Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas

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Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas is the first biography of 11-term congressman and Internet phenomenon Dr. Ron Paul. This comprehensive volume includes never before published private interviews with Ron Paul, his wife, Carol, plus close friends and associates. Tracing the life of this self-made man through painstaking research, this book covers his formative years spent in Pennsylvania; his careers as an Air Force flight surgeon and, later, an obstetrician; and, finally, his political journey from U. S. Congressman to presidential contender.

Known as “Dr. No” for his refusal to spend taxpayer money unnecessarily, Paul repeatedly overcame substantial opposition to become a nationally recognized political figure, grabbing the spotlight in American politics despite a media that was determined to ignore him. This compelling portrait also chronicles how Paul’s 2008 campaign broke several fund-raising records through its innovative use of the Internet, culminating in a new movement for freedom.

201 responses to “Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas”

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    Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas


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