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Ron Paul on Drones, Libertarianism, and his Radio Show “Ron Paul’s America”

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Transcript Cornel West: And we are blessed to have one of the exemplary figures when it comes to genuine conviction and commitment. You may not always agree with our dear brother, I know Brother Tavis and I do not, but he is our dear brother. We’re talking about former Congressman and medical doctor, Ron Paul, […]

Ron Paul Reacts to State of the Union Address

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Transcript John Stossel: If only someone who really believed in limited government, someone who respects the dignity of the individual and individual freedom, if only someone like Ron Paul would run for president. Oh, he’s here via satellite. Dr. Paul, why didn’t you run for president? Ron Paul: Well, John, that’s interesting, because I had […]

Ron Paul: Currency Devaluation Is Dangerous

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