End the Fed

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In his latest book End the Fed, Ron Paul draws on American history, economics, and fascinating stories from his own long political life to argue that the Fed is both corrupt and unconstitutional. It is inflating currency today at nearly a Weimar or Zimbabwe level, a practice that threatens to put us into an inflationary depression where $100 bills are worthless. What most people don’t realize is that the Fed — created by the Morgans and Rockefellers at a private club off the coast of Georgia — is actually working against their own personal interests. Congressman Paul’s urgent appeal to all citizens and officials tells us where we went wrong and what we need to do fix America’s economic policy for future generations.

(If you read the book, please post your review below).

3,873 responses to “End the Fed”

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    End the Fed
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  31. darmowe gry kulki

    Thanks in favor of sharing such a fastidious thinking, piece of writing is nice, thats why i have read it fully

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  32. Damon

    Finally, a politician who is more interested in looking out for the people he was elected to represent instead of filling their pockets with taxpayer cash.

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  33. Yeshua loves you!

    For those in the know, all “powerful” parts of society are coming together now in these last days to try and create A new world order. (See the back of your dollar bill = novus ordo seclurum – It’s Latin).
    This new world order is demonic.
    It does not have a race.
    It is not British, African, Jewish, Italian, American or Muslim in it’s real real real origin. (Read the book of Revelation – It’s the Mystery of Iniquity). And it calls to many people to join in – in sin.

    Therefore I adure you all to pray and pray fervently for all those caught up in the new world order to come out and not to take the mark of the beast when it comes. ( a mark to buy and sell – Revelation chapter 13)

    And don’t go and blame one person or bank or sect or group or you name it. We created it. Our own sin. This is not a blame game.

    P.S Those at the “top of the tree” are really really really and very very very sadly the most powerless. Don’t forget that.

    You have Jesus (Yeshua – Hebrew) inside you and you are going to heaven. That’s what makes you happy. You have a way out. And he loves you. xx


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  34. Livio

    one person who try to take action against FED`s it was John F Kennedy but unfortunately he got killed

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  35. Annamalai Sundrasan

    I have never read another book which is so hard hitting and completely takes the lid off the FED. People like Judy Shelton, Susan Strange, Minsky and many others have written against the FED but why is it that these people did not band together to create a revolution to End the Fed. Till date there there has been too much talk but no action. I feel there is some kind of cowardice amongst the US economists to act against the FED. I am from Malaysia. We look up to the USA for solutions but is itself engulfed in the filth of its own creation.


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