Post-Election Roundup: How Did Liberty Do?

While the presidential race captured our attention the most, several ballot initiatives across the country were important indicators of how the liberty movement is doing. We review the big and small contests on today’s program.

  • Anarchiam in aeternum

    Dr. Paul
    The sea change that is taking place has little to do with Mr. Trump; other than he was the only one who could have taken the presidency in our rigged system. His wealth and celebrity allowed him to do this.
    All that matters right now is that the great political barrier keeping out all true representatives is currently knocked down. This may be the only opportunity to reestablish our constitutional republic. Waiting for a better president is not an option. If you were to serve as either secretary of state or treasury, a clear line to the presidency would be lay open for you. At the very least, your occupation of either of these roles would serve to remind the people how our foreign relations or monetary system is supposed to work.
    Please do not let this door close on you… on us.

    Thank you,
    The People