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  • Pure One
  • Tom

    I love Ron Paul but he should stop fearmongering.
    And his followers must stop hating.
    It spoils the atmospere.


    • Scott M. Bisbee Sr.

      Telling the american people about our corrupt goverment is not fearmonering

  • Mike Kelley

    Ron, I have paid into ssn since I was 14 I’m now 53. I have paid 1.7 million over this time. I’m disabled and receive 2k a month. Why is nobody talking about cutting Foreign aide instead of SSN?
    Every time some one needs aide I say there goes another C5A full of our tax dollars? How about revisiting wellfare reform and get those people who can work off the rolls.
    They keep on talking about our kids money what about the money I put in the pot. We have 7 adult kids and 3 are not that money has come out of my pocket to keep them going. None of them want to work a second job like I had to! I need my money and I need it now or I will be homeless 1 month after I don’t get a check.
    What about a real release of the oil reserves to help this country and our citizens.
    Mike in Hunstville Al where the Space staion was Built and now unemployment will rise

    • Identity Suppressed

      Begging your pardon, but it isn’t possible to have paid that much into Social Security. The maximum today is around $5k… that is for a little over $100k of wages, and if you earn more than that per year, you still don’t pay more, it is capped. The amount rises each year, so about 10 years ago, the most paid in per year could not exceed around $4,400. Also, the rate of FICA taxes was increased dramatically in 1986, so you paid far less prior to 1987.

      $5,000 per year times 200 years would be one million!

      Do the math, it is not possible for any one person to have paid in $1.7 million, even if they earned the maximum since 1937 when Social Security was first enacted. Otherwise, sorry about your plight, 7 kids is far too much responsibilty for me or most people.

      • Scott M. Bisbee Sr.

        Wow I wish that I had his job.

      • Ralph St. Germain

        What about the interest we don’t get that would be compunded. What about my dad and 3 siblings that died before 65 that never go a dime?

  • jim

    Ron Paul is going to win the US Presidential election this November of 2012, whether he plans too or not.

    • tmajor

      Unfortunately Ron Paul won’t be winning the Presidential election.

      • tmajor

        I back him 100%

  • Stacie Johnston

    I would LOVE to see Ron Paul run for president for the 2012 elections!!! I really hope that all the people that support him completely can in some way convince him to run. Ron Paul is the only person out of both democrat and republician parties that is or could be a potential presidential canidate that will actually help the American people, American Government, and the American economy. He is the only one that will take a stand and make REAL change for our country. If we do not get Obama and his followers out of there we Americans are going to end up getting into a horrible situation that we can’t fix.
    We all need to start standing up for our Constitution and our constitutional rights, and stop letting them destroy our country. There are to many people that close their eyes and ears to this corrupt government instead of taking action that we the people legally have the right to take. The American Constitution states that we the people control our government. If we don’t like and/or agree with what our elected officials are doing we by all rights have the ability to take over our government. They don’t control us, we control them and very few people are willing to stand up for whats right and do what needs to be done because they have been “brain washed” into believing that there is nothing we can do or say to stop them and make a change. For a long time I thought the same thing, that there was nothing I could say or do to stop or change anything that the government is doing but, I opened my eyes and realized that there is something I can do.
    As you all know, you can’t just walk into the White House and tell the president to get out, when actually by all constitutional rights you do have that power to a certain extent. But you can stand up for what is right and make a small personal decision and support and vote for politicians that want to take action and take control over the corrupt evil government that is taking over and destroying our country. Politicians like Ron Paul WILL do everything they can to improve America and pull it out of the deep dark rut that it’s in right now. You can listen to and support people such as Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura as well and get their views and oppions pushed out there for other people to hear and discover what is really going on and how we need to change it. Doing things as small and minute as that can help.
    Anyway, the main thing is, is to get Obama and all of his followers out of office and get people like Ron Paul in there before everything gets much worse and that much harder to fix. Stand up for our country and our constitution. Ron Paul is one of the only politicians that is honestly for the people and fixing our government and economy, and not just a few little things here and there. He wants to do it right and accomplish as much as he can to help America. I would like to see everyone pull together and get him to run for president 2012. Why wait? Why keep prolonging things so they can keep getting worse and worse? Why not get in there as soon as possible and start taking action and starting The United Stated of America’s first steps to recovery?
    Ron Paul for president 2012
    It’s Time For Real Change!

    • Stacie –Ron Paul *IS* running, and he’s the #2 fundraiser last quarter. We’re all focused now on trying to make sure he wins the early straw polls & primaries to build up momentum.

      • Stacie Johnston

        I don’t get to watch much news and trying to catch up on all the new information and interviews with Ron Paul I happend to catch an older interview that he did with Alex Jones and he said at that time he wasn’t sure. But I’m all up to speed now and I am so happy that he is running! Now it’s time to really kick it in gear and give him and his campaign as much support as possible to help win the 2012 election. America needs Ron Paul, and I hope and pray that people start to open their eyes and make the obvious decision to make Ron Paul the next American president.

  • Scott

    i’m looking for advice and if anyone can help clear this up for me i’d appreciate it…

    when debating a friend about the civil rights act of 64, my friend countered saying…

    Ron Paul is asserting that the government has no legitimate authority to infringe on property rights of private citizens and he’s just plain wrong. Factually wrong. There are literally hundreds of Supreme Court cases that prove that he’s factually wrong, that Congress, indeed, in FACT has the legitimate authority to infringe on personal property rights for the greater good of society. Look up Kelo, for instance. Here:​ki/Kelo_v._City_of_New_Lon​don

    plz let me know if you understand his case or the kelo case and how i can respond so i can side with Ron Paul with knowledge and eloquence.. thank you

    • Pure One

      Scott, without jumping to research anything… my gut feel on this has to do with “constitutionality.” There are many laws (and rulings) on the books that are just flat unconstitutional, which technically makes them illegal and yet here we are living by them. Federal income tax is one such law. I’ll bet you could find a whole slew of “rulings” concerning income tax that still all comes back to dealing with something that was never constitutional in the first place. One way they have to deceive us into waiving our rights concerning the fed. inc. tax is by having us submit a W-4 form. Just all of this as an example. I’m sure you’ll eventually find similar on the property rights thing.

      Terms that might (not sure) help you on your quest are “common law” and “individual sovereignty.” And of course looking directly at the constitution which is SUPPOSED to be the law of this nation.

      Another thing to consider is that our government is actually operating as a “corporation.” No lie. So its “in the know” members use that to get around actually doing what our U.S. government is supposed to do. They also use it the same way a corporation would to protect the individuals who make the decisions from prosecution, etc. as the corporation itself is considered its own entity. Now, that also depends on Supreme Court Justices (and others) being in on all of this tangled deceit. Even just checking into different U.S. flags can bring some meaning to this. The one with a gold fringe has a different set of laws than one without so there’s something to be gleaned from knowing what flag is displayed in a court of law, etc.

      This is all instinctual, intuitive, gut level response from me tangled in with a bit of knowledge here and there.

      Good luck. I’d love to hear what you come up with when you find what you’re looking for.

    • Scott M. Bisbee Sr.

      Wow .We are playing way out in left field,all stupidville.

  • Heywood Ellenburg

    Not being a marijuana user, for me, the appeal is the rights that have been violated by it’s illegal status. I’ve heard Mr. Paul state that he didn’t see much chance of this bill passing at this time. So I’d like to put this out there for thought. I’ve worked on this job site that I’m presently on, for 3 1/2 yr.s. In that time I’ve been forced to submitt to 7 “not for cause” drug test, (hair folicals) & pasted all of them. The courts have already ruled, these are searches of my body. So why is private companies being given the right to search me, & not being held to the same guide lines that the goverment is held to. Seeing that goverment agencies are supposed to be the law enforcement in this country. If your going to allow these companies to assume this role, shouldn’t they be goverend by the same laws. I can quit my job & go on welfare, & the goverment is not allowed to give any drug test. But I can’t get out here & work every day without haveing my constitutional rights violated. Till the legalization is possible, how bout pass a fedreal law protecting us from our rights being violated, just so we can work.

  • Elias Montemayor

    Check out this book by Frederic Bastiat called “The Law”. He was a little known French economist who published during the 3rd french revolution. He died of tuberculosis at age 49. Apparently he is little known in his own country (i wonder, but more known in America. The following are excerpts from his wikipedia page. **The premise of ‘The Law’ speaks DIRECTLY to what is happening to our country:

    *Bastiat asserted that the only purpose of government is to defend the right of an individual to life, liberty, and property.

    In ‘The Law’, Bastiat explains that if the privileged classes use the government for “legalized plunder” this will encourage the lower classes to revolt or use socialist “legalized plunder” and that the correct response to both the socialists and the corporatists is to cease all “legalized plunder”; Bastiat also explains why his position is that the law cannot defend life, liberty and property if it promotes socialist policies. When used to obtain “legalized plunder” for any group, he says, the law is perverted and turned against the thing it is supposed to defend.

  • Help us stand up for the Hemp movement like Ron Paul has.

    • Scott M. Bisbee Sr.

      G. Washington grew hemp for the army,and other stuff.

    • Kem

      I approve of Hemp for medical purpose but I’m allergic to the crap so I’m not sure about for every one

  • Please stand with our movement to bring back industrial hemp as Washington and Jefferson did. Ron Paul stands up for hemp and our movement goes hand in hand with Ron Paul and what he represents! Also try our awesome hemp products and get healthy! Please sign our petition on the second page with the video the video. Watch the 3 min video’s to understand what happened to hemp.

    Thank you for this wonderful Ron Paul site!

  • Wilhelm Kuhlmann

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    I would like to send a cheque.
    Do I make it out to “Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Committee”?
    & rgds,
    Wilhelm Kuhlmann”

    Please reply to my question!

  • Sally Klitzke

    First I would like to say that I’m a Christian conservative that leans libertarian and I am either voting for Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann. That being said, I would like to ask a question of anyone of whom is willing to answer me in a dignified manner. I don’t expect to get shouted out of the room, in other words. My question is this: It is my understanding that Ron Paul wants to bring all of our troops home. While I understand that we are essentially broke, I have deep concerns about bringing all of our troops home. This mess wasn’t made yesterday, and that believing that bringing all our troops home (as a blanket solution) is the right answer is beyond me. I would be willing to make a blanket statement myself and say that we can bring half of the troops home with no questions asked; but all of them? My common sense tells me that can’t possibly keep us safer! I also understand that bringing all of the troops home without “war rooming” the unintended consequences is incredibly dangerous! Someone, please help me understand. Sincerely, Sally Klitzke

    • brandon diaz

      well im not an expert because i never been in the military but i think leaving half of the troops would just make things twice as hard for those left over there. they can be found if people are vigilant. besides you and your love ones are more likely to be hurt by some one on the other side of the country then some one on the other side of the world. your love ones and neighbors are the only ones you need to make sure are on the right track and if everyone does the same everyone will be covering each others back. in a way if things were like that then we wouldnt need governance at all. but anyway if have faith in god that you will not be harmed and convince everybody you love of this is true because only fixating on what may worry you only strengthens the feeling of hopelessness. and sadly if something did happen which you were harmed by what you feared at least you didnt live in constant fear of the inevitable.

      • Sally Klitzke

        I’m sorry Brandon, but I find your message to be confusing and not clear at all. You wrote: “i think leaving half of the troops would just make things twice as hard for those left over there.” Well, that’s hardly what I understand as a war rooming answer. And I also understand that this is a very large question. It’s a question I have for Dr. Paul and I was hoping someone in this room could help. Thank you for your time Brandon, but I’m still left without an answer.

      • Pure One

        As far as I care, Brandon, if you left off the first two sentences of your response, you’re getting closer to the best and actually most realistic answer to this.

        We draw to us what we fear. That’s a blessing actually. It shows us what our fears are and where we need to heal and what we need to release. What we beLIEve is what we are creating for ourselves. Worry is a prayer for what we don’t want.

        And in anticipation of responses of how “fluffy” my concept is… I’ll tell you this, from my own personal experience… I have not had many fears and henceforth I don’t draw the same garbage to me that the next person. Am I just “lucky”? Nope. What few fears I’ve had in the past were what had shown up on my doorstep in the past. As I release those fears, they no longer show up because I don’t need that feedback any longer.

        And I haven’t had all the crap drawn to me that the fearful have. I go places that others fear to go and without incident and experience good vibes from people that others have issue with. I also read the energy of places, people and situations and if it doesn’t feel good I don’t subject myself to that energy, it doesn’t matter if any physical level incident were to occur from the discordant energy there.

        And there’s a difference between being without fear and being stupid. And… the less fear you have, the better your intuition works. If there were actually something to be wary of or to just be commonsensible about or to just flat respond to (responsibility = the ability to respond), then your intuition doesn’t have to fight its way through a bunch of useless underlying fear.

        I don’t care if you’re an individual walking through a minefield or with bombs dropping all around, if you have no fear and yet follow your intuition then you’re set. Get a whole country being that way and watch the country not draw crap to itself. Get the whole world being that way and you, as an individual, don’t even have to bear witness to any crap happening to your neighbor because they don’t have useless fear either.

    • Sally Klitzke

      @ Pure One: So what I’m understanding is this. And I’ll quote Rob Lowe —
      “Liberal politics is built on empathy. I think conservative politics, from my opinion is built on…logic.”
      Libertarianism can easily be viewed as a cross between American Liberalism and American Conservatism. In the case of the question that I presented, both your’s and Brandon’s answer is based on groupthink. You wrote: “What few fears I’ve had in the past were what had shown up on my doorstep in the past. As I release those fears, they no longer show up because I don’t need that feedback any longer. ” What feedback? Fear? Most of us need more proof when it comes to a situation like this. You see it as releasing a burden, I would say that’s ignoring the situation for ideological purposes. When someone makes a blanket statement such as Dr. Paul, wouldn’t that be considered ideological? This actually has a name and it’s called Groupthink. Groupthink defined: Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within groups of people. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative ideas or viewpoints. Thank you for your viewpoints gentlemen, you really have helped me a great deal. Thank you.

      • Pure One

        Sally, where I’m coming from it not necessarily about groups. It starts with empowered individuals. Each individual can get to a state of empowerment and freedom, REGARDLESS of what the masses are doing, regardless of what anyone else is doing. Essentially, I’m saying each person’s reality is up to them. What happens though, is that as more and more individuals claim their own power, that sets an example, essentially making such a choice more obvious to those that haven’t yet chosen it. We’re still dealing with free-will and yet when one demonstrates how good life can be even for one person that chooses empowerment, then it helps others imagine and start living the same for themselves. Then imagine a world full of empowered people. Problems? What problems?!

  • Jacob Davis

    I am a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and I want to help. I am a father, husband, and Marine I want to do what I can. What can I do to help out with Ron Paul 2012?

    • tmajor

      Thanks For Your Service !

      This is a fan site.

      Here’s his gov’t email address and Wash DC tel. number

      [email protected]

      (202) 225-2831.

  • Patrick J. Jacobs

    I am a US Army veteran living in Florida and have been very involved in trying to do my part in changing the way of current America. If there is ANYTHING that I can do to help you and your campaingn PLEASE let me know! Thank you! – Patrick J. Jacobs

  • R Stine

    I wrote to FOX news to complain about how they used the 2010 video in their reporting of the 2011 CEPAK meeting. I told them what they did to discredit Ron Paul was shameful and unless they admitted it was intentional and apoligize then I would start a media campain against them to expose them…

    they wrote back and did not deny it, and said , “We are sorry, but we do not think Ron Paul a great leader”… ha! So they admitted that they did purposely play the wrong video.
    It exposes who bought them or owns them. and it confirmed that it was intentional because they did not defend and say it was accidental…

    The American public needs to know what kind of people control the media that they watch every day.

    If they will resort to this, what else will they do.
    I believe they will pay criminals to attack supporters, and I think you need to warn people to be armed and protect themselves. These people are vicious and wont give up power or allow themselves to be exposed as to who owns them.

    God bless you who fight for real change.

  • Pure One

    More health info. The Water Cure. I’ve already mentioned Fereydoon Batmanghelidj’s book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.”

    A couple days ago, I went out for lunch then decided I’d give myself a treat with a coffee and icecream, neither of which I do very much of. I sat outside in the sun. A lady came by and asked if she could sit at my table with me. Yes. We had a wonderful conversion… for 3 hours… in the sun. Towards the end of our time together, she mentioned she had symptoms of edema. I didn’t get a chance to share the following information with her, but it’s spurred me to share it here with all of you. I’m not surprised that this woman has edema just from what I observed in 3 hours with her. I had a coffee then got a big bottle of water. She had a large coffee then had another large coffee. What’s funny is that I told her I thought I’d give myself a treat and she talked about how, when she was a kid, getting icecream was a rare treat and yet now days people keep in their freezer at all times. I guess she didn’t consider coffee to be in that same category where it should really only be an occasional treat.

    I knew two people who were major into coffee and cigarettes, which, I’ve observed, those two addictions often go hand in hand. Both of these people were trying to quit smoking. With both, I’d asked, “Is coffee next?” They both gave similar responses of this nature, *wry smile with chuckle*, “Coffee’s not bad for ya.” They say that like it’s mother’s milk or something. Coffee really does a number on your spleen which is a part of your immune system. I’ll talk to people about having coffee in moderation. Their idea of moderation, regardless of number of cups, often ends in “… per day.” If you can say you drink coffee every day, that’s not moderation and a long ways from the “treat” that it should be.

    Here’s some specific info on how dehydration can cause edema. For other ailments, just search on ” *specific ailment* water cure”.

    Many people do not get enough water and sea salt. They also consume things that further deplete their water like coffee, other caffeinated things, alcohol, etc.
    Since our body needs water and sea salt (and the minerals in them) for every body function, dehydration can manifest in different people in a variety of dis-eases – asthma, lupus, allergies, diabetes, arthritis, heartburn, back pain, angina, migraines, colitis, high blood pressure, glaucoma, etc. Dr. Batmanghelidj’s info doesn’t just tell you to get enough water and sea salt, but it also let’s you know how the body uses them for its many functions. It’s no wonder that so many dis-eases are resulting from a lack of water and sea salt, which are critical for our bodies. His information is a very good lesson in human biology, period. This stuff ought to be taught in grade school. It obviously was at one time as my mother used to tell me such thing and yep, she learned it in school. Ah, those truly were the good old days. (I just watched the movie “Stand and Deliver”. Simply amazing what Joe Average kid – or even “old dogs” – can accomplish if they’re actually taught something worthwhile.)

    BARE MINIMUM, you need 1 quart of water for every 50 lbs of body weight per day (you weigh 150 lbs, you need AT LEAST 3 quarts of water).
    For every quart of water, you need 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (not really that much but very critical).

    You need more if it’s hot out or you’re working or playing hard. Sometimes people who exercise a lot get plenty enough water, but they forget to increase their sea salt intake with their increased water intake. (see above)

    You’d be best off is you did not consume coffee, alcohol, pop, etc, but if and when you do, you’re gonna need EVEN MORE water to make up for what those other things you consumed just sucked out of your body.

    Dr. Lorraine Day who was (is still?) an emergency room doctor got breast cancer. She did have a tumor removed with surgery, but did not do chemo or radiation treatments. It was a long haul for her but she completely got her health back with proper diet and nutrition. She said with the way her diet and lifestyle had been and all the coffee she’d consumed over the years, she figured she was 18 YEARS behind on water. It’s no wonder she got sick.

    • tmajor

      Thank you Pure for some more great “helpful” information!

      • Pure One

        Yeah, well, empowerment lies in knowing that all your answers, your health and happiness lies within, including in your choices of diet and lifestyle and in your belief system. Make the right choices and KNOW what you are capable of, without limit.

        People tap into that power then there is no need for medical insurance and no governments need to step into the middle of any individual’s health.

        On top of that, no empowered person would tolerate the government meddling or dictating or interfering in anything regarding anyone’s health. An empowered person would demand that any government involvement in anything would surely consist of supporting the people’s health and well being,


    Dear Congressman Paul,

    I have three of your books: “End the Fed”, “The Revolution”, and “Liberty Defined”. I’m 50% thru these. Your views, so far, are 100% in alignment with mine. And, it appears that your defenses of liberty are in-align with many of my friends and family. It is my sincere desire that YOU sir become our next president. Your views of the Constitution are critically needed to fluorish if the intent of the founding fathers for our nation is to survive. PleASE LET me know how I can support you in Arkansas for the 2012 Presidential Election.

    Best Regards,
    Jim Hasty
    Russellville, AR
    (formerly, Lake Jackson, TX)

  • laszlo pohoczky

    i feel america is not free anymore.we need to do something to restore america and make it great again like reagan said.i am a libertarian and i support mr.ron paul for president in 2012.nobody else.get rid of big government and brin gliberty lady in not a elephants or donkeys.libertarian like ron paul.inough is enough,but problem is a big government.make it free.

  • Pure One

    Hey tmajor, I’m glad that gluten info was useful.

    I’ll share some more health info here…

    You have obviously picked up on the fact that I am spiritual. I recently talked with someone that has just discovered / accepted the concepts of “mirroring”, “synchronicity”, “creating your own reality” which we always do whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Spiritual people need to watch themselves though that they don’t become ungrounded. This person was a reminder to me of that. They were speaking highly of “magic” and yes indeed all of live is magic and if we pay attention we will certainly see how we’re always being sent messages and are being given feedback on our own creation.

    But, our goal in these times is not to “go to Heaven.” Technically, if that’s all we wanted we could just pass over through the death portal. Our goal now is to connect Heaven and Earth and that requires that we maintain our grounding. So, escapism is out.

    And… we need to honor our physical bodies, to listen to them and to nurture them and to work with nature in doing so.

    I also was just recently talking with someone else whose spouse had a growth on their hand. I told them this:

    “I have this buddy, who told me a few years back that he got a growth on his arm. That prompted him to so some skin cancer research. So, he finds out that some place in South America has no history whatsoever of skin cancer. Why? They eat apricots… and the apricot seed (which is where laetril comes from, btw). So… he started eating apricots daily. He started with one per day (with pit or “bitter almond” as they call it) then worked up to two. If he couldn’t get apricots he ate apples and their seeds. The growth on his arm went away, as did his moles.”

    Remember how we were always told not to each such? Are they poisonous? Yes. But the difference between a cure and a poison is dosage. I don’t know that there is technically anything that we cannot over do. Some things may take vast amounts to get too much, but… Homeopathic medicine depends on the toxins in the treatment, that is along the same line as the original ailment. It make the body’s responses step up a bit.

    I now eat apricot pits, apple seeds and just now ate a nectarine pit. Here is an article about this (below). In my search, I found that congress has been fighting laetril as a cancer treatment since at least the 70s. But, at least we all have access to it through foods.

    • tmajor

      Thanks again!

      Great Site!

      Keep them coming!

  • Damon

    I’m a 29yr old Canadian who hasn’t voted once because I can’t justify picking one asshole over another and when people say I don’t have the right to bitch about the candidate voted in, I don’t, I just bitch about the people that voted for these retards. Now if we had a rep like Ron Paul, I’d vote 100 times if I could. I think Ron is exactly what the WHOLE world needs! Glad to see someone stepping up even though he could quite possibly end up dead by his own government. I wish I could stand up for Canadians the way Ron Paul has in America. Go Ron!!!! you’ve got my vote!!

    • Mike Johnson

      Retard is politically incorrect. Dumba$$ however, is not and you sir, are a DUMBA$$