What Did Sen. Richard Black Learn In Syria?

At a time when all the foreign policy “experts” in Washington want us to believe they know it all, that what is needed is US force to overthrow the Syrian government, Virginia State Senator Richard Black (R-Loudoun) traveled to Syria to see for himself what’s going on. We get his impressions in today’s Liberty Report.


  • otto keter

    I fully concur with the observations and perceptions of Senator Black. When visiting Syria years before
    the present, mostly foreign attacks on Syrian republic and its government, I was amazed seeing chador glad single women, mingling with miniskirted women, or european dressed business men, among orthodox jewish men with their long kaftans and black hats. On the clean streets, yes there were bedouins too, one, I remember with diamonds in each front teeth. There didn’t seem to be any dispute,
    nor arguments between those different religious and ethnic groups. There were no “morality” police as in Saudi arresting women drivers. One could not observe such situation in any other Arabic country, neither in Iran. The respect of maligned Islam to Christianity is demonstrated by location of one of the most significant Christian symbols, Saint John the Baptist’ grave, in Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.
    All in all, it appeared as a model country for others in the Middle East.
    And perhaps that was a problem, since conservative sunni salafists and especially militant wahhabists
    adhering to strict sharia, would consider such life style unacceptable and therefore subject to jihad,
    against those shia apostates or takfiris. The family of Dr. Assad adhering to alawi branch of shia,
    which even celebrates Xmas, could have been labelled the worst deviatiors from the “faith”.
    Perhaps such religious situation prompted Saudi to ship weapons to Al Omari mosque and incited
    through the head of Syrian brotherhood Mohammad Al Shagfa armed uprising in Daraa in 2011.
    Soon Al Queda saw an opportunity and many militants from former Soviet southern republics, namely from Chechnya joined too. Such situation became fertile ground for creating the proxy army
    pursuing the goals of a payee. It is great pity that USA got involved in that country.