Ron Paul: Iran Agreement Boosts Peace, Defeats Neocons


by Ron Paul

Last week’s successfully concluded Iran agreement is one of the two most important achievements of an otherwise pretty dismal Obama presidency. Along with the ongoing process of normalizing relations with Cuba, this move shows that diplomacy can produce peaceful, positive changes. It also shows that sometimes taking a principled position means facing down overwhelming opposition from all sides and not backing down. The president should be commended for both of these achievements.

The agreement has reduced the chance of a US attack on Iran, which is a great development. But the interventionists will not give up so easily. Already they are organizing media and lobbying efforts to defeat the agreement in Congress. Will they have enough votes to over-ride a presidential veto of their rejection of the deal? It is unlikely, but at this point if the neocons can force the US out of the deal it may not make much difference. Which of our allies, who are now facing the prospect of mutually-beneficial trade with Iran, will be enthusiastic about going back to the days of a trade embargo? Which will support an attack on an Iran that has proven to be an important trading partner and has also proven reasonable in allowing intrusive inspections of its nuclear energy program?

However, what is most important about this agreement is not that US government officials have conducted talks with Iranian government officials. It is that the elimination of sanctions, which are an act of war, will open up opportunities for trade with Iran. Government-to-government relations are one thing, but real diplomacy is people-to-people: business ventures, tourism, and student exchanges.

I was so impressed when travel personality Rick Steves traveled to Iran in 2009 to show that the US media and government demonization of Iranians was a lie, and that travel and human contact can help defeat the warmongers because it humanizes those who are supposed to be dehumanized.

As I write in my new book, Swords into Plowshares:

Our unwise policy with Iran is a perfect example of what the interventionists have given us—60 years of needless conflict and fear for no justifiable reason. This obsession with Iran is bewildering. If the people knew the truth, they would strongly favor a different way to interact with Iran.

Let’s not forget that the Iran crisis started not 31 years ago when the Iran Sanctions Act was signed into law, not 35 years ago when Iranians overthrew the US-installed Shah, but rather 52 years ago when the US CIA overthrew the democratically-elected Iranian leader Mossadegh and put a brutal dictator into power. Our relations with the Iranians are marked by nearly six decades of blowback.

When the Cold War was winding down and the military-industrial complex needed a new enemy to justify enormous military spending, it was decided that Iran should be the latest “threat” to the US. That’s when sanctions really picked up steam. But as we know from our own CIA National Intelligence Estimate of 2007, the stories about Iran building a nuclear weapon were all lies. Though those lies continue to be repeated to this day.

It is unfortunate that Iran was forced to give up some of its sovereignty to allow restrictions on a nuclear energy program that was never found to be in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. But if the net result is the end of sanctions and at least a temporary reprieve from the constant neocon demands for attack, there is much to cheer in the agreement. Peace and prosperity arise from friendly relations and trade – and especially when governments get out of the way.

This column was published by the Ron Paul Institute.


  • Bud

    To the Keith yahoo… You ought to take a look at who’s actually running the show. In fact come to think of it you sound like a shill for the Khazarian Bankers. The history you tout is false or incomplete. Iranians are good people. There is extremism in every country. The media representation of the extremists in Iran firstly feature the extremists secondly after public opinion is garnered (not that they really need it) and acts of war are committed upon them they stand up and scream hateful words. So chill out with you’re righteous ass tirades and take a look how the “U.S of America Inc.” is complicit in inciting war in others countries. You’re probably with those Khazarian fucks. Time to take them down. Israel is a human rights violation at the outset. A Rothschild con. You’re either an ill informed fool or one of theirs dominating the discussion with seemingly coherent historical references defending vague principles in defense of what?… Who are you anyway boy. It’s not the role of the government of this society to act as pre-emptive nanny. The truth of America should be and is to let people do as they will in the process of human creation and human exchange…and to provide redress where wrongs are committed.. amongst our own…as declared by an individual who claims to have been injured…that is all… the courts are the venue of conflict resolution and the limit of the function of government in a free society. You are a fascist.

  • PaoloUSA

    Obama and all the others members of one party with two names, lie continuously. Concerning the Iranian alleged “death to America and Israel”, facts talk and propaganda walks.
    They are signatories of the NPA on nuclear weapons, Israel is not, they have never attacked Israel, not the same can be said of Israel. In addition in Teheran there is a prosperous Jewish community that have flourished over centuries, respected and allowed with no restrictions whatsoever, to practice their own religion.
    Iranian have a deep love for their country, even those who do not cherish the current regime; you want to aggregate them, just make them feel they are under a common threat. Maybe the Iranian are a bit pissed off to the Zionist that control our congress and push us to fight in their stead. We all should be, given that presidential candidates have to pay their respect to Israel if they want to stand a chance of winning.
    Concerning Death To America, same principle applies, facts talk, propaganda walk. Was Iran supporting the Hezbollah that allegedly back in October 1983 bombed the Marines barracks in Beirut? Give me a break, I was there 32 years ago, it could have been anyone given the mess Regan put us into and get it over with.
    By the way; no one ever mentioned that Israel invaded the South of Lebanon for 20 years; I would like to see if Mexico would invade Texas and other southern states for twenty years what would happen. Oh by the way, on the same principle of picking historical facts to suit the current agenda, nothing would happen since Texas during the Civil war was on the wrong side of the equation. On this basis of continuously referring to the past, we could argue that there was never neither a Palestinian state or a Jewish state, they were all Roman citizens…………………
    If political hypocrisy would be uranium, we could power America forever. The secret to ones freedom is the longing for information, unbiased information leads to the truth.

  • Michael Crist

    I came here to read about Ron Paul’s “Economic Catastrophe” prediction, and I find he supports Obama and his Iran deal. Further… he supports Obama’s normalizing of relations with Cuba.. That’s all I need to know. Ron Paul is still a “nut”, and might as well change his party affiliation to communist (i.e. democrat/liberal/progressive).

    • Vance Lopez

      Thanks for sharing. Great insight. I think you convinced a lot of us today.

    • fukkinrockin

      I don’t know how much more ignorant a statement one can make,,,I suppose the “central bank” plank of the commie manifesto Dr. Paul must’ve slept through. His support for diplomacy is to have hope the sociopaths in Washington and Israel don’t commit mass murder anytime soon. Gotta try something different, from the last 50 +years, and I am unfamiliar when Israel had the right to determine Iran’s fate, Israel is the only country murdering people at will recently.

  • Beware of Forked Tongues

    I have stood behind Dr. Paul for years, but I do question some of his assumptions that seem on the verge of naiveté. The what abouts: Iran’s hatred of Israel; Iran’s war with Iraq back in the 80’s (wiped out an entire generation of men; their support of terrorism, Hezbollah, etc., This is not a time to be deceived …times are very dangerous, it’s not a “tiptoe through the tulips” kinda time.

  • livefree1200cc

    The sheeple just don’t understand that the ‘extremists’ hate us because we bomb their homes and killed their children. Dr. Paul calls this blowback (for any warmonger reading this)

    • PHenry

      Spoon fed on media garbage, what would you expect? 😉

  • When did Reagan admit he decieved the People? Frankly, he had more faith in the American people doing the right thing than they deserve, especially today. Reagan admitted he made a mistake and nothing was mentioned to the people because it was classified. But when things went badly he admitted that he made an error – that was what it was about. He did not try to cover it up like Nixon, Clinton, and Obama – he was man enough to admit it and had the integrity to be honest. Shame on you for twisting that segment of the Reagan administration. When a president is informed that someone or some group in his administration has committed an unethical or illegal act – he cannot be held responsible unless an order was given to do so or the discovery is kept a secret from the People. It is our responsibility to be a watch dog of government, foremost of those we have decided to vote for. The government is the way it is because of an apathetic, self-centered people who have allowed things to go this far. It is not just the fault of those operating our government, but also the people who think its more important to keep tabs on a favorite sports team than what politicians are up to. US needs to become great again internationally and here at home. We need to return to being a model of a constitutional government that history has never matched.

    • I agree. We’re on the same page with re: “It is our responsibility to be a watch dog of government…” and the later portion of your response. I do however lack faith in the voting, campaigning, the bipartisan smoke screen wedge issues, and the faltering illusions of our power to choose.
      Regarding Reagan and the other puppets…that is precisely my point. It doesn’t seem to matter who is put in the Oval Office. If, we chose him/her, we also have reasonable expectations that the president, of all people, would be well informed, especially when addressing the people. This clearly and simply illustrates the disconnect and disinformation between the “messenger” and the war machine (among other real powers that are pulling the strings). It’s no wonder there is a disconnect and lack of understanding between the people and the wars they are mindlessly funding.

  • Ignominious

    I trust Ron Paul’s judgement (perhaps past tense),
    I don’t trust Obama,
    I don’t trust the Iranian government,
    I don’t trust the neocon warmongers,
    I don’t trust the media,
    I don’t trust our government,

    One has to ask, what does Ron Paul know that we don’t?
    Has he read the entire agreement?
    Is he familiar with all the side deals?

    Is he not aware of all the damage Obama has already done to this country? Does he really believe Obama seeks what is best for America?

    Does he believe Obama loves America and would never knowingly do anything against our best interests?

    Regardless of what the US government did 50 years ago why does Dr Paul trust Obama and the Iranian government?

  • Tom Collins (UK)

    Sorry Ron, Although a great fan, I differ over your view of Iran. They may be Persian but they still call America Satan! Actions speak louder than words so let them PROVE that they have completely stopped their nuclear ambitions and THEN lift the sanctions. In this crazy world we simply cannot trust anyone on their word, sadly. Perhaps just a step in the right direction; perhaps!

  • Cylas

    Thank you Sen. Paul. Someone has to say these things and I commend you for doing so. I can happily ignore all the screaming and whining that is already coming from those who want to see us embroiled in another costly war in the Middle east.

  • And your point is, other than not understanding the problem of Islamic fascism we face TODAY? It seems this PHenry fellow has glitter in eyes over Khomeini – but none when it comes to historical leadership of our nation. Typical anti-American rhetoric – and if that has nothing to do with one’s character tied into their ideology, what is?

    • Cylas

      So we back off and let Iran build nukes or we bomb Iran? Can you enlighten us on what the results of either of these options would be?

      • I seem to be having a communication problem combined with no real grasp of the situation. First, with Iran’s agenda of destroying Israel and supporting terrorist actions against UK and US, combined with their global agenda of a world theocracy. Second, I did not mention anything about bombing Iran, just letting them know we will not tolerate their aggression nor concede that they develope WMDs – which means building a strong defense for deterrence, ruined by Obama and company. No, we or the UN should not allow Iran to build nukes. I thought I made that clear in discussion long ago. I am not pushing a war either, but I am savvy enough after two combat tours, that war should be a last resort. However, when talking about WMD capabilities, no nation should take the chance of a rogue nation committing a first strike. Problem with present foreign policy is that our leadership is weak, but this does not mean we need to declare war either (last resort). This Iran ‘deal’ is a joke. It has little incentive for Iran to do anything but what it has been planning and continue its support of subversion of other nations, treachery, and insane aggresive ideology. The problem, unlike Turkey, they are living in an ideological world of the 7th century; an ideology of conquest in the name of religion that caused the Crusade and now rears its ugly head again in the 21st century. Contrary to belief, the Crusade did not begin until Islam conquest had reached Spain and the Eastern Christian empire pleaded for help from the Western Church in Rome. Today, the tactics are less direct (although the Islamic State is forcing a conclusion and multinational involvement) – but the 7th century doctrine and political ideology of conquest are the same. Dealing with foreign affairs requires a level-headed leadership, but at the same time a viable show of defensive force that will hopefully prevent offensive action in order to stop unjustified aggression and abominable crimes against humanity. The worst thing in fighting evil is to do nothing. Have we not learned from PM Chamberlain in handling Hitler and US having an isolationist policy? Millions of lives would have been saved if Hitler was stopped before escalation into his 1939 actions. Rogue nations like North Korea and Iran must not be allowed to be strong enough to think it can win in a perpetuated aggression. As I have stated here, Ron Paul has some good points – but his isolationist ideology is not one of them. I agree that there has been problematic foreign policies in the past and present, but national leadership must always stand up to bullies. Frankly, it is best to take care of issues on the domestic scene instead of funneling so much funding and material to nations who do not appreciate it. The policy that an enemy of our enemy is our freind must clearly be stopped.
        Those that have been elected president have, after election, seemed to change the purpose/tactics they had when campaigning for office. This is due, in part, that as President they have access to information they did not have before to make decisions. Foreign affairs is never a simple solution and it is handled by looking at the big picture and paying attention to history as an information source to make best possible decisions.

    • PHenry

      I understand it perfectly. Of course, I do not rely on the media to spoon feed me what they think I should believe, so you will have to forgive me for not believing as you do.

      “Typical anti-American rhetoric” Negative. I am an American and I love my country. That is why I hate the government currently running my country into the ground. The more important question is, why don’t you feel the same way? You like having your investments and your purchasing power being sapped by crooked politicians? You like the government spying on you? You like endless wars destroying one of the most precious resources this country has? You like illegals streaming across our borders, taking our tax dollars and killing Americans that pay those taxes?

      Being informed is not “glitter” in ones eyes. Try to be less of a government stooge and think a bit more for yourself sometime.

  • KD Elkins Gaur

    You’re twisting Trumps words, just as so many others who don’t know, or PURPOSELY choose to IGNORE American English. The Dems, Republicans and the word twisting media fear TRUMPS popularity and will morbidly turn a perfectly rational comment into whatever it is in order to brainwash gullible ‘not-too-smart’ people. Makes me think that those wh0 are prone to believe this BS should be locked up for the safety of the rational majority. Trump said, “Mexico (meaning the Mexican GOVERNMENT) are sending their criminals, their murderers, ‘their’ RAPIST”, meaning their UNDESIRABLES. What he ‘DID NOT’ say is that Mexicans are RAPIST. Supporters of Trump are the wiser, the more rational, the more likely to use their common sense, their intelligence, they know how to translate American English, to UNDERSTAND its’ meaning and how NOT to fall into the word twisting game of political deceptiveness.

    • Vance Lopez

      “Makes me think that those wh0 are prone to believe this BS should be locked up for the safety of the rational majority.”


      • Alan

        Hi Sheeple !!!

  • PineCone

    My problem is that Obama lies so often, that I don’t believe anything he says anymore.

    • PHenry

      You don’t have to believe Obama; no one has EVER questioned Dr. Ron Paul’s honesty. They may not like his policy stances but you will not find a more honest person that has already been through the cess pool known as Washington, DC and still maintains that integrity.

      You can be ABSOLUTELY sure that if he thinks it is a pretty good deal, it is.

      • Much into demogoguery, are we?

        • PHenry

          It is spelled “demagoguery” and so? Passion does not equal ‘wrong.’

          • People like you make me sick and not worth my time – good luck with your subserviance to Islam – may you be the first to be beheaded.

      • Tom Collins

        Ron Paul should have been your President! Things would certainly have been very different! America is a wonderful country, spoiled and nearly ruined by politicians and bankers, so I’m told! Mind you, the same applies to the UK, so I’m told!

      • Ignominious

        Honesty does not make someone right on an issue. A lot of people honestly believe that communism is a great governmental system; are they then right about it?

        • PHenry

          No, honesty doesn’t make someone correct but I wasn’t speaking to the correctness of any position. Taken in the context of the post I was replying to, my comment stands.
          It goes without saying that the only true statesman in my lifetime that still follows the Constitution and the foreign policy of our founders, Dr. Ron Paul, knows more about foreign policy than either of us ever will. You may try to pick around the edges of some post I made here or there, but Dr. Paul remains irrefutable.

          • Ignominious

            “You can be ABSOLUTELY sure that if he thinks it is a pretty good deal, it is.”

            “No, honesty doesn’t make someone correct but I wasn’t speaking to the correctness of any position.”

            Dr Paul is great but your language in both comments resembles a messianic view. Get a grip; he is a man and isn’t always right about everything. I wrote him in for president on my ballot but I don’t put him past being an exceptional man. I suggest you do the same.

      • gingerpal

        How does he explain their (Iran’s) “death to America and Israel”. Seems to me they are fixated on the elimination of the two countries. I think Ron Paul is wrong on this.

        • PHenry

          You may think whatever you like. Even if it were true that they were fixated on the destruction of the US and Israel, how exactly do they go about accomplishing that? Israel has 300+ nukes, the US has thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands. Iran has NO nukes and NO means of delivering them. Despite the chants of “Iran will have nukes in the next 5 years” (which has been ongoing for about 20-25 years now), they have exactly zero. People in this country chant death to Iran all the time, as well as “bomb, bomb, bomb… bomb, bomb Iran” and what does it really mean?
          If you really think Israel is going to stand by while Iran gets a nuke… You are more naive than the people who think Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Ea… Oh wait… You believe that too… my bad.

  • Has Paul lost his mind? Has he not heard Iran chanting “death to America” – “destroy Israel”? This is even after the “deal” went through. Paul has been wise with domestic issues, but has ignored the fact that Islam has declared war on the Western world and any culture standing in its way on its crusade to create a global theocracy established in the 7th century.

    • Marmidone

      Are you sure about it? I think that Dr Paul is right, because the USA threatened Iran in past years. But the problem is another one, in my view: why Obama has decided to push for the conclusion of this agreement? Yes, Dr Paul says that is for save is foreign policy, but I think that it’s not the only reason.

      Islam declared war on Western world? What if it’s the contrary? I mean, Isis, Al Qaeda, ecc..: all terroristic organizations that had received money and weapons from US.

      In conclusion, Israel could not agree with this deal and it’s probably that will proceed with a first attack to Iran.

      • Yes, I am sure of it. I think you should do research on relationship with Iran and US history. During Carter administration there WAS a threat from US when Iranians took members of our embassy hostage – who were not released until Reagan became president. It is an international atrocity to harm or take hostage any diplomat and/or those of any country’s embassy. They are still pissed that we backed the Iran dictator rather than the neurotic Islamic fundamentalist Komeini. If you believe that the US has declared war on the ‘Western world’ you are too far into being brainwashed. I am not happy with our foreign policies over the years, but these accusations are not factual. I commend Paul for being a constitutionalist, but have always been against his policy that we can let the world around us crumble and expect not to be involved. Israel is (has been) fighting for its existence … Iran has repeatedly and without hesitation claimed that their agenda is to ‘wipe Israel off the planet’ – and exterminate Jews. Thanks to this deal and the useless UN (and the return of $150 billion to Iran) – we have provided the match to set the world on fire. PS: If Israel does attack nuclear centers in Iran – it certainly won’t be the first ‘attack’ – several attacks against Israel has occurred, funded and supported by Iran. You need to educate yourself and quit being quick to blame everything on your own country, assuming you are an American citizen.

        • Vance Lopez

          Keith, your history starts a bit late. Tom Woods did a recent episode (#448 I think) with Scott Horton on the agreement, giving great context and discussing Rand’s sad response (with which you might agree).

          I’m pretty sure Marmidone was questioning which Islam you were referring to in your original post. Is it the Islam that is helping us now fight ISIS, which was the Islam that was helping us fight Syria? The region is a confusing mess. Our foreign policies are confounding the problem.

          How is it that Ron’s domestic viewpoints are spot on and his foreign ones are not when they’re built on the same principles?

          By the way, you mentioned the chants. There have been KKK demonstrations in NC calling for race war, and Black Panther responses. I suppose those those are representative of the population. We should be careful to not generalize based on anecdotes. Perhaps that’s why Ron advocates for diplomacy that’s led by the people, through private exchanges.

          • First of all, Marmidone can speak for itself … second, you apparently don’t know history if I am mentioning things ‘too late’, whatever that means. The point is that in the 1930s we became isolationist after the horrible first world war to end all wars – which is impossible because someone, some nation, will always have war for a given reason. This discussion is about Paul Sr, not Rand. You are a typical progressive (but you will probably claim to be libertarian) looking for loopholes when you should be looking at reality and how to deal with it. Islamic fascists, wherever they may be, declared war publicy and distinctly more times than I can count; and committed an atrocity on September 11, 2001. Thus, I may agree that we have involved ourselves at times with foreign conflicts and concerns when it does not directly affect our nation – like the founders that were elected president until Jefferson who was forced to send naval and Marine forces to Tripoli.
            There was no ‘generalization’ – specific items were presented, as also here. People like you like to mix oranges with apples. “Diplomacy”? Hasn’t that what has been going on with no result except increased violence emanating from Islamic fascism? It is true our foreign policy needs to be worked on. We keep doing the same things despite poor results. But foreign affairs can be a complex situation. I support Ron Paul on many domestic issues, but do not agree with all of his ideas on foreign issues. Do you find that confusing? If so, then it is clear that you do not understand the subject matter. Paul thinks, and apparently you also, believe that if we pull our troops and foreign concerns out of that region in the world – the sun will come out and a rainbow will appear. You and Paul are living in the Land of Oz. We need to certainly reform our attitudes and policies concerning foreign affairs – but not sit back and watch the rest of the world go up in flames expecting our nation to remain untouched. Indeed, as I write this subversion and infiltration of our political and social infrastructure is being degraded by those same people you think diplomacy will make them see the light – a people that have the doctrine and policy of 7th century while living in the 21st century. An enemy who is intolerant to all other religions, but expects everyone to be tolerant of them while they enact their agenda of global theocracy and enslavement in the name of Allah. Wake up to reality. I am sick of people blaming our nation for everything that goes bad somewhere else, and when it bleeds into our nation – refuse to do something about it but talk. A schoolyard bully never stops until you punch him in the nose.

          • MIke

            That’s an interesting mention of the schoolyard bully. Who has invaded many middle eastern countries in the last few decades? Who exercises such power in the middle east that they can even – from half a world away- dictate the leaders of sovereign nations there? Can you not see how the US and Israel could be resented in that region? Would you feel that Russia was justified in invading the US, Canada and Mexico because they felt threatened by the US?
            I love my Country and do not “blame America” for everything, but you can be damn sure I blame the political elite in this country that has engaged us in death and destruction across the middle east. I have no love lost for the totalitarian regimes of Islam or any other religion or political structure. But to expect anything less than complete hostility from a region where we have been dropping bombs, killing innocent people and supporting and funding some of the most brutal factions in that area is just ridiculous. While America holds the potential to be the most positive force for peace on the planet, we have instead chosen to be the lone military superpower flexing our muscles across the planet. And somehow we are to expect people to accept that and love us for it?

          • You say you “love your country” – but join other in blaming US for Middle East problems. You mention Mexico that is already invading us with our blessing. You say Israel invaded what nation? Your ignorance is evident since Israel has given up land in order to charter peaceful relations with neighbors. You are blind to the fact that time again and again, in words and actions, the Islamic fascists have let the world know their agenda of global domination and a caliphate theocracy. You are one of too many who instead of demanding our foreign policy be fixed (not the way you imagine), join the sides of enemies of free nations – and then say “I love my country”. Obama has backed off – but you keep whining and then ignore that our trade relations has become lopsided and people are taking advantage of our charitable nature and tolerant policies. Our armed forces hasn’t been this weakened since after World War I. A strong defense helps garner peace and keeps rogue nations and international bullies at bay. Someone has filled your head with lies – Islamic fascists, like Hitler and Imperial Japan, fired the first shots. Saddam Hussein could not be tolerated. I saw what that mass murderer did with the help of his Imperial Guard – I was there. Do your homework, research using reputable sources (some military experience would help, but not necessary) – and then you won’t spew out the anti-American propaganda that you parrot coming from the enemies of free nations. We have remained friends of UK, Australia, and Israel (until Obama came along); indeed the former satellite states of USSR – and did not do so by ‘invading’ or ‘flexing our muscles’. I respect Ron Paul, but his naive thoughts on what to do about aggression is not compatible with history and the facts – and you are not respectable because you bad-mouth our nation’s traditions and at the same time say ‘you love your country’. What a crock. Study history and learn something. There is always a rogue nation and a bully around the corner who wants someone else’s real estate or power over something – and will flex its muscles to get it. US is not like that, even as our nation has fallen away from its constitutional republic foundation.

          • Vance Lopez

            “and you are not respectable because you bad-mouth our nation’s traditions and at the same time say ‘you love your country’. ”

            Ouch. Nice quick way to shut down dialogue – disagree and be smacked. That is actually consistent with a lot of U.S. foreign policy, though.

            Well, so I don’t get smacked too hard, and to assuage my ego (why can’t I just overcome human psychology), I’m a 7 year veteran, USMC, with 3 tours in the Middle East. I’ve walked your walk.

            I just don’t understand how folks can be distrusting of the government on domestic policy and yet be trusting of it on the foreign side. Just like at home, we try to pick the winners and losers abroad, and we don’t do a great job at it. The truth, many in that region would go on (and are) killing themselves for reasons we don’t fully understand. Fine. Let them. Unfortunately, over many years we have gotten involved in that infighting in no small part for a particular resource widely abundant in the region. Maybe that can explain why we let equally brutal regimes like Saudi and Qatar go on about their business.

            The fact is, if we want this “safety” that a strong defense (or offense I suppose) purportedly provides, then we need to get real. Stop putting this burden on volunteer service members telling them that we’re keeping the world safer while places like North Korea and other north African regimes go on torturing human kind. Mandatory 3 year service for every able body and mind. Higher taxes to pay for a highly expanded DoD budget. Then completely level every country/ territory that doesn’t do what we say. That might put away these extremist factions. We might even try to breed out the local population. This will help control blowback over time. And then let’s not call it coming to the rescue of the rest of the world “as it crumbles.” Let’s just call it what it is. We’re scared of or hate people that don’t agree with us so we’re attacking first. Problem solved.

            Just thinking about the small effects of prolonged war, what must a 9 year old Afghan think of the U.S. (particularly if he’s from the Helmund Province)? What are objective facts? We know what we want him to think. We’re trying to help. I can only imagine the intellectual path that he must some how follow to conclude that the violence he’s experienced all his life was in his best interest.

          • PHenry

            Great post Vance. It is nice to see vets pointing a glaring light on the truth. I served at a different time in our history, many years ago and came to many of the same conclusions.
            The epiphany came when trying to reconcile the differences between the many writings of our Founders and the Imperialistic style foreign policy the modern day US government is engaged in.

          • If you cannot determine the difference between domestic issues and foreign issues, there is no hope for you. Thank you for your service, but it does not override your stubborn ignorance. Ignorance can be forgiven, but those that refuse to see or even investigate the truth are pathetic. I did say that I believe our foreign policy needs an overhaul, but you and Paul who believe that we are to be isolated, an “island onto itself” is pure naivety and believe in the fanciful world of Utopia. If Hitler and the Imperial Japanese were stopped in the 1930s, it would have saved millions of lives. I cannot understand why a veteran Marine would believe that stopping Saddam Hussein (another Hitler) was not only in the interest of US, but in the interest of humanity. Further back in history, we chose to side with Iraq (Hussein) against Iran. One of the big problems with our foreign policy is our leadership developed the policy that an enemy of our enemy is our friend – a mistake we did with Stalin, who butchered people in tens of thousands instead of millions like the Nazi and signed a pact to carve up Europe between communism and fascism; but allowed them to be an ally during the war and allowing USSR to divide Europe (and Germany). Ostriches believe if they put their head in the sand and cannot see the danger, it will just go away. Pretty much sums up the foreign policy of Ron Paul. The part I like about Paul is his constitutionalism, if that helps you sort this discussion out.

          • livefree1200cc

            You all but said what I have been saying……The US military is the largest and most successful terrorist organization on the planet

          • MIke

            And your mention of 9/11 leaves out one very important factor. Apparently there are 28 pages of the 9/11 report that are classified, but appear to point to Saudi Arabia’s state funding of the attack. So, as you feel that our heavy handed responses across the middle east are partly a result of that attack, why in the world do we send our “leaders” to kiss the Saudi King’s ring, while we depose and kill the leaders of Iraq, Libya and Syria – none of which have ever attacked or threatened the United States?
            Do you think this fact is lost on the people in the middle east?

          • Tom Collins (UK)

            Oil and Arms !

          • livefree1200cc

            lol – It kills me that people are falling for the ‘the truth is in those 28 pages’ routine. Those 28 pages are no more truthful than the entire investigation. Pure misdirection

          • livefree1200cc

            You are an idiot if you think our government wasn’t in on 9/11. This wasn’t done by men in caves, it was done by men in DC with $5000 suits

          • PS: I wouldn’t rely on Tom Woods, a selective, progressive historian …

          • PHenry

            Nice logical fallacy, attack the person and not his assertions…

          • If I choose to attack a person, they would be dead. The only fallacy is what I read here PHenry.

          • PHenry

            And I thought liberals say a lot without making any sense…

    • Keith we appreciate your passion, but unfortunately, most of us in western world have very little knowledge or understanding of the Iranian people, or their history. The large majority of info accessible to our attempted research, is still terribly skewed. It’s complex and different from what we know. It takes some empathy and a very open mind to see it for what it is, rather than what we have been told…both foreign and domestic.
      Brief history & perspective

      My only hope/fear is that Iran does not fall victim to the centralized banking systems that has been spread and imposed upon the few remaining countries of the world.

      Maybe Dr. Paul could shed some light and thoughts on the matter.

    • PHenry

      You ignore the fact that Islam has declared no such thing; radicalized, militants who CLAIM to be Muslims have made such claims.

      • They quote directly from the Qu’ran – so they do not represent Islam? Turks who created the Republic of Turkey realized that religion must be separated from the state – thus they were successful in peaceful relationships with Europe and US. Theocracy was wrong when the Christian Church had power, and it is certainly wrong in light of the atrocities committed by those bent on global theocracy. PHenry, you are not only anti-American, but naive to think that such an ideology will ever be touched by a magic wand and made peaceful. I spent 4.5 years at NATO in Turkey, and know the difference between a constitutional republic and a theocratic oligarchy. If you like the latter so much – go there and quit corrupting our nation with your diatribe.

        • PHenry

          Quoting pieces of Al Quran does not make them Muslims and it certainly doesn’t mean they represent Islam. I can quote from it all day yet I am not a Muslim either. Anders Behring Breivik could quote from the Bible and claimed he was a Christian. Do you know any real Christians that would murder 77 people? Hitler also claimed to be a Christian… Heck, I can claim to be a multi-millionaire but is it true? I am not sure why people who think themselves to be so f’ing intelligent can miss something so f’ing obvious.

          And for my favorite turn of the phrase:
          “Religions don’t kill people, people do.”

    • Alan

      I do not think you read the article. If what he said is true, and it probably is then if you were an Iranian then you would be chanting – death to America also.

      • So nonsensical … Paul agreeing with Obama’s foreign policy? C’mon, the man is either getting senile or lost it. It makes as much sense as your comment.

        • Alan

          so you find it nonsensical because Paul agrees with Obama’s foreign policy? Paul is no respecter of persons. He uses common sense to agree or disagree with someone, not who the person is.

    • fukkinrockin

      did you see that chanting on the trustworthy idiot tube did you? the electronic synagogue if you will….and when you did there was sooo little doubt it was what they say it was,,,soon to be followed by miley cyrus skimpy on a wrecking ball
      you sir need to unjew your propagandized mind,,,and focus on getting all these hordes off our soil…

      • Ron Paul is on that “idiot tube” … so what’s your point? The Internet is filled with all sorts of media, information, misinformation that a person must glean through, for example, this ridiculous comment by a person who has a disgusting identification name that demonstrates the low mental and character of yourself. You need to sit back and take a look at yourself and those of your class of people and see why America is in ruin – mostly from within. I usually do not answer pathetic commentary like yours, but on occassion I do in an attempt to direct little minds into reflecting one’s inner self, look at the big picture, and see that character, honesty, and integrity ARE important – and that the Internet is a place where one must glean what is good and what is a reliable source of information. The only “propagandized mind” I see is yours.

        • fukkinrockin

          PHFFT….the point is You , the cuckservative assclown is a propagandized idiot. You show your colors making blanket statements about what Ron Paul agrees with….yes yes history is EXACTLY as we have been told. Don’t ask questions, Iran included..
          The class of people like me that fukkin work their asses off only to have their fruits illegally stolen, never mind you are still jewed out crying over shit that has zero bearing on your life, but what do I know I can upload the statements of cash paid out to these crikes..
          Piss off you shitstain, I wont be the idiot starving in the street I can assure you of that.

          • Naturally people like you with no reputable or truthful resources must rely upon verbal abuse and name calling because you get angry when truth is presented and your professed ‘knowledge’. There is a problem with our system because we the people have failed to ensure that constitutional law is practiced and the foundation of all laws and regulations. I would not argue that the people are suffering because of who is operating our government, however the people’s apathy (and those indoctrinated like you and who refuses to educate themselves) have allowed the foothold of corruption in our government we see today – in which Ron Paul warned for so long and in his memorable retirement speech to Congress. This discussion here is about his foreign affairs ideology and does not repute that we need to return to constitutional law, rule of law, in order to see America return to its greatness as a republic. The history you have been told and the truth are not necessarily true – and true history can still be found with some hard work at earnest research, reputable sources. Most despicable is your anti-semite wording, your abuse of English language, and no common sense or viable knowledge of what is to be done to correct these problems. You are filled with anger and your wording clearly indicates you are of the “ME” generation where everything pertains to you. You do not even perceive the discussion here. You need to sit back and talk a look upon your self and gain control of your emotions; for it is emotions that political prostitutes called politicians rely upon instead of the common sense and wisdom that the Founders so eloquently and wisely put into place in the architecture of our political system and form of government. I suggest you see an anger management counselor and learn how to conduct discussion, as well as take a college course in Study and Research Techniques. Maybe you won’t be the “idiot starving in the street”, but if you continue on this path, you will just be a violent unsociable idiot you have become.