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  • David Livings

    Donald Trump. I don’t care what opinion Ron Paul has. Or Rand whatever his name.


  • Jacqueleen

    Please be advised that gmail is blocking me from reading your latest email when trying to open the article and video about Hillary is wrong about taxes…..???? They are blocking another site as well….What can we do about this? This has to be against the law.

  • Sam john

    Dr. Ron Paul is a giant, compared to those midgets,he is the only reasonable choice and he will change his mind about running with enough support, we can’t fail.
    RON PAUL 2016

  • Sam john

    RON PAUL 2016
    Make it happen people.

    • Daniel Michael Urbaetis

      Except that’s not how it works, smart guy. He has to be registered in each municipality to have any votes for him county for anything. He is not. He’s the only one who can put himself on there. So every do nothing like yourself is another brick in Hillary’s yellow road to the White House. Which are you? Toto, the dog that yelps a lot, but does nothing to aid in the telling of the story?

  • Pete T

    Гн. Рон Пол. Помните. Я не оставлю всех их в покое, всех этих ублюдков, психопатов, фашистов. То что они делали мне,они с таким же успехом сделают каждому человеку.

  • Sojourner

    Reagan is gone and Ron Paul is out. It’s time to get on with life. Stop the whining and unite with Trump! Don’t vote for another Romney, Please.
    You’re not going to get everything you want. Only babies are that way. Don’t be a baby.

    • Sam john

      Trump is authoritarianism, Dr. Ron Paul does not endorse trump, nor should any true libertarian.
      kindly remove yourself.

      • Sojourner

        You might as well go and vote for Hillary. Thanks a lot for nothing. People like you are why we are so screwed. I wish there will be some unity, but doesn’t look like it.

        • Sam john

          I will not vote or support anyone unless I see someone worth voting for, we can talk of unity when you are not trying to scam me into supporting another authoritarian government.

          • Daniel Michael Urbaetis

            So you’re a DO NOTHING. Do we support your smug lifestyle with social programs you live off of too?

      • Larry Louis

        And your beloved Hillary is a cold liar, crook, manipulator and represents only her crime family. You are about as temporary as any other crook you support.

      • Daniel Michael Urbaetis

        Kindly go fuck yourself. Ron Paul didn’t run this time. So it is what it is.

    • Daniel Michael Urbaetis

      Exactly. We can’t sit on our hands like a bunch of Liberals and say how things don’t work, never providing any answers of our own. #Trump2016 Or would you rather usher in the New World Hillary?

  • justme

    To endorse Trump is to tarnish the legacy Ron Paul has left! This website is no longer a Ron Paul site…it’s a sell out…and totally disgusting…if I were Ron Paul I would sue you for using his name!

    • Sam john

      Does this site endorse trump?
      Shit, yes you are right, it’s insulting to the legacy of Dr. Ron Paul.
      it may sound mad but…
      RON PAUL 2016

  • Enntense

    Mr. Paul I know you may find this line of questioning a bit odd but please bear with me. With the current situation facing the supreme court, have you ever considered sitting as a Justice? If ever there was a need for someone to uphold the edicts of the constitution in the US, this is the time. I realize you have already served a long and hard career, but things are looking very bad for the future of America, and this is a critical position needing to be filled by the right person. Thank you for your time.

  • Paul

    Imagine if they take our rights to own guns then only criminals will own guns and the people who are honest and are legal to own guns will not be able to protect themselves and property from rapists, murderers, who would take from you precious life. This is exactly what the terrorist want you turn away Syrian refugees you are playing into the hands of ISIS. We have armed police and security checks at our airports and public events. We are becoming a police state. Exactly what ISIS wants. I am for the right to bare arms I am pretty sure the authors of the constitution would cringe at the crazy thought of any gun restrictions. I vote we repeal the Brady Bill and anything that restricts the ownership of any firearms laws are not going to stop criminals from obtaining the means for robbing, raping, and murder. If that were the case then the news would be filled with Unicorns and stardust and fairy’s. What stops a criminal is the bare thought that the house or the unprotected may have a gun and will be equal to them and the bare thought even an inkling their life may be ended if they carry out their criminal acts on the unsuspecting weak. Now as far as letting oppressed Syrian’s into our country I am for it but not without severe screening of these people. But to deny the good people refuge would be a greater crime than ISIS could ever inflict, have you seen what these people are running from the houses where they lived in peace before ISIS are nothing more than bombed out ruble. They are human’s like us and deserve a chance for a peaceful refuge. So that once ISIS is destroyed just maybe they might be able to return home. I am only going to vote for the candidate that supports no gun control and allows the oppressed sanctuary.

  • William P. McMillen

    Who was I support. No instructions as to how to do so, where to begin. Perhaps I’m just not familiar enought with the design of the website or perhaps the genious that set it up has made assumptions that they should not have.

  • AD

    Why do we have the right to bear arms? To defend ourselves
    and our nation from tyranny and foreign invaders such as ISIS!

  • NewHampshire

    If you really loved Ron Paul, you would have given him the .com, .org and .net of his URL. Disgusting!

  • J.Randall

    Has anyone actually received help directly from Ron Paul or do I have too buy something first just to get a generic answer from someone other than Ron Paul. Welcome to America…………..

  • peter verkoelen

    doctor paul is the only one who makes sense in the usa..

    • Sam john

      Then let’s get him into office.
      RON PAUL 2016

  • Rilda

    Mr. Ron Paul, I need help I have been having trouble with my morgage co. Bank of America and today I recieved two seperate letters one looks like a regular bill until you look at it close then I noticed above my adress its a completely differant name and the amount $2,390.44 is way off. Just like my normal bill due Sept 1 2015 but the account number is not mine. Therfore the name, account #, and the amount is way off. I have lived in this area for 44 years and I have never heard of such a name in this area. For a year and a half it has been one thing after another. The amount is six times more than my payment. I have lived here ten years. The morgage company was suppose to modify my payment over a year ago, then I found out that my interest rate was not changing so I backed out because they were suppose to modify the payment four years ago, but insted changed the interest rate. So now they want to modify but not change the interest rate, which is still high, but when I backed out now they are still trying to get me to and at first they acted like it was going to help so much and I had to fill out all kinds of papers then when I backed out they started harrassing me. The stress of every day getting something new in the mailbox is so stressful, depressing and humiliating. Stressed out, what can I do? I tried refinancing, but I am single and dont have enough income. I owe the same amount I did four years ago.

  • Anne Angelini

    when Rand Paul is asked questions about Israel he should say he is not running for President of Israel he is running for President of the United States. I am also interested in the power of the Federal Reserve which I am told is not a government agency, but is a private business. Have they ever paid any taxes? If not, they should be made to do so. Tkhe tax bill should be from the time taxes were levied on the rest of us, and should include interest. That may help cut down the money we “owe” them and wipe out some of our debt. THEN get rid of them and restore the responsibility to Congress.

    • J.Randall

      When one faces the Federal Reserve you are going against the most powerful forces in America today. They are without rules or consequences. The Fed Reserve is controlled by powerful organizations spanning world wide. All of the problems within our country are because the Fed Reserve and will continue until we are all its slave.

    • Sam john

      I am a Ron paul supporter and I don’t endorse Rand or any candidate of the current election, I believe we can make Dr. Ron Paul the next president of the united states.
      RON PAUL 2016

  • Kathleen Arquette

    Isn’t your BIG FAT pension from Congress enough for you? Why do you have to make ads to scare people who most likely cannot afford to participate in your investment scheme? How much did this “reputable” investment firm pay you to do this commercial?

    • Idea of America

      Wake up Kathleen! You’ve been lied to and misled by main stream media. Do your own research online.

    • NewHampshire

      Sorry Kathleen but Ron Paul does NOT GET a Congressional pension.

    • Sam john