Ron Paul: Vaccination By Force? No Thanks!

The corporate fascists are at it again: California governor Jerry Brown signed into law one of the most restrictive mandatory vaccine laws in the country, making it nearly impossible to opt-out. Why is the government trying to play doctor with us and what does it mean for our liberties?

Ron Paul: Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty Report. With me today is Daniel McAdams. Daniel, welcome.

Daniel McAdams: Thank you, Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul: Well, there was an article this week that got a lot of attention because this famous non-libertarian Governor of California decided that he’d get into the practice of medicine and decided that their law on immunization was much too lax. They actually allowed people, of course I don’t believe the law should have existed, but the California law actually recognized that there could be some exemptions, for medical reasons or for personal beliefs and this law repealed that and said ‘No more exemption. I am the King. I am the dictator and this is what is done, because it’s irrefutable. The science is in and everybody has to take the shots.

Jim Carrey, an actor, came forth and he volunteered his position, which I think is pretty accurate. He called the Governor a ‘Corporate Fascist’, because obviously corporations are involved in the drug industry. This has stirred up a hornet’s nest, there is already a referendum going right now to try to repeal it. To me, it seems like it might be a little bit too late. Why did they elect this guy anyway and why did the people do that and when are they going to wake up? There are just so many people who can come to Texas, but it’s still something very worthwhile and we have two things to deal with today. One is the medical issue and the other is the rights issue, who gets to make these decisions.

Daniel McAdams: That’s right, and you talked about how he signed this, but it’s always about fear, isn’t it? Never let a crisis go to waste. You were saying before the show, what put this forward.

Ron Paul: Yeah, there was this tremendous epidemic, and nobody likes epidemics and this epidemic broke out, I understand at the amusement park.

Daniel McAdams: In California, Disneyland.

Ron Paul: In California, in Disneyland and people started getting measles. You are not supposed to get measles anymore! Of course, when I was growing up everybody got the measles and I think I had four of the childhood diseases in one year.

Daniel McAdams: And you are still around.

Ron Paul: But no, they located that it actually spread at Disneyland and they decided, ‘Well this is a crisis. A hundred people got the disease.’

Daniel McAdams: How many deaths?

Ron Paul: Nobody died. But how many people might die from this? And that makes me recall the swine flu vaccine that I voted against within the first month or so when I was in Congress, where under Ford we had to immunize against flu and two of us in Congress voted against this compulsory national immunization, another doctor and myself, Larry McDonald, and it turned out that nobody died. It was a farce. It was a false alarm. There was never an epidemic. They gave these shots and more people died, of course from them, and got a lot of other serious diseases from that.

Daniel McAdams: From the shots?

Ron Paul: Yeah, from the shots. But the question is first, the medical question, and second is the liberty issue. I think, medically, there are a lot of arguments still going on on what should be done, and I think that it’s not hard and fast. It hasn’t been settled. I think sometimes you hear that… there is absolutely no discussion on global warming. Everybody knows the absolute facts, and if you don’t, you are some sort of nut and they don’t look at it, and this is the way this is. But the bigger question for me is, why do we allow our politicians to get involved and make major, major decisions like this?

I think that what we must do is further the education and there is a lot going on with the education, because there is a great deal of danger with these immunizations.

Daniel McAdams: There is the perception that parents who decide not to do this are living in a cave somewhere, they can’t read and write. I happen to know a lot of people on the medical side that have objections and they research exhaustively and they research everything they can, because they truly do care about their children. I think it is very unfair to label these, but of course that is what you do when you want to demonize people.

Ron Paul: Being in the medical profession, there was the temptation and a lot of doctors still go along with this, they say ‘Well, it’s been tested by the FDA and the FDA has given it the sign of approval.’ But, the FDA is a menace. They, for years, have denied drugs from going on the market that could have been helpful. Then they put them out in the market and every night I see an ad on TV that somebody is going to get sued, which includes the doctors, for doing something the FDA said was safe and effective. It is like a moral hazard. ‘OK, the doctors said the FDA said this is OK’. But over the years I got more and more conservative about using new medications and there have been so many medications like that, anti-inflammatory drugs. Vioxx was a deadly drug and it finally got taken off the market. But it is back to ownership, our lives and our responsibilities to our children and it shouldn’t be the government. The argument they generally use is that you got to protect the community. That was one of Brown’s arguments. ‘We have to protect the community.’ He did never say anything; we have got to protect the rights of the individual.

Daniel McAdams: The individual, exactly.

Ron Paul: It’s for the common good, for the public interest and for the community, which is everybody and nobody. But guess what, the definition of what is good for the community is done by thugs. It’s done by the fascists, it’s done by the moneyed interests, it’s done by the drug companies. That’s where we get in the drug trouble, because people make a lot of money off the drug industry.

Daniel McAdams: The argument to me seems illogical. They say that everybody needs to be immunized, for the community’s sake, but if you believe that the immunizations are successful and good for your children, then you should get it for your own children, leave other people alone and then your children will be safe.

Ron Paul: Yes, but they say it wouldn’t be safe for somebody else. If they got the shot, they would be safe.

Daniel McAdams: The other argument is, we talk about this too, they say there is this big exception. What about people with compromised immunity. They can’t get these.

Ron Paul: Yes, and I think that’s worth thinking about, because that is a serious problem and people sometimes are born with this and they have a tough time surviving. It is true that if they are in a school where people are more likely to have certain diseases, they could get into a lot of trouble. But they don’t get into trouble when they are exposed to someone with strep throat or a staph infection or a cold. You know, a cold could turn into pneumonia for people who have no immunity.

That’s a false argument; I think it is just an excuse for people to believe they know what’s right. There are economic planners and there are social planners and this group goes on with the economic planners, the mischief makers and it tends to be more the liberals that would do this. They are the ones that overstep the bounds and they don’t think about, or their goal is to undermine liberty. It seems like it is, because they see it as an excuse and “we’ve got to take care of the people.”

That is an excuse so much of government is based behind. We have the excuse of economic equality, we get involved with that. We have this excuse that we have to not only deal with this kind of drugs, but make sure there is no marijuana available. Ironically, there’s some pretty good studies coming on now on treatment for autism with marijuana. Let’s say some of these shots cause autism. So, the shots that the governments enforce create the autism and then the government comes and says that the best thing in the world could be, at least, the use of marijuana, but we are going to deny you this, we are going to put you in jail if you do not take your shots and we are going to put you in jail if you use the only treatment available.

This is so far removed from what is done in a free society. It’s not to imply the free society is perfect, because man is not perfect. There are a lot of mistakes made. But if you choose to raise your kids a certain way and you make a mistake, yes, it could be a very serious thing, but what if somebody else chooses to tell you what you can do with your kid and they make a mistake. There are 16 different vaccines that they use in over a course of a lifetime, 69 injections and most of them come before they go to the first grade.

Daniel McAdams: Wow.

Ron Paul: That is just horrible. If people finally could look at their responsibility and study this and say ‘Maybe that is a little too much’. 69 different shots that they have. Maybe they could say ‘Well, at least why don’t we give less. Let’s give less of them and not have a cocktail.’ It should be logical for doctors to understand this about overstressing the system.

The other thing that is coming out, but I don’t believe they’ve had the time to study this in a double-blind way, and that is that if you take a thousand kids that never had a shot and a thousand kids that had all the shots and follow them for 25 years and see what kind of health patterns they have. Of course, each side argues and one will say ‘we have saved all these lives with the shots’, the other side will say ‘no, three of my kids had shots and three of them didn’t, and the ones who had had the shots were more sickly over the years.’ That may be true, but the thing is they don’t know and the FDA is not going to provide this information, because the FDA generally represents special interests and a lot of money is involved.

Daniel McAdams: Big pharma.

Ron Paul: Big pharma. I think we are slow in this country to realize this, although there have been groups around trying to get this out. In other countries they are becoming more cautious and backing away from it, just like GMOs they are backing away from some countries more so than this country, because we have the agricultural industry. Intervention is bad and if we had a system where we truly understood that the government’s purpose is to protect liberty, allow individuals to make decisions, their best choices, they will do it imperfectly, but just think of the harm dome when we give too much power to the government.

Hopefully we can participate in this, we’ve talked about this. There’s a growing segment, already there is a quite a few counties in California that are very, very much opposed to this. That would be another argument for the breaking up of California into five states. In different areas of California there is more resistance to this and they are already trying to get signatures to back away. But, that is difficult. It is a lot easier to stir up emotions and get hysterical about the epidemic and that ‘some of the people that had the measles could have died’. I wonder if they are thinking about people who are dying in inner city violence and automobile accidents and struck by a lightning and all these things that are happening, but here they talk about the potential harm done if we don’t make sure everybody gets that measles shot and poison their system, because these things aren’t pure, it isn’t like you just get a shot to immunize you against the disease. They have to have preservatives in them, just like in foods and it’s usually those additional substances that can be harmful.

I want to thank everybody for tuning in today. I think it is a very, very important issue about the rights of parents and the responsibility of parents to think seriously about which immunizations their children get, but I do not like the idea that parents get blackmailed into this and say ‘Well, they can’t come to public school, unless they have this shots and this and that.’ They do not have the energy to fight. One thing they should consider doing is that they do admit that if you do not want the shots, you can home school or you can go to private school and let them deal with it. Then at least send them back their tax money. Do they still have to pay their taxes? What an insult. It’s time that we wake up and decide that liberty provides the answers for us and we don’t need to depend on people that now are characterized as fascist corporatists. There are too many of them and guess which party they belong to? All the parties, so far, at least the two majors. There are too many corporate fascists in our political system.

I want to thank everybody for tuning in today and come back to the Liberty Report soon.

This video was published by the Ron Paul Institute.

  • Stevie McSteve

    I have read a number of critics who have proclaimed that those who advocate for mandates on vaccines are looking at the “facts”, while those who advocate for liberty are looking at it in an “emotional” perspective. However, this could not be possibly further from the truth. While I most certainly believe that vaccinations if a responsible choice for a child, the Libertarians are by far looking at the greater picture: Government intervention.

    Liberty is not merely a privilege given and taken as the public pleases. Liberty is sustained. Historically, while plagues have proven great threats to humanity, large invasive governments have been the number one perpetrator of genocide, oppression, tyranny, and human stagnation. Each and every oppressive government has started out with something so fundamental- limiting the liberties of the individual. They place mandates, for what they proclaim to be in favor of the “greater good” of the public.

    One can always get a vaccination him or herself and drastically reduce the odds that they receive the disease to begin with. However, when the government infringes the fundamental rights of the people, there remains no choice, and no liberty. In fact, I would wager for that matter, the emotional argument are those who wish to mandate the vaccines. They look at the short-term results, and they would rather see immediate gratification than longer-term gratification for all of humanity. The machine can -never- worlk until the individual components are able to work on their own, independently.

  • Bryon N.

    The restrictions implemented in this law are MUCH more severe than Ron Paul has stated.

    The Law states that children who are not vaccinated are not able to attend: private schools, public elementary or secondary school, child care center, day nursery, nursery school, family day care home, or development center.

    and: The governing authority shall not unconditionally admit or advance any pupil to the 7th grade level of any private or public elementary or secondary school unless the pupil has been fully immunized against pertussis, including all pertussis boosters appropriate for the pupil’s age.

    They say that home school is exempted however in California home school is legally a private school.

    We have recently found an immunologists research that shows how immunizations may cause the spread of the diseases immunized against while preventing symptoms. Other research shows that immunizations can outright spread disease and does not protect people as promised. See link below.