No Sunlight on the Omnibus

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by Ron Paul One Christmas tradition Congress could do without is the broken process of passing the annual Omnibus Spending Bill, which we recently did right before the holiday recess. Every December Congress fights and argues over spending and never seems to be able to pass the necessary appropriations until the very last minute. There […]

On the Omnibus Spending Bill

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by Ron Paul This week Congress finished work on its final spending package for the year. This “Omnibus” bill contains many of the spending bills that did not get passed throughout the year. Last minute changes made by the Senate mean President Bush is likely to sign the legislation into law. What this bill means […]

The Importance of Fiscal Responsibility

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by Ron Paul As the year draws to a close, the battle over spending in Washington is heating up. The Democrats want to expand government healthcare, while the President has vetoed the second attempt to expand SCHIP. The latest version of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program would have expanded the entitlement program and raised […]

The True Cost of Taxing and Spending

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by Ron Paul Congressman Charlie Rangel recently unveiled a tax plan that Republicans estimate would raise taxes by $3.5 trillion over 10 years. Democrats questioned the math. Now, the Democrats on the Joint Economic Committee have released a report on the total costs of the military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan , including “hidden costs” […]

High Risk Spending

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by Ron Paul Last week this column addressed the train wreck that federal spending has become. To score political points politicians will make loud noise about fairly small matters such as earmarks, even while refusing to address the real problem. Namely, that our federal government is too big and does too much. Politicians prefer to […]

As Recess Begins, Spending Spree Continues

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by Ron Paul These last few weeks the House has been in a rush to pass spending bills before August recess. In fact, visitors walking the hallways of Congress become immediately struck by the apparent spending battle between the “conservative Democrats” of the so-called “Blue Dog Coalition,” and the Republican Study Committee, or RSC, generally […]

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