5 responses to “Ron Paul: The Interventionists Haven’t Learned their Lesson from the Iraq Debacle”

  1. Ralph

    The views of Ron Paul on our wars in the ME are an example of good old common sense and logic.
    The disappointment is our representatives are aware of this but prefer to be swayed by lobby groups and the desire to be re-elected at all costs even the cost of honesty and morality.
    When looking at our interventions in the ME it is easy to see one country in particular has unduly influenced our policies for their benefit and their's alone while costing us dearly in lives, wealth and international standing.
    Our increasingly police state like security and loss of freedoms is directly linked to how we are viewed by the rest of the world.
    At present that view is the US has double standards and is a hypocritical supporter of an apartheid state who's ambition is military domination by destabilization of the ME.
    Protect the US and its citizens NOT israel.


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  2. jerry carney

    end the fed (which i agree with) will not happen until it happens. i have studied for several years. i know what is coming and i am in great despair, for i know it is the end of our freedom.


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  3. JOHN

    Google DIMONA


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  4. Surfisher

    Obamacare dissected:

    No-one can dictate that the American people MUST buy something against their will — That's Unconstitutional, and subject to charges of treason by the Government Official (in this case the President) for trying to enforce it!

    As a pessimist I'll state the following (which may seem optimistic for the eventual repealing of ACA, better described as 'ObamaCaresLess' in it's true meaning as: Dictatorial Health Enforcement by the Obama Gov on all American Citizens — to those that expect that patriotic Republicans will win in 2014, and not the Neocons supported by the GOP Establishment):

    1) The Young Healthy Bodies of 7,000,000 (7 Million) Americans that need to be thrown as sacrificial lambs to make this infamy work in the first year won't even approach a fraction of that NEED — Barrack Hussein and Patsies tried going to Universities to get healthy young students to enroll, only to get mostly BOOED and laughed out of college auditoriums (he guessed wrong that college students have been dumb-ed up enough to accept his idiotic plan)!

    I'll state that Hussein Obama will be lucky to get 1/10th of the needed young, healthy bodies — 700,000 at most! He may think the people are dumb, but the healthy young people are nowdays most aware of where this nation is heading — Dictatorship — and I'll wager that the final number that fall for Obama's trap are 70,000…a JOKE of a Number exposing the rejection of his dictatorial desires, that's 1/100th of his Majesty's Clairvoyance, which will make Obama an even bigger JOKE!

    Regardless how few young healthy bodies register — anything under 3 million will throw this socialist scheme into unsustainable turmoil. Barrack Hussein will then have to attack others to make it work. The less healthy sacrificial lambs subscribe, the more the "Health Care" Dictator will have to squeeze the rest!

    This will cause major problems for the Democrooks, come election time. Especially since by November 2014, expect the cancellations to individuals to become well over 17,000,000 Americans to have their insurances canceled because of Obamacare (to make a comparison, 17 million people is like the WHOLE Nation of Holland — men, women and children — getting Nixed)!

    2) Come 2014, all employers will be subject to compliance with this infamy (or pay penalties)!!!

    The end result will be that even more Americans will lose their current plans — as many as another 35,000,000 (to make a comparison, 35 million people is like the WHOLE Nation of Canada — men, women and children — getting Nixed)!

    This will keep on coming month after month in 2014 — how many employers will decide to pay the penalty and not provide their employees with health insurance (in order to stay alive in business, and if their employees leave because of that, won't most of them go out of business)?!

    And how many employers will risk increasing their employees premiums astronomically, in order to comply with Obama's Dictates (hoping their employees won't quit, thus put them out of business, because the workers' final paycheck is so small that they can't make ends meet)!

    The near destruction of ALL Self-employed and Small Business seems to be the end result of Obamacare. And I'll state that that was HIS GOAL — the destruction of what America is all about: Private Proprietorship and Small Business — the BACK BONE OF AMERICA'S INDUSTRY!!!

    The above shows CLEARLY that what Obama is doing is Unconstitutional — and since he swore to defend the US Constitution when taking Office, that makes him Perjurer of the oath he took!

    By breaking the Oath to Preserve and Defend the US Constitution, Barrack Hussein Obama is GUILTY of TREASON — as such he should not only be Impeached, but send to Jail for Life!

    Read more at http://www.uspresidentialelectionnews.com/2013/11/obama-meets-with-senate-dems-over-obamacare-fears/#iVCXUICEEdpWz4JA.99


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  5. Surfisher

    How pathetic has our Nation become:

    1) We have a President that STILL refuses to show his ORIGINAL Birth Certificate (which we all must do to get a job). What valid credentials did Barrack Hussein Obama show to get his job, as president…NONE! What is he hiding — being born in Kenya, thus belonging behind bars as an impostor, and not in the White House?

    2) Hillery Clinton running for President 2016 — when she should be in jail for life in a Federal prison for allowing the deaths of Americans in Benghazi?

    3) The GOP Elite betraying the original Republican Principles in order to stay in power, regardless the damage they cause to our Nation?

    What has become of our Free Republic? Have, We The People, become so complacent to allow Criminals to evade not only Justice, but to run our Nation…are we slowly but surely becoming a Banana Republic where "Justice For All" means punishing the people only, but not the rulers since they are above The Law?

    Your thoughts on these infamies would be appreciated.

    Read more at http://www.uspresidentialelectionnews.com/2013/11/election-2013-post-mortem/#0m7pBZ3pYKScGE5G.99


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