Founders Endorse Donald Trump for President


Donald Trump personifies the Liberty Movement’s finest anti-establishment spirit. He is the only rational choice left in the presidential race for those of us who hold liberty dear.

Just like Ron Paul, Donald Trump loves America and Americans, and we find it fascinating that he arrived at many of the same positions as Ron Paul not by extrapolating them from libertarian principles but by applying his ample business experience and sheer human decency.

Most importantly…

1. Donald Trump is a diplomat, a dealmaker and a non-interventionist. He wants to make the military “so strong that we never have to use it,” and just like Ron Paul, he prefers to talk and negotiate with foreign leaders instead of bombing them.

2. Donald Trump wants to end illegal immigration. Just like Ron Paul, Trump puts Americans and legal immigrants first, and he favors the elimination of incentives for illegal immigrants, including amnesty and birthright citizenship.

3. Donald Trump wants to audit the Federal Reserve, and he can actually make it happen: He is the only major candidate not owned by the big banks and corporations.

4. Donald Trump wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a free market solution. Additionally, just like Ron Paul, Trump offers a viable solution to protect helpless people from dying in the streets.

5. Donald Trump is self-financing his campaign. That’s just as good as, if not better than, relying on small individual donations like Ron Paul did.


Ron Paul has not endorsed Donald Trump, and in fact this very website is filled with anti-Trump videos and articles by Ron Paul. Nevertheless, we strongly feel that Donald Trump is the only candidate left in the race who has the potential of restoring and preserving many of our liberties. He might not be perfect, but his heart is in the right place, and if anyone can prevail against the establishment it is a renegade billionaire like him.

It would be a great tragedy for our fellow Ron Paul supporters to sit out this election. To beat the GOPe and preempt a brokered convention, Trump needs many decisive victories so he can accumulate enough delegates to carry the nomination on the first ballot. This time around, our support can make a real difference!

We’re all in for Donald Trump. Join us, and him, in Making America Great Again!

Tim Martin, Esther Anderson, Jeff Hale
Founders, Grassroots Website (est. May 2008)

P.S. Donald Trump’s victory will be an inspiration not just to America but to the entire Western world. In Europe, where the very existence of several demoralized countries is threatened by the aftereffects of political correctness, desperate but hopeful protestors are on the streets right now with signs saying “TRUMP IS RIGHT!

  • Illwill

    We need a Pinochet!!!

  • Humberto Mérida

    You should probably change the domain name if this is true, because Ron Paul would never endorse this bafoon.


  • PatrioticPeter

    Trump is no Paul. Donald Trump is more back-and-forth than a child in a candy shop trying to pick only one piece of candy.

  • Sarcon

    Just want to know why Rand Paul got out of the race after the first state. There is nothing right about it. Does not make any sense, unless there is a secret motive.

  • wtfnews

    You should give up this site – you people are a disgrace misappropriating Ron Paul’s name to endorse a candidate he specifically came out against. Pathetic your points aren’t even based on reality. You are as disgusting and ignorant as the candidate you support.

  • Brandon Lytle

    The founders of this site are free to do whatever they wish. I, however, will use the write-in section to vote for Ron Paul.

  • burkej4

    What a load of horse crap! Donald Trump is the exact OPPOSITE of Libertarianism. He is an authoritarian leftist who holds views which are in contrary to most, if not all, of the Bill Of Rights.

  • connie hawkins

    ron paul would never endorse trump.

  • Jones

    I’m so tired of this crap, the people who has had their chance to do something for America and didn’t yet think they know Trump will be bad for America. I don’t see anyone else who can or will do as much for America as #Trump. Say he has no experience WELL tell me any past or president person who had any experience being president before they were elected. Trump is smart, honest and loves America , he has given up his life and his money to help America what more could you ask of anyone. Vote Trump because America Matters.

  • violet harris

    How can any real American can support Trump? Are his supporters completely unaware of his despicable treatment of Vera Coking? His continuing support for eminent domain abuse? Yes, sometimes he says something good–but so do most candidates. One might as well vote for Clinton or Sanders as Trump. After all, they sometimes say something good, too. I think Trump would make a wonderful dictator.

    • Eman_ruse

      His despicable treatment in offering her $5 million dollars and a home for life?

      She ended up getting $583,000 at auction when the market crashed. Trump would have given her nearly ten times that as well as a suite at any of his properties.

      Some monster.

  • Rebel4Liberty

    We gave the Ron Paul revolution 8 years, with 2 election cycles and it just didn’t catch as we all thought it would. I remember the “we’ll be ready for 2012” THEN it was 2016 for Rand to continue the torch. It certainly has made impact in awakening and educating people about the “establishment”. It was NEVER about Paul, it was always about the MESSAGE! I believe Trump is being cagey. He’s certainly said “you don’t broadcast your moves to the enemy” and we all know the real enemies are within. We all know our enemies are petrified of Trump and this nationalist message. I remember when Ron said we only need 5% and now we have way more than that to tip the balance. I’ve been studying to see where this all fits with the liberty movement, and the author is right. He’s no purist, and lets face it, the electorate will never accept one. We tried to make converts for 2 cycles, but it just isn’t fast enough. We also need to face facts, the radical left has brainwashed the majority of the younger generations to accept socialism : I’m so glad I never stepped foot in these “institutes of education” Face it, they all look at us as racists now. So there is no time really for another cycle to rally and “try again” We have to do this NOW to stop the progression of socialism before it’s too late, and the globalist who seek to commit genocide under it. We have two fronts to contemplate, and not a lot of time left to be decisive. I talked to dozens of people about Ron, donated to both campaigns and never before did I care about politics before that time, except for hearing about Harry Browne and I’m glad Ron advocated 3rd parties, but the Libertarian party just doesn’t have necessary support to be viable now. We have to unwind and reverse all the bad policies first, arrest the criminal elite and bankers, heal the country through unification and THEN maybe the people will be ready for the entire platform, but there’s no time to wait for Ron Paul to endorse. He’s a little rowdy, a little brash,little egocentric, but he’s not a POLITICIAN and telling it like it is, but I believe Donald Trump will make America great again, and could be our pivot point to the entire platform we want for the republic.

  • Keen

    I am so disappointed you are supporting an authoritarian who will cause WWIII. I know this is not Ron Paul’s endorsement and how dare you use his name in it.

  • Sam Spade

    This is truly brave and wonderful! Ron may not approve but we don’t have time to waste, WE MUST ELECT TRUMP.

  • jackleg21

    Fucking traitors. Ron Paul should have never associated with scum like you.

    • Sam Spade

      You’re the scum.

      • jackleg21

        Compelling argument, dipshit.

  • sunny

    Beyond pathetic. Ron himself has said there is no difference between Hillary & Trump. This site has lost any & all credibility by endorsing a tyrant. Trump is the antithesis of liberty.

    • Sam Spade

      You believe whatever Ron Paul tells you? Think for yourself.

      • sunny

        Lol. I don’t care what Ron Paul said or didn’t say, it doesn’t change the fact that Trump is an authoratarian that is more interested in promoting himself than liberty. I do think for myself; therefore, I don’t follow empty celebrity suits and slogans no matter who endorses.

  • Trump has said he is for torture. He said he will bring back waterboarding, and something worse than waterboarding. That is almost a direct quote. He said he is for NSA Spying and said he will make it stronger. He said he is for the Patriot Act (that violates our 1st, 4th and 5th amendment rights. He says he will make other countries do what he wants (sounds like a dictator bent on INTERVENTION). He has also said he will fix the Middle East (INTERVENTION), Said he would bomb ISIS (not very libertarian or Ron Paul). He is also a Crony Capitalist who bought government favor by first pretending to be a progressive (most of his adult life) and now pretends to be a conservative to gain power, more money and feed his EGO. NOTHING LIKE RON PAUL OR OUR LIBERTY MOVEMENT!!! Wait isn’t this the site who would not sell Ron Paul the domain name with his namesake?

    • Sam Spade

      So? We need all those things, and we need to use those things on Liberal terrorists and ISIS.

      • Its not the terrorists I am worried about. Its the innocent people, that the government either mistakenly or for political reasons (aka they don’t like you going after them politically) that I worry about. So easy for even good men to abuse this power, so if they are petty and vindictive to those who oppose them, like Trump…..

        Plus with terrorists, just because they are inhuman, does not mean we lower ourselves to their level. Trump is atrocious on these issues.