Media Coverage of Ron Paul

Concerned About Dem Support for Ron Paul, HuffPo Ties Birch Society to Paul

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As the leading left-wing website, some parts of the Huffington Post are becoming concerned that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s message of peace may draw large numbers of Democratic votes. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

Media Distorts Facts on Paul, Huntsman and Afghan War

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Activists slammed a series of media pieces that blatantly misrepresented the facts about Republican presidential contenders Rep. Ron Paul and former Utah Governor and Obama appointee Jon Huntsman regarding the war in Afghanistan. Among the culprits were the Wall Street Journal,, The Atlantic, and Esquire magazine. The inaccuracies ranged from obvious factual errors to […]

Ron Paul goes mainstream?

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Ron Paul 2008 was a movement. Ron Paul 2012 is trying to be a campaign. Determined to be a greater force in his third presidential run, the Texas congressman and his team have embraced some of the more traditional aspects of a White House bid: a focus on retail politicking, deeper early-state infrastructure and a […]

Q&A: Ron Paul

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In his 12 terms in Congress, Ron Paul has waged many lonely crusades. Before he was a Tea Party standard bearer and a master of the online money bomb, the man known as “Dr. No” was a libertarian icon who regularly bucked his party’s budgets and preached isolationism* against military intervention when his peers were […]

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