when your computer is crap, it’s hard to believe how far technology has come. It’s a fact what ever technology we enjoy today, the government has been using for a long while now and is currently using new stuff that you can’t even imagine.

  • ok whatever sweet sheeple